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An electric piano dream, in full color.

Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio gives musicians and producers the inspired album-ready sound of a 1974 Rhodes Eighty Eight Suitcase Mark 1 electric piano,* along with a fully stocked "vintage" studio of pro production tools — for in‑the‑box tones nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

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UAD Nativ
Läuft auf Deinem Mac oder PC ohne UA-Hardware.

System-Anforderungen: UAD Native Plug-ins laufen sowohl auf macOS 10.15 Catalina oder neuer als auch auf Windows 10 und 11. Schau auf unsere UA-Support-Seite für Systemanforderungen.

  • Add the rich timbre of a perfectly modeled 1974 Rhodes Eighty Eight Suitcase Mark 1* electric piano to your productions
  • Immerse yourself in a curated analog studio packed with vintage mics, classic amps, and more
  • Create pro sounds with legendary rack effects and stompbox emulations
  • Get inspired with over 100 album‑ready presets, crafted to fit any genre

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Cast your Spell with Authentic Rhodes Magic

Cast your Spell with Authentic Rhodes Magic

Electra 88's sound and playability goes beyond generic electric piano plug-ins and expensive sample libraries. Now you can get the rich three‑dimensional tones of a meticulously maintained vintage instrument and its entire signal path, at your fingertips.

Bedazzle your Keys with the Sound of a Pro Studio

Bedazzle your Keys with the Sound of a Pro Studio

With expertly placed dynamic, condenser, ribbon, and tube mics, genuine 1176 compression, studio-grade reverbs, modulation, EQ, and more, you'll discover a palette of analog textures and tones — from warmly familiar to otherworldly — that fit any genre.

Shape your Tones with Classic Stompboxes and Amps

Shape your Tones with Classic Stompboxes and Amps

From the glorious bark of a perfectly emulated high-powered American tube combo amp to the funky sounds of a vintage Mu-Tron III or Vox wah, Electra 88 gives you jaw-dropping emulations of vintage gear, for electric piano tones that always sit in the mix.*

Enjoy the Journey, with Inspiring Album‑Ready Presets

Enjoy the Journey, with Inspiring Album‑Ready Presets

Discover the perfect sound, from deep soul and ‘70s ballads to righteous jazz/fusion and ambient soundscapes using Electra 88's presets, curated for instant inspiration and maximum enjoyment.

UAD Quick Tips
UAD Quick Tips

UAD Quick Tips

Learn how Electra 88 adds vintage vibe to your productions with a curated collection of pedals, amps, mics, and rack effects.

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners and used only to represent the instrument and effects modeled as part of Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio.


Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio



E. Borelius

17. April 2024

Absolutely amazing

The warmth and authenticity of the sound, all the built-in effects, and the sleek user interface make the Electra 88 an absolute joy to use.

J. Kelly

24. März 2024


I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this. Authentic & Rich

J. Kelly

24. März 2024


I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this. Authentic & Rich

C. Sears

23. Februar 2024

Excellent Rhodes Instrument

There are obviously many elec piano plug ins but the weakness is often the top end. The UAD version really gets that right. It bites and rings like a real Rhodes. It’s also a huge time saver that all the extras you would use with a Rhodes, like pedals and rack effects are built in and ready to go. Overall the sound, interface, and ease of use are excellent. Another banger from UAD.

J. Jegu

31. Januar 2024


Great sound, good interface and many possibilities (pedal/compr/dist...).
Warning : Cpu usage on Mac intel ! Demoing before.

n. tesla

25. Januar 2024

brilliant instrument

brilliant vst with a wide range of sound and a load of extra effects
this plugging needs very little processing after to fit your mix pretty much everything you need is contained with in this package great work guys

M. Harrison

20. Januar 2024

Doesn’t even work

Don’t buy this it doesn’t even show up and when you email UA they don’t respond.

P. Beullens

16. Januar 2024

Road to Rhodes heaven...

Great design throughout - visually striking, extremely intuitive and fast workflow. All the top gear in the room with you, including mikes, leslie, stomp boxes, and studio rack effects. Incredible value. I love that you can set the general sensitivity curve so you can match all patches easily to the sensitivity of the particular keyboard you are using. My favourite rhodes plugin by far!

隆. 佐野

14. Januar 2024

Excellent Sound

This plugin has the almost same as 1974 Fender Rhodes sound what I once had.

J. Burman

14. Januar 2024

The Best!

The best sounding electric piano I`ve tried, ever!

S. Echevarria

14. Januar 2024


I love the amp options. Great for live. Bough it and went straight into my live rig.

D. van Haarlem

12. Januar 2024

Something with the velocity curve, hard attack in logic pro low latency mode.

I really like the sound, features and effects!!! Of this plugin. A little bit restricted to one basic sound (model) in my opinion, as compared to Keyscape’s different models.
But one thing that really bothers me is that in use with NI Komplete Komtrol S61mkii and logic pro in low latency mode, I get an uneven attack response which results in nearly uncontrollable produced hard attacks of the sound, there is no even velocity balance curve there. And since I can play it only in Low latency mode, it is quite unusable. Universal Audio really needs to fix this ! ! !

A. Zhulin

12. Januar 2024


I have the analog version, it's done very similar

A. Kittelsen

12. Januar 2024

The real thing

It sounds very authentic and it is a big pluss with the pedals and the outboard studiogear. Great

M. Gustavsson

11. Januar 2024

The only rhodes you ever need

I have every rhodes plugin on the planet and some of them sounds really good. The problem is that each production require a specific sound and i have to go through every plugin. With uad i have so many options soundwise within one plugin wich saves me so much time. And i can play it with zero latency.

l. atmani

9. Januar 2024

best rhodes vst

love it!

S. Slater

9. Januar 2024

The best rhodes/elec piano VST out there

Dont waste your time looking for alternatives, this is honestly an incredible VST. With so many tools to customise your sound, and with loads of genuinely fantastic pre-sets this is probably up there for one of the best VSTs i have bought

D. Woodard

3. Januar 2024

Creative, innovative , versatile, overall awesome sauce

I own piano vst’s from all of the major companies but this is special and different from the rest. I get inspired just by the sounds, presets and the GUI is Genius. Would love to see a bass guitar & electric guitar vst with the same features

H. Maack

3. Januar 2024

Memories of my original ...!!

Smooth, warm, crunchy, bitey and funky too! The Electra 88 is everything it's advertised to be and in fact it's even better than my original back in the day whereas I didn't have all the extras this plugin instrument comes with to shape the sound in every direction. Brings me back to memories of when I had my original hardware version of this keyboard !!

D. Wylie

17. Dezember 2023


This plugin makes it easy to get a good sound quickly, and get on with it. There's good nuance under the hood, but the presets are nice and get you going quick. I have another Rhodes plugin with as much or more tweakability, but I found this one gave me something I bonded with quicker.