Suhr SE100 Amplifier

Suhr SE100 Amplifier


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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Suhr SE100 Amplifier


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D. Sandoval

16. April 2019

Not overblown!

The Suhr SE100 allows me to get a realistic guitar tone without a bunch of artificial amp noise or other unwanted artifacts that lessen the usability of other offerings. In my view, this is the best yet of the UAD amp modeling plugins and I can finally commit to a tone when recording!

P. Jonsson

6. April 2019

A Classic

That great modded Marshall sound at your disposal - Awesome

Y. Senba

2. April 2019



A. Heinzelmann

31. März 2019

Very good Alternative

I am using the Suhr SE100 als an Alternitive to my Marshall JCM 800 Lead, because it´s very easy to use instead of Reamping with an Hardware Amplifier. Very usefull. I would like to buy it again if i haven´t.

G. Rothwell

26. März 2019

Suhr review Se100

Love the tone of this amp plus the variations you can get from it, great pre sets which you can tweak to your liking.



25. März 2019


itz a my bro doug said...
mean machine!!

G. Rothwell

23. März 2019

Suhr de. 100 amp

Completely blown away by this amp , pre set great but I tweak them to my taste excellent amp

s. fujimoto

3. März 2019

Transparency distortion

Sounds that can be used for anything.

R. Trevor

2. März 2019

A Winner !

I own the Marshall bundle and the Suhr gets you the modern sound you would expect from a modded Marshall amp. I use this for writing Modern Rock and Metal cues and it delivers.
I highly recommend this amp sim.

d. la rotta diaz

14. Februar 2019

Potencia y mucha versatilidad

Esta emulación cumple todas mis expectativas de un amplificador potente, consiguiendo sonidos distorsionados, overdrive y limpios. Feliz

w. spadoni

13. Februar 2019

Suhr SE 100

The Suhr SE 100 uad plugin sound simply fantastic!

R. Adams

13. Februar 2019

Suhr SE100 Awesome!!

Love the feel of this plug-in. This has definitely changed my opinion on digital models of tube amps!!

尾. 猛

11. Februar 2019

feel so good


M. Reeves

7. Februar 2019

A great simulation !

I doubt I could afford the real thing but this is the closest you could get it. Once I plug my ax in and launch this plug-in time stops. I love it !

R. Hortensius

4. Februar 2019

What can I say ?

Unbelievable how the Suhr SE100 respond to playing dynamics and it's sound, so much fun to play !

UAD User

31. Januar 2019

Color me impressed

I've tried most of the UAD amp sim plugins and none of them really inspired me to purchase it until this one. It just seems very well made and has great controls and great cleans and crunch.

R. Fulco

30. Januar 2019


It has been an extremely cold day here in the Chicagoland area (1/30/2019. -50 windchill). Work was called off as the office is closed. I have been enjoying a Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp into a French made CAB IR device. I saw a quick overview video for this Suhr amp and thought it sounded good. So I brought up the 14 day trial. Decided to do a little engineering instead of plugging my guitar into the Hi-Z input and drop the plugin in the Unison slot. So, I plugged my PRS McCarty 594 25th anniversary with mini-buckers into the Hi-Z input of my X6. Set the output of channel one to line output 3 (why 3? I couldn't tell you. Just selected it). Ran a cable from line output 3 on the back of the X6 to the input of my Cry Baby, into my SD-1 and out to line in 2 and dropped the Suhr SE100 in the Unison slot. Holy ....!! Kicked on the SD-1 to use as a bit of a boast and tighten up the low end on the Suhr...Even more Holy ....!! Then I added the AMS RMX16 on Aux 1 and pulled up a delay preset...It was like I was standing at the Pearly Gates!!! Don't even question if this plugin is good. The amp itself is good, but the cab IRs are breathtaking. BUY IT NOW!! I bought it after my 10 minute trial was up and forced myself to put my guitar down long enough to purchase the plugin.

(And for an FYI if anyone is wondering, why I ran my signal like I did, this way in my DAW I can set the first track to record my guitar DI, the second track will record all the overdrive pedal and Suhr SE100 goodness, and even setup a third stereo track to print the AMS delay to).

A. Keuter

30. Januar 2019


This is the sound I want. Super


19. Januar 2019


This is the best amp i have by UA. Big rock sound!!!
Great job!!!!

M. G.

18. Januar 2019


Muy buen simulador. Muy buen sonido. Lo recomiendo

41-60 von 76 Ergebnisse