SSL® 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

SSL® 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Die ultimative Kompression für den Mix-Bus –
akribisch neu gemodelt.

Der G Bus Compressor ist ein wesentlicher Faktor für den Hit-Sound der SSL-Konsolen und verfügt über legendäre Eigenschaften - er lässt Mixes größer, wuchtiger und druckvoller klingen und verbessert gleichzeitig die klangliche Verschmelzung und Klarheit.

Die SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection von Universal Audio für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces wird von Solid State Logic® uneingeschränkt empfohlen — eine erstklassige, vollständige Schaltungsemulation, die einen noch größeren Leistungsumfang bietet, als das SSL G Bus Compressor Plug-In, das seinerseits bereits neue Maßstäbe setzte.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit dem faszinierenden Update des legendären SSL G Bus Compressor mischen

Auf Summenmixes, Bussen oder anderen Klangquellen Durchsetzungsfähigkeit, Verschmelzung und Kraft hinzufügen

Die neuen Funktionen wie Side Chain Filtering, Mix und Headroom-Regler einsetzen

Artist-Presets von Just Blaze (Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar), Peter Mokran (The Flaming Lips, Mary J. Blige), Ian Boxill (Prince, Tupac) und anderen testen und anwenden


Die einzige vollständige Emulation des SSL Bus-Kompressors

Die einzige vollständige Emulation des SSL Bus-Kompressors

Auf einer kompletten Überarbeitung des ursprünglichen SSL G Bus Compressor Plug-Ins aufsetzend, modellierte UA jede Nuance des im Pult verbauten und rackfähigen FX G384, inklusive der einzigartigen CV-Summierung. Durch die vollständige Übertragung des Schaltungsverhaltens trägt das neue SSL G Bus Compressor Plug-In die perfekte SSL-Handschrift – Druck, transparente Verschmelzung und ein extrem präzises Stereobild.



Mit der einfachen und intuitiven Bedienung des SSL G Bus Compressor Plug-Ins kannst du schnell den gewünschten Effekt einstellen - von subtiler und transparenter Dynamikkontrolle bis hin zu aggressiveren Texturen über Pegelspitzen-Limiting. Die fest gerasterten Attack- und Release-Regler sind bei SSL für die Bus-Funktionalität vorgesehen, einschließlich der Programmmaterial-abhängigen Release-Funktion. Erzeuge mit dem stufenlosen Threshold-Drehregler eine traumhafte Verschmelzung für den Mix-Bus oder eine schmetternde Dynamik, bei der die Nadel am Vollausschlag klebt.

Maßgeschneiderte Verbesserungen

Maßgeschneiderte Verbesserungen

Mit den neuen Workflow-Funktionen wird die SSL G Bus Compressor Collection noch unverzichtbarer für moderne Produzenten. Der interne Side Chain Filter ermöglicht dir eine präzise Anpassung des Bass-Frequenzgangs zur Reduktion des „Bass-Pumpens“, während der Mix-Regler eine Inline-Bearbeitung Dry/Wet bietet — perfekt geeignet für die schnelle Parallelkompression eines Drum- oder Vocal-Busses. Mit dem Headroom-Regler regelst du den Gesamtpegel des Plug‑Ins.

Ins Schwarze faden

Ins Schwarze faden

Genau wie bei den in den Konsolen verbauten Einheiten, verfügt der neue SSL G Bus Compressor über die ursprüngliche Auto-Fade-Funktion, mit der das SSL-typische Ausfaden mit einer Dauer von bis zu 60 Sekunden möglich wird. Bearbeite mit dem neuen SSL G Bus Compressor und dem zusätzlich enthaltenen DSP-schonenden SSL G Bus Compressor Legacy Plug-In deine Projekte mit dem Sound, der zahllose Platin-Alben geprägt hat.


Von Universal Audio akribisch modelliert, von Solid State Logic lizenziert und authentifiziert

Das geliebte Kompressoren-Design der 4000 G Ära, deren Umsetzung auf den Messdaten einer vollständig diskreten Hardware beruht

Speziell angepasste Dynamikmerkmale, ideal für die Kompression des Summenmix oder von Subgruppen

Charakteristische Eigenschaften der 4000G enthalten fest gerasterte Attack und Release, inklusive programmabhängiger "Auto" Release und Auto Fade Funktionen

Exklusive Plug-In-Funktionen umfassen SC Filter, Dry/Wet-Parallelbearbeitung und Headroom für vom Nutzer definierbare Betriebspegel

Enthält das DSP-schonende SSL G Bus Compressor Legacy Plug-In

Bietet Artist-Presets von Just Blaze (Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar), Peter Mokran (The Flaming Lips, Mary J. Blige), Ian Boxill (Prince, Tupac) und anderen


SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

UAD User

17. Januar 2018

Sounds exactly like the real thing

I've been using the waves version for a long time and decided to upgrade to the UAD version. It blew my mind. Sounds way better. Even when compressing just a tiny bit it makes the mix sound like a record.

P. Nortey

15. Januar 2018


I love it

J. Mage

15. Januar 2018

Legacy is great! This is even better

Legacy was very often on my mix bus. This is even more flexible, gluey, magic. No complaints

N. Roberts

15. Januar 2018

Best kind of glue!

Simply won't finish off a mix without it. Hard to describe how it puts the cherry on the top of a mix, but you can more than hear it. A vital ingredient to my production set-up.

R. Graterol

15. Januar 2018

Magic sparkle

I was hesitant to buy this plugin as I already have many other compressors fro UA and others. I realised this was different than the others when I placed it in my mixes. All my mixbuses from my ongoing project had their compressors replaced with the SSL 4000 and boom, huge improvement.

What I noticed is some kind of tightening of the low end and the fact that the tracks get a nice musical compression without damaging the dynamics. Suddenly my mixes sound more polished and open.

Good job UAD!

s. Ha

14. Januar 2018


Sweet, classy sound

J. Lewis

14. Januar 2018

One of my go-to's...but not 5-star for one tiny niggly reason

If, like me, you are running a lot of UAD plugins on a relatively ordinary computer, you will at some point feel the CPU strain. The legacy versions will help a lot.

The SSL full version on the mix bus is my go-to. I adore its sound, its warmth, the way it breathes. I really love the SSL sound. The full version feature set and sound are in a league of magic.

The full version is absolutely 5-star.

**And the sound and features of the legacy are fine. 5-star. Very important.**

The 4-star review is for a small and silly reason, but easily fixed!

I would just like to ask UAudio to not cut the corner too far on the way the legacy SSL looks! To me it just looks a little like it is lacking in pixel resolution. It could just do with a smoother color finish, not the kind of grainy finish it has. Nothing more major than that. It kind of lowers the fun of using it just a touch too much. Check out the Pultec legacy, or the 1176 legacies. They look fantastic, and sound majestic too. That same little bump of "joy" when you open it up would be welcome from the SSL legacy, which is a go-to for me in terms of sound.

E. Halterman

13. Januar 2018

I always have this one on my mix bus!

This is just stellar, my mix bus cannot live without it!

UAD User

12. Januar 2018

Just works great

I had the legacy version, but this version just has that sound and is a swiss army knife... A little off the top in regards to compression and it was perfect. Tight punchy and smooth as well

N. Davidge

11. Januar 2018

Old Faithful

It's my first plugin in every session, it's as dependable as anything I've ever come to depend on.

G. Baert

11. Januar 2018

Un compresseur de bus seduisant

j'ai choisi d'utiliser ce compresseur car sur un bus "master" chaque élément du mix semble se discerner plus distinctement ( c est peut etre cela l'effet "glue" ? )
Maybe we could dream of a combo plugin with both this comp and the ssl Eq so that
we could use a ST/ mid-side tool on the master bus.

C. Modog

11. Januar 2018


Hello there,
This plugin its so cool and great for Mix Bus, I have it in demo mode and its great, really great. Compare with Wave in this case UA its on top but very expansion compare with Wave. UA - $299 Wave - $ 99, because of this just because of this I will buy Wave SSL 4000 G, really sorry UA !!!

R. Cambrin

11. Januar 2018

Even better than the legacy

This version was an instant winner for me when I tried it at the time of its release.
I used the legacy version of all the tracks I mixed for the cd I my band released and everyone has commented on the sound as to how good the CD sounds.
As good as the legacy isthis plugin immediately impressed me as to its sound and the perception of its real ness.
It just felt like I was using a real piece of gear. It's a subtle differance and yet that differance just does the job.
The only problem would be is that it is probably more DSP hungry but I am not mixing right now so I will deal with that then.
No complaints here.

s. Ha

2. Januar 2018


SSl series .. it's simply magic

F. Jordan

12. Dezember 2017

Pulls in the punch

I have a small production studio. I recently purchased the SSL 4000 Channel Strip and thought I had the perfect sound. I did not understand what was so special about the SSL Compressor until I got the demo and tried it out on my mixes. My mixes went from night to bright sunlight. This plugin is really the glue that pulls the sound together.
Got it at the sale price but it is truly worth the money. Highly recommended!!!

UAD User

30. November 2017


Expensive but good

I. Kiyashko

26. November 2017

Ultimate mix-bus plugin

For years I kept trying different ITB compressors for the mix-bus duties - no plugins ever made me like them. Acustica Audio, other UAD plugins, Sonoris, you name it. BUT! This is the one that actually glues the sound nicely, transparently, beefs it up, doesn't sound like other 2D-sounding software. Basically quest completed, very happy... Finally!

N. Dettenbach

24. November 2017

punch for pop and modern music

These beast is my go to bus comp for most pop and modern music styles with a medium to high dynamic. It has a very typical high class compressor sound and works for most modern program material.

This thing works well on drums in parallel processing and as the 2nd dynamic stage. At the bus it is very nice to tame 1-2db while (for higher dynamic material) another compressor before is evening out levels a bit before (i.e. Neve 33xxxxx) - this "couple" allows to control the amount of "SSL sound" of the product (using serial compressors is a bit tricky in finding timings - you have to know what you do). The new version is a huge (!) step compared to the former UAD emulation. This emulation is just much more SSL, much more open and detailed.

D. Russell

17. November 2017

ssl g buss compressor

I bought this on impulse when it was on special without checking the demo version first. I had expected great results, but to be honest given the hype, but I was quite disappointed. I have fab filter pro limiter last up in the mastering chain and the Neve VR88 master buss before the pro L. I think the Neve 88 is way more powerful and useful. perhaps the Fab filter pro Limiter does much of the job, but adding the SSL comp before the Pro L did very little to the final mix output sound. not enough wow to warrant the $250 in my opinion. I guess I should demo everything before purchasing anything. a bit disappointed I was......

B. Vladimir

16. November 2017

Stick it to the man

The most transparent glue compressor out there. Period.