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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3


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C. Lema

16. Februar 2024

Lo mejor

No puede faltar en mi studio móvil mi laptop y mis audífonos música donde quiera que voy ,

C. Lema

16. Februar 2024

Lo mejor .!!

No puede faltar en mi mochila con mi laptop es una de mis herramientas de producción en mi studio movil ….

益. 飯田

13. Februar 2024


It's a wonderful product including cost performance‼︎

C. Joly

30. Januar 2024

So useful !

A solid box that provides ease of use and adds power to all Daw Projects . Like having my DAW and my CPU on Steroids . Love it !

G. Mahn

20. Januar 2024

A sturdy and powerful little box!

The Octo is plugged in and rocking with my Apollo Twin… a sturdy and powerful little box! The additional DSP makes mixing in Luna and Pro Tools with UAD plugins a breeze. Definitely worth the expense for the value added. Highly recommend!

F. Verjux

19. Januar 2024

Extend done

It really gives more power for my DAW

M. Naw

14. Januar 2024


I Like

D. C

8. Januar 2024

Love my uad so much I made a mount for it

Check out this mount for anyone who has a UAD satellite: https://www.ebay.com/itm/285636707447?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=nEvvpcS8QhK&sssrc=0&ssuid=nEvvpcS8QhK&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY

M. Wouters

4. Januar 2024

Lots of extra power

I started out using the Apollo twin and soon needed extra processing power. The combination with the Satellite Octo is perfect, price wise an amazing deal to now have 10 processors for around 2k and I only need 2 inputs so this exceeds the use of an Apollo 8 for me.

J. Neilis

16. Dezember 2023

OCTO UAD Satellite

Now I can add even more great sounding vibes to a mix. Thanks to Uad OCTO.
I wish there was a robust way to use uad plugins in a live sound environment - like a new liverack.

R. Steen

8. Dezember 2023

Great but won’t work for me.

I purchased this hoping to use it while tracking. Found out it can only be used for mixing. Sent it back to the retailer I bought it from.

E. Reynolds

6. Dezember 2023

UAD-2 Satellite-- A necessary addition!

Let's start with the obvious, the UAD-2 Satellite is a wonderfully engineered piece of hardware. The unboxing experience is pleasant and the provided imagery gives you a brief hint of heritage, further adding to the assurance of a good purchase. The unit itself is sturdy, metal, and has a girthy power switch that imparts a satisfying clink when engaged. I opted for the Octo thunderbolt 3 interface which allows daisy chaining from my Mac mini to the satellite and then to my Apollo. After authorizing plugins you're off to work. The 8 SHARC chips allow you to employ many more time-based effects and plugins that may have been used sparingly-- Neve 88rs this means you. If you are working in the box and want to have a complete console experience, you may need two.


3. Dezember 2023

I love it UAD

I love it UAD

P. Chrastil

30. November 2023


turbo power

D. Devion

24. November 2023

More DSP!

Was running out of DSP when opening projects in Logic, very frustrating going through the mixer, finding and reenabling plugins. The Octo fixed that problem and also allows much more freedom and flexibility auditioning alternative settings and using LUNA.

W. Dziedzicki

24. November 2023


Considering that I don't record much on my own equipment, I travel to different studios, mix and need my set of plug-ins (of which I have plenty at UA) wherever I go. This equipment rocks.

S. Hickman

20. November 2023

So far exactly what I expected

I moved from a Mac Pro 5,1 to a M2 Mac Studio. Lots of changes. And one of the biggest was moving from PCI UAD-2 card to a Thunderbolt Satellite. After a month there's been no issues. And I don't expect any.

j. paredes

17. November 2023

Puro poder

Por fin puedo realizar mis producciones sin problemas
Pero pienso dar solo una oportunidad para actualizarse a complete ,mientras se produce el registro del hardware,no es nada bueno para los usuarios.creo que deberían dar al menos otra oportunidad y reconocerte los pluggin de los cuales se posee dos licencias

K. Nolan

16. November 2023

Thunderbolt out of the blue

Was running out of DSP with my mixes really quickly, frustrated it was time to purchase the octo, Christmas came early this year, so much more power for my mixes!

R. Rasiński

6. November 2023


After many tests of the native versions, I came to the conclusion that the UAD versions work slightly better sonically, so I took advantage of the promotion for the OCTO model and I am very pleased :)

1-20 von 1537 Ergebnisse

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