UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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J. Salter

8. März 2016

My Go To Compressor

The 1176 hardware units were always my "go to" compressor Now with the UAD platform, it's my "go to" plug-in! I use it everyday in my studio to bring out the character of my sounds. Great job Universal Audio!

P. Nørgaard

8. März 2016

Great and clean

A great compressor that don't color the sound to much. I can't say I have tried an compressor plug in, that can go mile for mile with this one.

k. sivasankar

6. März 2016


After Demo'ing the 1176 collection , I knew I just had to have these .Brilliant !

UAD User

2. März 2016

1176 good

Grade compresser of my sound.

J. Medina

1. März 2016

Simplemente impresionante.

Soy usuario de la plataforma UAD desde casi el lanzamiento de las tarjetas UAD-1 y siempre estuve enganchado al plugin 1176. Con la nueva versión desde el primer momento quedé maravillado, no sólo con la similitud de reacción en la compresión respecto a las unidades originales, si no también con la adición de color tan típica de estas unidades. Yo a veces dejo los 1176 hardware en bypass tan sólo para que me añada en la señal el color típico de estas unidades. Ahora eso lo puedo hacer también en los plugins. Y encima con tres revisiones.

Simplemente impresionante.

B. Ashdown

23. Februar 2016

I Love It!!

Just a great compressor, simple to use and effective for gentle and smash it to bits compression. Nice for keeping things warm and organic sounding. Everyone should have one.

l. prince

20. Februar 2016

all versions 1176

I have been using the UAD 1176 since 2004 and have the new ones too, if your looking for an alternative, Dont bother. You will not get better than these!

l. di filippo

15. Februar 2016

Bang the 1176!

I really love this plug in..I've two 1176 Ln and I appreciate the possibility to have the automation with an incredible similar sound…sometimes for vocal I use the hardware on recording and the software in mixing..

隆. 杉本

14. Februar 2016


やはり本家 すべてのトラックにさしてますがアナログで太いです。

A. Giusti

30. Januar 2016

Try all of them.

I upgraded from my original versions of the plug ins and enjoy them even more now.

C. Cederberg

28. Januar 2016

Amazing. Beats all other 1176 emulations.

Amazing. Beats all other 1176 emulations. Considering selling my hardware.

O. Nyman

25. Januar 2016

Favourite 1176


got these during Christmas this year and the year could not have ended/started better. These wipe all other 1176 plug ins I have of the table. Super sound and really authentic. Only problem is now I need more DSP power :)

M. Ihmor

22. Januar 2016


Easily the BY FAR best sounding 1176 Plugin in the industry. Period.

J. Loring

21. Januar 2016

Super Real

I have a lot of nice compressors, but the 1176 collection is used the most. It's on multiple tracks on every mix - kick, snare, toms and bass. I was raised on tape, tubes and hardware, and this thrills me just as much!

J. Shin

18. Januar 2016

1176 OF 1176

UAD 1176 is must have item,

B. Johnson

18. Januar 2016

A necessity

A must have on all the production projects I work on. Sounds great!

R. Gun

16. Januar 2016

A Must Have

You spent a lot of money for your DSP Card?
Buy this plugin is a must.
This is THE COMPRESSOR for any channel (or better a limiter) from the company that made the original, do i have to say more?

A. Sitton

14. Januar 2016

Just the best plugin emulation!

This plug-in is awesome! I have the Universal audio 6176 and it is amazing how close the compressor plug-in is. What's even nicer with the plug-in collection is now I have several different 1176 modeled editions which makes it very useful for all types of material. This is a must in your toolbox.

D. Chang

6. Januar 2016

Authentic colour and performance

These really sound and respond like vintage 1176s, and for me the jump in quality and character was worth the upgrade from the legacy 1176 which came bundled with my interface. And that one was pretty nice to start with.

J. Ivarsson Björklund

6. Januar 2016

So much better than Waves!

Lives on my drum tracks and great for rock vocals. Like the AE-version best. The difference from the legacy ones are super well worth the purchase!

501-520 von 1126 Ergebnisse