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Tonelux® Tilt EQ


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1. Januar 2022


Good! plugin

M. Cruzeiro

2. Dezember 2021


I've never used anything like it before and now I love tilt EQ! Real holiday gift!

V. Gorlinsky

29. November 2021

Using Tonelux® Tilt EQ

Nice plugin! I use it with console 1 Softube

U. Audio Account

22. November 2021

Simple and useful

Great sounding filters, low DSP consumer.


18. November 2021

decent issue

another great item thanks uad staff

T. Lozanovski

11. November 2021

Little weapon

Such a useful tool!

S. Rico Hernandez

22. Oktober 2021

Una gran herramienta

Muy practico y con poco uso de cpu

E. Hahn

18. Oktober 2021

Under-rated tool

I feel like this plugin proves tilt EQ as a tool is not getting the attention it deserves. Why wouldn't we control the gross balance of low/high frequencies to get a ball park picture of our intended sound before getting surgical in the fine details and tonal shifts of our favourite EQs? Absolute game changer, sounds great and will be used in many instances!

B. Sullivan

23. September 2021

A simple and effective EQ!

Very easy to use, and not taxing on my DSP! And it sounds great! You can't go wrong with UAD and Softube!

A. Geiss

12. Juni 2021

pretty usefull

Simple but usefull tool!

C. Li

12. Juni 2021

Easy To Use

Easy To Use, Nice outcome

G. Kakuk

11. Juni 2021

Noice one!

Amazing little thing!
If you see a discount, get it!

F. DeAngelis

16. Mai 2021

I am surprised at how often I use this!

It took me a while to pick this one up. It is so inexpensive it didn’t make sense to purchase it with a custom bundle. Once I tried the demo I immediately heard it’s it’s worth As I tried it on more instruments and even effect returns I realized/learned just how often you just want more treble/bass or a “smile curve”. It speeds up my workflow considerably. I highly recommend this and suggest trying it out for yourself. I believe it to be a useful, time saving plugin that contributes to mixes that are rich, full, lush and clear.

M. Johannes

16. Mai 2021

Tonelux Tilt EQ

The Great Unit !!!!

h. tuter

15. Mai 2021

Tonelux Tilt Eq is a nice companion to your UAD Amp plugin

I have single core Apollo twin and Tonelux Tilt EQ works flawless with my UAD Guitar plugins. Tone shaping is such east and efficient.

J. Napolitano

2. Mai 2021

Tilt Eq

Great sounding Eq very happy again UAD can’t go wrong

D. Osipov

6. April 2021

Tonelux Tilt EQ

Effective and easy tonal balance EQ.

K. Sarikos

22. März 2021


i like end is very clean..!easy for mixing..!

R. Cote

31. Januar 2021

Few knob, but lots of good sound from this one.

This plugin allows you to improve the sound of your Bass, your acoustic guitar and many others. It can be used on virtually all of your recorded tracks. The plugin is easy to use and responds really well to the slightest change. I offer it without a second thought.
Buy it!

L. Deane

24. Januar 2021

Tonelux Tilt EQ Plugin by Universal Audio

Tonelux Tilt EQ, 3.9% 5.5% this EQ just works, low on the DSP consumption, inexpensive price and easy to use ! Learning the Tilt, then the bell curve. It doesn't take forever and you can get a great sound in under a minute ! Thank You ToneLux and UA !

1-20 von 224 Ergebnisse

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