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SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection


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S. Kazantsev

13. Oktober 2021

SSL 4000 E Channel

This is very similar to the real thing.


19. September 2021




18. September 2021

Great tone and clarity!!!

By far the best ssl emulation I have used. The Ssl 400 channel strip from UAD surpasses everyone else in the market with its tone and clarity. You can really push it to get the rich harmonics emulated from the real thing.

C. Davis

18. September 2021

SSL 4000 E

This is now one of my go too plugins that I’ll be using now, especially on my drum kit and vocals, and also everything else that needs it,I’m very happy I decided to buy this plugin.
A BIG YES to the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip.

S. Jasarevic

11. September 2021


SSL je vrhunski plugins,

R. Adams

9. September 2021

Not So Secret Weapon

This unit sounds GREAT! my favorite application for it is in the unison slot in console. I think its mic preamps are underrated and its compressor is OUTSTANDING. Do yourself a favor..... buy it NOW.
You wont be disappointed. if i could have only 1 plugin for the rest of my life....this might be it. Literally desert island level.

B. Sweeney

21. August 2021


Desert island channel strip. 100%

D. Kuchta

26. Juli 2021


Love it!

R. Aronsson

12. Juli 2021


… amazing!

B. White

2. Juli 2021

It just sounds great

Simply everything in one, in my opinion

c. irons

17. Juni 2021


I can run this on anything drums, bass, guitar, and it sounds unreal. This is one of those must have plugins

h. dayani

13. Juni 2021


exlent does wounder for kik bass and vocals i did it on a string section so smoth gave me that 3D sound that i was looking for

h. dayani

13. Juni 2021


exlent does wounder for kik bass and vocals i did it on a string section so smoth gave me that 3D sound that i was looking for

s. Lim

1. Juni 2021

모노 일때 컴플레서 작동하지않습니다

모노 일때 컴플레서 작동하지않습니다 mac 10.6

M. Thomas

16. Mai 2021

Get this ASAP

I just wanted something for a future podcast to help with background noise during a live session and also get some nice clean tones for vocal recordings. The gate on this thing is superb. I love it. You can use this for any genre. It saves me hours during the mixing phase. You won’t be sorry. Don’t second guess this one, just make that purchase.

K. Didvalis

15. Mai 2021

SSL 4000 E

Love ssl 4000 E chanel strip, drum tracks sound amazingly, warm and smooth...

S. Astala

15. Mai 2021

Perfect plugin

I've been waiting to have this plugin for ages. Now that I Finally have it, it makes everything so much fun!

L. Romero

12. Mai 2021

SSL 4000

Great plugin, just need to figure it out how many i can use in a slot on a apollo twin mk2 quad

D. Abney

16. April 2021

Best SSL emulation plug-in

By far my favorite SSL 4000 E channel Strip

V. Hurkoo

14. April 2021


Drum tracks sound amazingly smooth and sit firmly in the mix.

61-80 von 597 Ergebnisse