Maag EQ4® EQ

Maag EQ4® EQ


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Ein transparenter EQ, der
deine Tracks zum Leben erweckt.

In einer selbst auferlegten Suche nach Perfektion entwickelte Cliff Maag den EQ4, um beispiellose Transparenz und Präsenz im Höhenbereich zu erreichen und gleichzeitig ein unverfälschtes, natürliches Klangbild beizubehalten. Das Maag EQ4 Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Brainworx entwickelt und ist eine akribisch umgesetzte Emulation dieses klassischen Equalizers.

Das EQ4 Plug-In basiert auf dem legendären, lange nicht mehr gebauten NTI EQ3 aus den Achtzigern, der über Maags ebenso legendärem Air-Band-Regler verfügt. Dieser Equalizer hat wesentlich die Gesangsmixe von Madonnas Ray of Light und Celine Dions Taking Chances geprägt.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Stimmen, Akustikgitarren und Overheads natürliche und musikalische Präsenz hinzufügen

Auf einfache Weise den Höhenbereich ohne Härten, Zischen oder Rauschen anheben

Den Air-Regler mit seinen fünf Positionen nutzen, um dumpfen Mixes unmittelbar Leben einzuhauchen

Musikalisch breitbandige EQ-Eingriffe durchführen und dabei den Charakter des Quellmaterials beibehalten


Präzise erfasste Emulation des Maag EQ4®

6 EQ-Bänder, inklusive des berühmten AIR BAND®

Liefert beispiellose Transparenz und Höhenpräsenz, wobei die echte Natürlichkeit der ursprünglichen Klangquelle erhalten bleibt

Der Vocal-Sound von Madonna, Celine Dion, Snoop Dogg und den Black Eyed Peas

Zu den Produzenten, die den MAAG EQ4 empfehlen, gehören David Reitzas, Dave Pensado und Dylan Dresdow

EQ-Einstellungen mit minimaler Phasenverschiebung

Zusätzliche Trim Control für einfachere Pegelkontrolle (an der Hardware nicht verfügbar)

Für anspruchsvolle Profianwendungen entwickelt

Die Wechselwirkung der Bandpasses in der Hardware wurden im Plug-In vollständig umgesetzt

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Maag EQ4® EQ

A. Hörmann

23. Januar 2020


it's magic !i am shure to use ist very often, special on vocals with quick results.

U. Gerstenmeyer

29. Dezember 2019

Great Stuff!

This is absolutely my favorite vocal EQ !

m. stifter

19. Dezember 2019

Very unique EQ

Just try it, it possess a certain something in it's Air... and in other bands too... Great and unique. Thank you

UAD User

22. Juli 2019

Maag EQ4 works!

Great on the 2-buss or for mastering.
The chosen frequencies and response of the EQ make it very easy to put a final EQ touch on a mix or a master.
Would have been nice to have a dual-mono mode, but one can achieve that by splitting a stereo track into two mono tracks.
Would not necessarily be my "desert island" EQ, but it would be my 2nd choice without hesitation.

UAD User

13. Juli 2019


Buttery, clean, and presence. That’s what I like for all of my vocals. If you want the same or similar experience, get the Maag eq.

G. Yarber

7. Juli 2019

You will buy it if you try it!

I needed a basic EQ for giving some life to a couple of tracks so I demoed this and this did so much I couldn't stop using it on almost everything. My demo time ran out and I made the best decision to buy it. It brings so much life to all of the tracks I used it on, I couldn't help myself and it doesn't use a lot of DSP either. Super easy to use for basic sweetness.

R. Holl

15. Juni 2019

Maag EQ4

Great ! Thanks UAD !

E. Stokes

14. Juni 2019


This is absolutely my favorite vocal eq of all time! I use it on all my mixes! The air band is incredible & adds just the right amount of color... Very Musical!

K. Quinones

8. Juni 2019



S. Safiullin

7. April 2019

Best friend for Mixing!

maag is a real find!
I use it all the time on the vocal channel. After I discovered it for myself, I probably did not reduce more than one project without its application.
Know how to write something better once you hear!

UAD User

4. April 2019

Sounds amazing

Really great for quick and easy cleanup, plenty of character, and of course that air band is amazing.

A. Heinzelmann

31. März 2019

Airband Tool

When having problems in the airband on a channel or mixbus, this is my Tool to fix it. The Plugin sounds very clear and open. It is like fresh air in the sound.

D. Walker

3. Februar 2019

Air band

The upper drums just shine now!! Thank You!!

L. Sanders

1. Februar 2019

Real Air

This is one of my favorite eqs sounds good on instruments and my vocals, this is a must have for my studio and yours two. This is easy to operate and my go two eq plug-in. Puts me in full control over my music.

B. Willems

16. Januar 2019


Very Musical eq!

I. Alvarez

9. Januar 2019

Great Plug in

Awesome Eq features and sound, especially the "Air Band" .. It will definitely open up your mixes and give it clarity without sound harsh. Must have plugin.

M. Alviste

9. Januar 2019

Amazing little tool

I just got once again a Maag EQ4. I had it in my other computer but lost it when my hard drive got killed. It was really difficult to be without that little miracle maker but luckily I got it now as a part of the UAD collection. It makes everything breathe - vocals, acoustic instruments, electrics, just name it! The 20 and 40 kHz make vocals sexy as hell. The low frequencies are also tuned great. Highly suggested!

J. Whitesides

6. Januar 2019

Best Air In The World

Several name brand producer/mixer friend of mine had been raving to me about the Maag EQ, primarily for the Air Band.

Then I found out that Maag was less than an hour from my studio. They were plenty happy to have me come over and check out their studio and build shop. Very impressed with their attention to detail!

This EQ is a very faithful reproduction of the hardware unit. I tested it out initially on a drum buss and found that adding the Air Band gave the drums and intense energy, subtle but intense. The best part - the cymbals didn't get brittle or harsh.

The Air Band also breaths amazing life into vocal tracks without getting nasty. Amazing sheen for that open pro sound.

It will change the way you EQ.

N. Simons

21. Dezember 2018

Fantastic EQ

Can't help with a comparison to the hardware but this is already a 'go to' EQ for me. The first plug-in to immediately put a smile on my face. Subtractive in low mids and the Air Band work wonders. So far been amazing on drums and vocals. Only downside is that based on this emulation I now also want the hardware for my mix bus. Recommended.

K. Barnes

19. Dezember 2018

Love it

I really love this EQ, gives me just what I want.