UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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E. Grech

14. April 2014

1176 limiter plugin

So so good!! Great for vocals and drums.
It makes vocals sit perfect in a mix.

M. Gregory

10. April 2014



G. Cudjoe

7. April 2014

1176 classic limiter

You simply got to hear it to believe it.Honestly, I heard so much about uad over the past few years but didnt believe the hype but let me tell you guys 1176 are awsome,
Cant wait to purchase more stuff.

L. Fernandez

5. April 2014


Incredible, if you prefer!!!
Those plugs are wonderful. I was searching for very good comp and i've purchased classic limiter plugin collection.
What can i say more than: Perfect.
I now use, just these ones for my tracks, my basses are so evil with that sound i was looking for.
And the other instruments are here on my mix , each one shining, not muddy, just shining.
Just like a spolight on each.

Thank you UA.

This work, again is perfect...


S. Johnson

4. April 2014


Amazing! A must have plugin. Sounds like the real thing!!

J. Zito

3. April 2014

Amazing Plugin!!!

UA never seizes to amaze me. The quality and sound of this plugin is like no other. Cannot begin to explain how great it sounds. A must for any serious studio!

T. Hansen

1. April 2014

Awesome flavours

Absolutely brilliant sound. Amazing package with all the fat compression you need in 3 different flavours. Admitted it's a bit difficult to tell which version does what best, as it's all about which material you use it on. For my electronic drum/percussive tracks I think the AE model works best, while the white-faced version works better on synthbass, judging from my albeit short experience so far.

J. Hulst

31. März 2014

How many 1176 can one engineer have?

Well this one is the better one... And it blows the other 101 competitors away...
Thanks UAD, keep on going this path.

L. Muckler

30. März 2014

Mix Miracle!

The ability to use an emulation of this quality on every track is truly a luxury! For a fraction of the cost of just one of these hardware units, you get three incredibly usable plugs. I use them on just about everything and they never let me down.

L. Gibbs

25. März 2014

The 1176 collection was an easy decision...

The AE is becoming my favorite vocal mic. The 2:1 ratio is nice. The 3 different varieties is nice also. Demo it at your own risk!

T. Peel

24. März 2014


I've had a few other 1176 Emulations and although my experience is limited, this one is streaks ahead in terms of capturing the nuances and subtleties you'd expect from the original

R. Looney

22. März 2014

It's A Classic For A Reason!

A very nice plug collection! After having upgraded from the 1176 Legacy to this collection, I am pleased with the versatility that I now have. I've used the other brands of the 1176 and they are not nearly as accurate to the hardware device as the UAD versions. Using the hardware unit is nice if the unit is serviced and in good shape, but if you're like me and do not want to invest in something that you have to maintain and have take up space then this plugin collection is perfect for you.

E. Smallwood

21. März 2014

It's all about the tone.

The inherent tonality in these units make all the difference on drum, piano, guitar and just about anything you put through it great job UAD.

T. Zimmerman

21. März 2014


The revisions each have their own character and the while I am a fan of the legacy 1176 plug-ins, these new editions have captured more of the essence of outboard gear than the original hardware. Well worth adding to your collection.

M. Narain

21. März 2014

1176 Classics

I have not had the privilege of using the actual hardware units but I have used other company's emulations & UA's is by far the best...

B. Grotto

19. März 2014

1176 collection

Whoa. They nailed it. I've never used the AE version of the 1176, but UAD has done an amazing job reproducing the Rev E and A units. I actually vastly prefer the Rev E plugin to my UA reissue hardware (sorry, UA!). Great emulation.

G. Fiedorowicz

19. März 2014

1176 LA

The best 1176 LA plugins ever!!! Thank you UA!!! :)

G. Fiedorowicz

19. März 2014

1176 LA

The best 1176 LA plugins ever!!! Thank you UA!!! :)

A. Motta

19. März 2014

spectacular 1176

Plugin truly spectacular, my compressions were with another guy UAD parabens, hope you continue always innovating to help us with the hybrid mix.

H. Zhang

18. März 2014

nice plugin

1176 is a very clean, and very with elastic compression device,
I never used to the hardware version, but it was enough to make me think it is well worth using.
For vocals, the guitar is very good, can enhance the sound quality of class.
Like it very much.

741-760 von 1126 Ergebnisse