Studio D Chorus

Studio D Chorus


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Studio D Chorus


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E. Ananda

15. Juli 2021

Great Sauce!

Lovely feel on almost everything I put it on. Adds width and a nice small amount of chorus that is not too obvious. If you want just that tiny bit of sauce to make it interesting.

P. Record

11. Juni 2021


Always in my mixes

B. Wakefield

21. Mai 2021


Amazing plugin, love it! Can't wait for the next sale so I can buy some more delicious UAD stuff

A. Geiss

13. Mai 2021

Ex Dimension

Sorry to say so, but the old Verdion of the plugin sounded much better in my opinion.

T. Burlingame

12. Mai 2021

Pixie Dust

I add it to my synth bus, piano bus, etc., and it adds that subtle extra magic ingredient and vibe that breathes more life into the tracks.

H. Mahdavian

4. Mai 2021


One of the best and most colorful plug-ins of universal audio. I always use this plug-in in my mixes and it’s incredible on my instruments: Tar, Setar and Oud (Iranian Instruments)

D. Plohovich

30. April 2021

Secret Sauce

Forget about The Drip. This is your secret sauce!

A. Lepori

27. April 2021

My favourite Chorus ever

Always in my mixes


M. Fitzhenry

17. April 2021

Great at what it does

I make electronic music and chorus is essential to add both movement and width to synths. Most software chorus emulations don’t sound very great. This one has some serious vibe and character! Reminds me of using hardware.

B. Vladimir

28. März 2021

Studio D Chorus

Very good plugin I use
it in every song

N. Buffelli

10. März 2021

Roland D Dimension

A little to transparent. I miss the Roland D Dimension.

R. Cote

7. Februar 2021

Do you have an acoustic guitar?

This plugin is excellent for acoustic guitar!
Get it!

A. Warrick

26. Januar 2021

The Studio Chorus D


I'm not able to make a big difference with this yet! But I think the Korg is fantastic!

L. minelli

19. Dezember 2020


Maybe a little too transparent. I prefer th Roland dimension D

a. a

4. Dezember 2020


Absolutely love this on bass and vocals!

j. mamone

23. November 2020

Not avalaible

I do not understand why it is not available for me. It has been added to my Plug-in list. Could someone from ua contact me please?

A. Fazil

28. Oktober 2020

Adds brilliant chorus to widen sound

Simple to use and effective to widen sounds on bass and synth pads

M. Sciotto

27. Oktober 2020

Studio D Chorus

Another great UDA easy to use and sounds great.

L. Weisz

20. Oktober 2020


Szuper plug-in, bár elég puritán, de a hangja nagyon szép! Néhány kezelő elemet azért rá lehetett volna tenni és akkor jobb lenne, mint az eredeti!

M. Malinski

24. August 2020

Must have

Very natural sounding
I use every time I need natural sounding chorus

1-20 von 173 Ergebnisse

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