Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner®

Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner®


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Erweitere den 3D-Raum und die Bewegung mit einem einzigartigen Effektklassiker.

Der Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner ist ein revolutionärer analoger Auto-Panner, der 1984 vorgestellt wurde. Die Hardware erzeugt atemberaubende, 3D-Panning- und Modulationseffekte, die jeder Klangquelle sofort eine spezielle Atmosphäre und Stereo-Charakter verleihen.

Das Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner Plug-In wurde von Softube entwickelt und ist eine detailgetreue Emulation der extrem seltenen Hardware - exklusiv erhältlich für UAD Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces. Das Plug-In sind einige spezielle Funktionen für zusätzliche Kreativmöglichkeiten und einzigartige Klanglandschaften enthalten.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Atemberaubende 3D-Effekte mit dem bidirektionalen „Round Sound“-Panning für jedes Instrument erzeugen

Von jedem Eingangssignal Gate-getriggerte Panning-Effekte erstellen und diese zum DAW-Tempo synchronisieren

Den vielseitigen und formbaren LFO zur Steuerung des 3D-Pannings einsetzen

Mit warmen Analog-Klangfarben der Original-Hardware Mono-Signale zu Stereo verbreitern


Ein seltener Vogel

Ein seltener Vogel

Der ursprüngliche Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner war ein high-end Outboard-Studioeffektgerät, das sowohl Stereo, als auch Quad-Stereo unterstützte. Wegen seiner einzigartigen, proprietären 3D-Effekte und seiner beeindruckenden Klang-Handschrift erreichte es einen nahezu mystischen Status. Das Effektgerät wurde während seiner Produktionsjahre unter zwei verschiedenen Markennamen verkauft – Dytronics und Songbird. Die Hardware ist heute extrem selten.



Das UAD Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner Plug-In bietet mehrere Wege zur Steuerung seiner Panning-Effekte – sowohl im Standardbetrieb, als auch 3D. Triggere das Panning über den integrierten LFO, für den Du die Geschwindigkeit, Gestalt, Anteil und Tiefe einstellen kannst oder lasse es durch eine beliebige Klangquelle als Eingang des Gates triggern und regle dessen Empfindlichkeit. Das bidirektionale „Round Sound“-Panning liefert eine 3D Klangbühne, die sich von allen anderen verfügbaren Auto-Pannern deutlich unterscheidet.

Das Beste aus Alt und Neu

Das Beste aus Alt und Neu

Der UAD Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner bietet Dir exklusive Plug-In-Funktionen, die seinen Sonderstatus in der Effektewelt nochmals drastisch erhöhen. Verwende die Sync-Funktion zur Anpassung des Plug-ins an die DAW, um Panning-Effekte am Song-Tempo einzurasten oder verbinde die Ausgänge für grenzenlose Panning-Möglichkeiten durch die Auswahl einer der vielen Konfigurationen im Nu neu, darunter die des quad-stereo Netzwerks aus dem Original.


Detailgetreue Emulation der extrem seltenen, analogen Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner Hardware

Erzeugt für eine Vielzahl von Klangquellen im Nu Stimmung und Stereo-Charakter

Auto-Panning mit variablem und einstellbarem LFO

3D-Panning mit variablem und einstellbarem LFO

Gate-Funktion für getriggertes Panning mit einstellbarer Empfindlichkeit

Exklusive Plug-In-Funktionen enthalten die DAW-Synchronisation für den LFO und flexible Stereo-Eingang-/Ausgang-Konfigurationen

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Dytronics® Cyclosonic Panner

M. Martini

7. Januar 2020

Easiest way for psychoacoustic

Interesting tool for put in motion every synth riff, bassline or guitars. Powerful with a lot of creative combinations. If you want a “lively track” this is fun and depth machine.

L. Cohen

28. Dezember 2019

Worth its price

A unique plug-in that adds dynamism and life to any track. Use sparingly for maximum impact.

C. Jaramillo

26. Dezember 2019

Best Panner in the box

This panner is really toneful, it really ads something apart from just simple panning. One of my favorites plugins for effects and movement.

M. Łuczak

25. Dezember 2019

Dytronics® Cyclosonic Panner

Great thing, placing sounds nicely in stereo image.

C. Kiasi

3. Dezember 2019

Lots of pottential

Really like using this gear. It opens up my creativity.

J. Dahle

26. November 2019


Love using. Easy to use and verstatile.

J. von Matt

21. Oktober 2019


Ruff in the jungle? Now it is a bit more ruffer. It comes and goes, turns and flys, dives and jumps.

The most coolest panner what is on planet earth!

UAD User

1. Oktober 2019

Great Effect

Super Great Effect. I use it a lot on guitar and organ. Bravo

C. Simpson

21. August 2019

The Chosen One

Great for Vocals, Drums, and of course Instruments. I've been using the demo and have multiple vouchers to redeem so of course this happens to be the product of choice. Applying this plug in alone to a track without using the stereo effects gives the sound a unique character. All the software I purchase is purposeful rather than impulsive, for me to write a review and recommend the product says enough. - Can be used in all genres, this tool is simple and resourceful. Must Have -

I. Bandera

21. Juli 2019


Devo ancora capire esattamente il potenziale di questo plugin.
Sicuramente interessante per creare effetti stereo.
Con calma troverò sicuramente l'utilizzo più appropriato.

M. Thomas

13. Juni 2019

From Subtle to Sublime

This effect can add tremendous panning or just a taste of movement to add space and sparkle to a mix. I've been using it on closed hats to move them across the stereo field in subtle increments. The motion adds a hint of spice to the mix.

V. Gerasenkov

12. Juni 2019

Do not rush to cut boring tracks!

It is difficult to overestimate the things that are able to give new unexpected solutions for seemingly hopelessly boring tracks. Ditronics Panner is capable of much.
UA, again what you need!

N. Reygate

6. Juni 2019

Swirling swirliness

Does exactly what it says on the box. Sounds can now spin amongst your stereo field like a whirling dervish caught in a vortex
It can be much more subtle as well
It’s also easy to use. What’s not to Like ?

r. passuti

28. Mai 2019

it's like a Christmas present

Did you happen to receive a long-wanted toy? there he is! perfect for psychedelic, electronic, but great productions to add spice to any type of music !!! thanks UAD.

A. Lee

11. Mai 2019


Does much more than simply pan. It really is incredible the depth, width & 3D quality that it gives whatever it is applied to. Essential to give additional interest to any mix.

J. Auguste

25. März 2019

Does the Job

Always wanted the hardware but this will do. This does the job very well once you get familiar with the controls.

P. Cassidy

5. März 2019

Does way more than I expected

I actually went into this plugin looking for a trem unit for guitar mostly, which it does exceptionally well, but it does so much more. A certain quality to the waveforms exists that you don't get in other plugins/units. I'm pretty sure it comes down to the modelling of the gain stages but who am I to say. A plugin that is useful in almost any mix or recording situation

R. Nash

30. Dezember 2018

More Human than Human

Very cool and unique. Another oddball goodie from UA

S. Peterson

29. April 2018

Flutters, stutters & others

The Cyclosonic is not for everyone or everything. But it is a lot of fun to find uses for. I found that when critical listening to mixes, I would reach for it when the mix needed a little movement on backing vocals, rhythmically or layered with synth parts.
If you are on a tight budget & looking to get really useful plug ins, this would not be where I spend my money.

T. Mandylas

21. April 2018

Just awful to control.. sorry Softube and UA

This is now my number one UA plugin purchase regret.. So much so I am actually going to ask to see if I can swap for another plugin + whatever cost difference. I should have demoed it properly.. The issue is, that the time is from 30 seconds to 0.1 second, but the display field shows that in *percentage*, which is useless.. Rather than the actual time.. If it showed the actual time, one could set something suitable by using a tempo calculator.. The problem with the Sync option is that I saw 4 bars in the picture.. and presumed i could do 1/2/3/4 bars.. but it goes from one to 4 only.. and then no higher..So you can sync an auto pan at 1 bar or 4 but not in between, and everything else is under a bar (more useful for rhythmic effects/stutters etc). Softube had to be stubborn on this one instead of giving a full complement of tempo options.. They just had to follow the hardware.. This is exactly why we buy plugins, to get the good hardware sound but free ourselves of limitations.. Anyway.. It does more than pan, which is why i gave it an extra star.. I will never use it for auto panning, nor rhythmic effects as I already have much, much better plugins for the latter, but at least it's not only a one trick pony. Now.. I recently bought WAVES brauer motion for $29 on sale.. THAT is a pan plugin.. and i am not a huge waves fan.. But that was a bargain, and makes this softube plugin look like a joke.. I mean just demo it for yourself and see what I mean.. If you want a really good autopan plugin, that's the one I recommend, and advise you to skip this one completely. (OTOH the chorus by same company, also emulated by Softube, is really nice and lush - that one I can recommend and will do a separate review).