Suhr SE100 Amplifier

Suhr SE100 Amplifier



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Suhr SE100 Amplifier


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P. Jacobsson

14. Januar 2020


Very powerful amp! From now it is my favourite amp, I highly recommend it.

K. Péter

14. Januar 2020

Really great

It is really great and sounds veeery well. For me, the sustain is a littlebit short, and the - how to say - the dimension feeling is not really enough, the sound is a bit cold. The rest is veeery good, it is far the best amp plug I ever tried - but still I can make a bit better sounding record with any of my real tube amps /fender, mesa, marshall/ and an u47-re20 combo through the ssl xlogic channels.

s. yang

28. Dezember 2019

It is a real amplifier.

This amp is a lively amplifier.
I love Johnser's amp very much, but the sound is heavy, sharp and wild.

If you are looking for a live amplifier plug-in, this is the answer.

If there's a downside, there's a little bit of unknown noise that comes behind when you're producing a clear sound. If this is my electrical problem, I'm glad, but if not, please fix it.

I am very happy with this amplifier.

J. Callahan

18. Dezember 2019


Fantastic sounding amp especially in Unison mode!

K. Harancher

16. Dezember 2019

As Real as it Gets

This is simply one of the best rock guitar amp plugins I have played through. The response and sound hooked me right from the start. Try it you might like it.

乌. 包

22. November 2019



t. yu

9. August 2019

Love it!

So i have two shur amp sim. Love both pt100 and this

M. Matzke

2. Juli 2019

Power and warmth

I’m not a guitar player and I can’t judge the feeling: All I was looking for is a warm power chord sound for a guitar that we recorded for reamping in a symphonic rock arrangement. I tried all the UA Amps and in the end it was Friedman vs. Suhr. This one compliments the strings so well and adds beautiful warmth to the arrangement! I would immediately buy it again for this purpose!

j. sakamoto

30. Juni 2019

great plugin!!!

my best rock amp plugin.

C. Jaeggi

31. Mai 2019

Very interesting..

Ok, I don't do a lot of distortion, I strum open chords, country style, G D C F etc.
On a Telecaster, so twang is what I need.

Thus, the breaking up is paramount. And not have those screaming, glassy tones.
A good Twin Reverb is what I need, and a Royer 121, or a Shure SM57.

This can actually do that quite well, and I've tried 'em all. The break up dies a little too soon for me. So it helps to compress it a little with my Faitchild Limiter (because I have that now, because I'm not stupid LOL).

I know it can be done because Kemper has done it. For 1600 Dollars though!

I like that sound much better at this price hehe. And if you wanna rock more, with more dist, it's almost too simple to get it right with this one.

Thanks again for the great deals, your hard work, and last but not least, Just for being!

G. McTaggart

23. Mai 2019

My favorite amp sim!

This is by far the closest to what I want to hear out of an amp sim plugin.

Brainworx, now that we have this, would be fantastic to also get either a Suhr SL67 or S68 plug-in. The existing Marshall Plexi plugin doesn’t cut it for cranked tones.

H. Sörensen

21. Mai 2019

Incredible realistic

just blown away, great sim ;-)

P. Jonsson

20. April 2019

A Classic

That great modded Marshall sound at your disposal - Awesome

D. Sandoval

16. April 2019

Not overblown!

The Suhr SE100 allows me to get a realistic guitar tone without a bunch of artificial amp noise or other unwanted artifacts that lessen the usability of other offerings. In my view, this is the best yet of the UAD amp modeling plugins and I can finally commit to a tone when recording!

P. Jonsson

6. April 2019

A Classic

That great modded Marshall sound at your disposal - Awesome

Y. Senba

2. April 2019



A. Heinzelmann

31. März 2019

Very good Alternative

I am using the Suhr SE100 als an Alternitive to my Marshall JCM 800 Lead, because it´s very easy to use instead of Reamping with an Hardware Amplifier. Very usefull. I would like to buy it again if i haven´t.

G. Rothwell

26. März 2019

Suhr review Se100

Love the tone of this amp plus the variations you can get from it, great pre sets which you can tweak to your liking.



25. März 2019


itz a my bro doug said...
mean machine!!

G. Rothwell

23. März 2019

Suhr de. 100 amp

Completely blown away by this amp , pre set great but I tweak them to my taste excellent amp

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