UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3


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T. Taivalaho

19. Oktober 2021

Power up with Luna

I'm very satisfied Otto satellite power. With this and my Apollo twin x quad, projects are so easy to build. Also very quick setup. Highly recommend

M. Ayley

21. September 2021

UAD 2 Satellite Thunderbolt. Easy and Effective

Added this to my set up and tripled my DSP. Was pretty quick to set up and did what I hoped.

P. Whitby

19. September 2021

All sorted, but ...

This is a very neat attractive little box, of solid constriction that is now taking care of all my DSP needs, with more than a little to spare.

I bought it during the promo which offers extra plugins, but since I already have Ultimate 9, I already own all the plugins in the offer.

UA have kindly offered to swap these for other 'popular' ones, so I'm hoping that the good folks will have a look at my wish list.

So my review for the Satellite really ought to be a 5 ***** as it is a brilliant addition to my Apollo TWIN MKII QUAD

BUT ...

If instead, the promo had been to 'pick any five plugins', it would have been a no-brainer even for those who have yet to join the Universal Audio eco-system.

j. park

17. September 2021

ir has some fever...

but it works great

A. Salganik

16. September 2021

Great quality wow

Great quality wow

A. Salganik

16. September 2021

Great quality wow

Great quality wow

J. Veatch

14. September 2021

Lovin' the extra power!

I purchased an Apollo Twin Quad to record some of my songs. Unfortunately, I'm like a kid in a candy factory. When I heard how great the plugins were sounding.......yes, I wanted more. Picked up the Octo processor and I'm not looking back. I went from 75% DSP usage to 23%. Now I can add more tracks and not break a sweat. Thank you Sweetwater!

N. Dillie

13. September 2021

The DSP I needed!

This is the second UAD satellite I’ve owned and I can tell you the octo is no joke. It has all the power I need to record, mix and even master.

C. Roberts

7. September 2021

My New Found Faith

I've believed in many things throughout my life. Once I was introduced to the power of the UAD-2 Satellite Octo Thunderbolt 3, even the color spectrum of what I could see has changed. It's turned my Apollo Twin Duo into a Megazoid from Power Rangers. It's like adding NOS to a Porsche. This will not disappoint and is worth the investment. Do yourself a favor and buy it!

S. Ziarek

31. August 2021

UAD-2 Satelitte

Perfect hardware!

L. Tian Siung

16. August 2021

Extra Power needed!

Using it with Apollo X6, connection is easy and works flawlessly.

S. Liljeqvist

29. Juli 2021

Great except for not being able to use in console

I have the Apollo twin x duo and bought some plugins with high DSP requirements then I kept maxing out my DSP and getting the error message with a link with advice on on how to manage DSP resources better in the short term and the recommendation of buying a satellite for a long term fix, So I bought one and then found out it doesn’t actually work in console. Still happy with it for use in DAWs, however I do feel misled.

K. Slack

25. Juli 2021

Xtra processing is a must

I’ve been with UA since the the first UAD PCI Solo card in what now seems like the stone ages.
Even though UA’s plug-ins are amongst the best sonically, they are resource hungry. Especially if you use their Unison technology driven preamps and modelers. This is the third satellite I’ve owned and it’s truly a game changer for serious professionals.

k. Kim

22. Juli 2021

Very useful

I have a lot of space for uad plugin!
And i agree with P.Duville give me another choice!

P. Duville

16. Juli 2021

Miserable plugins selection

Hello , i have a lot of uad plugins. When i purchase the octo uaudio give me some plugins that i already have , so i cant get any new plugins. I think in uaudio ate very poor and they cant give any plugin to a loyal customer. I dont like how uaudio manage the shit

A. Belli

14. Juli 2021

DSP expanded

This is a great piece of kit! I was getting frustrated having bought a load of plugins and finding I was limited in the amount I could use.
Not any more.

M. Düring

12. Juli 2021

A complete new level...

Since I've been working with UAD plugins and now using two UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 in the studio, my mixes have grown up! I love it!

S. Rico Hernandez

9. Juli 2021

Satélite increíble!!!

Es un magnífico hardware y vale toda la pena tener uno!!!

L. Bliss

2. Juli 2021

Huge Difference!

I upgraded from the FireWire Satellite 2 because I upgraded from my older Mac Mini to a newer one. I initially bought the Quad but was getting a number of notifications of plugins not being able to load so upgraded to an Octo. It made all of the difference; able to load everything with lots of room to spare. Awesome!


28. Juni 2021


Não tenho palavras para descrever os benefícios da UAD 2 OCTO nas minhas mixagens

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