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UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection


1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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B. Dunn

9. Januar 2015

upgrade worth it

I bought my Apollo twin 6 months ago and have never regretted the purchase. Fantastic! I had been using the Legacy 1176's that come with it but decided to look into upgrading. These versions just bring more life, are more open and aggressive than any other 1176 version including CLA with Waves, etc. You just can't beat them short of buying the rack mounted hardware. UA and their commitment to quality is as impressive as it is effective. My mixes are just more professional now and, while I have a decent budget for studio purchases, I could not have accomplished that I am able to do now without the Apollo and great plug ins like the 1176 Classic Limiter Collection.

J. H

5. Januar 2015

Incredible set of compressors.

I love these on vocals, kick and overheads. I go between an 1176 and LA2A on bass though. These are the cream of the crop as far as 1176 emulations go. I love them and they work on every mix. The Legacy is nice but these really open things up.

A. Knur

4. Januar 2015

Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection

I can´t believe how simple and easy this Plug-In effects guitar and vocals. All the noise normally left on my recordings is history now. There is no comparable tool on the market these days. Congratulations for giving me the ability to fine-tune my productions now on a level unrivaled.

L. Tweedy

3. Januar 2015

Upgrade from Legacy

When I got the Apollo I figured I had enough 1176 plug ins and when they gave me the legacy edition ones I thought they were fine, no more, no less. During a recent sale I decided to pull the trigger on the 1176 collection wondering how different they could really be from one another and from the other off brand 1176 plugs I have. Well I am glad I did. These quickly became my go to 1176 flavors. This being one of my favorite compressors but not being able to afford racks full of these things, this is a perfect alternative. Like many folks, I do not want to say they are a 100% alternative to hardware (because then my hardware would be worth the price of a plug in), but they sound pretty damn good. For the price, it is a no brainer.

N. Christian

31. Dezember 2014

1176 collection

Yes i find it wanderful ! so great i never have that befor and now i can have a good copression in my drums group

R. Thorpe

31. Dezember 2014

1176 Classic Limiter lives up to it's name

I've been using an "old faithful" UA 11776LN hardware unit for some time. I love to use it both when tracking and mixing. In the past I've not been incredibly impressed by the other software versions I've tried. Some aren't bad, but until now I haven't found one that really captures the sound and character of the unit that I'm used to.

Now I have that 1176LN sound on as many channels as I like, and thanks to Apollo, I can still use them when I'm tracking.

I'm really impressed. The 1176 "Blueface" and AE versions are stunning too!

R. Rajaram

29. Dezember 2014

Versatility Defined!

Having three beautifully modeled, unique variants of one of the most versatile, classic compressors, makes this collection indispensable. Absolutely stellar sounding set of plugins that I wouldn't want to mix without.
I really wish UA would put a mix knob on these. Most of the newer plugins have it and it makes parallel processing so much easier.

K. Paktrakettrin

23. Dezember 2014

Work just great

Work just great !!!
I put it on every single track and every chain in my DAW's Thx UA. Great Job.

C. Cerland

18. Dezember 2014


Belle palette de couleur sonore, très efficace sur tout type de source. Un incontournable à avoir absolument en collection

J. Barber

17. Dezember 2014

Your search ends here.

After years of using various 1176 emulated plug-ins I will hands-down choose UAD over them all. They truly sound like the original hardware. Add these to your toolkit and you will find yourself using them in every mix as I do.

Johnny L Barber Jr. "MyMixEngineer"

J. Barber

17. Dezember 2014

Your search ends here.

After years of using various 1176 emulated plug-ins I will hands-down choose UAD over them all. They truly sound like the original hardware. Add these to your toolkit and you will find yourself using them in every mix as I do.

Johnny L Barber Jr. "MyMixEngineer"

C. Brown

17. Dezember 2014


I didn't know if there would be much of a difference between these UA plugs and the other similar plug-ins out there, and i was a skeptic at first. But these are the real deal, they sound fantastic on just about anything, and are worth every penny. I've used them on literally every song i've worked on since I've bought them. Highly recommended!

T. Bullock

17. Dezember 2014


I used these compressors in my audio school, the hardware. These UAD version are amazing. It feels awesome to have access to them via the apollo twin!!!

W. Smikle

16. Dezember 2014

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection

just use it for the fast attact.... and gengle compression...

S. Smersh

16. Dezember 2014

Great but not 5star

If you don't have a quad or octo do not get these or any UAD plugs. These eat up 8% of the dsp for the Twin Duo every instance of the plug.
Also UAD has yet to release high resolution images for the plugs for anyone running a 4-5k monitor. They look super blury.
They sound great though if you have the power to run more than a couple of them. Way more like gear than the waves version.

L. Mcqueeney

15. Dezember 2014

One of the best UA plugs

Combine this with LA-2A on a drum bus and you're in heaven---you don't need the hardware. You need this. Top 5 UA plugs. Lot's of options, from subtle to squashing. I know some mixing engineers who have a uad card just for this. Good CPU to performance ratio, doesn't cash your system like the also awesome 1073 and Ampex plugs.

J. García

15. Dezember 2014

The best compressor

This collection of compressors works incredible with basses, bassdrums, snares or any percussive instrument. You won't find any device which treats the sound better than this. The musical character and the smooth and silky finish will amaze you. On the other hand, you will receive a punchy sound: solid and present. Highly recommended.

C. Harder

14. Dezember 2014

More dimensions and flexibility

I didn't think it would be that great a difference. The collection gives a lot more flexibility and it sounds massively wider. The plugin flattens the dynamic while adding dimension. Impressive. The saturation (no attack) modes are great as well fit coloring. Overall a must buy.

T. Oliver

14. Dezember 2014


Making drum racks has never been so much fun. Show no mercy on those snares !

S. Ozmen

12. Dezember 2014

even better

The first version already sounded great, these sound fantastic.

661-680 von 1171 Ergebnisse