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SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection


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M. Knierim

21. Februar 2021

SSL Grandios!

Super effektiver Channel Strip von SSL. Eine Allzweckwaffe für jedes Instrument. Top!

T. Gapski

6. Februar 2021

First thing on all my audio tracks

and there are tracks that don't need more...

N. Mboweni

27. Januar 2021


Absolutely love it!

P. Muensanit

26. Januar 2021

So good

So good

j. ranniste

23. Januar 2021

Most used one

I am using this more than any other plugin and the most important one to . SSL has no faults very good emulation strip .

B. Heise

21. Januar 2021

This is a basic Improvement

before you think about the "expert" Plugins like Tape Machines, Vitalisers or Tube-Gear, Exciters or others (which all I use), go for the basics in the sound of your channels and subgroups. In my last production (Irish and French Folk, pop-art-mixed) I went back from Mastering to Mixdowns to improve the emotion of the mixes with the SSL 4000. And it worked, more than I expected. With the SSl 4000 I could improve emotions , not only sound! Good Job done best, UAD!


19. Januar 2021




19. Januar 2021




14. Januar 2021

UAD SSL 4000

This is my go to, it’s a must have in your arsenal. I loving it.

b. Nieminen

12. Januar 2021

My favorite SSL strip plugin

Alway been a huge fan of SSL strip plugings but this is by far my favorite. Sounds so natural and punchy. I love to use it on drums, bass and guitars.

L. Moreale

11. Januar 2021

The best SSL 4K E

After trying different ssl strips I wasn’t very satisfied, but this one had a lot of clarity and character without the harshness of other emulating plugins!

J. Kent

11. Januar 2021


Amazing sound from this plugin on vocals, I absolutely love it and it is my go-to

T. Davis

9. Januar 2021

The v i b e

Having used SSL hardware many time in the studio and live, this captures the spirit, energy and vibe! It has everything you love about the SSL sound and none of the maintenance cost!

b. zucchetti

9. Januar 2021

Excellent as everything of UAudio !

Exremely near the original wooww!!
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everythink of UAudio!

J. Salyers

5. Januar 2021

A Great addition to a producer's toolbox!!

The SSL Unison Channel Strip is a powerful tool for tracking anything you want to be clean and clear. The addition of two EQ curves for Black/Brown EQs is also a powerful for tone shaping!!

J. Davies

30. Dezember 2020

Channel E-Great

The SSL E is a great sounding channel strip. EQ works well on a lot of instruments some of which are electric and acoustic guitars, bass, organ synth, and rock vocals for some edgy grit. Also track with the SSL for the gate on choppy parts like guitar stabs. Compressor is helpful if you’re running out of DSP space and you don’t have bandwidth for another plugin.

J. Bru

28. Dezember 2020

La mejor emulación que he escuchado

Sonido muy limpio en cuanto a su eq y me encanta el color que le proporciona el preamp.

J. Markunas

22. Dezember 2020

Best Emulation On The Market

UAD killed it on this one! Hands-down beats the Waves version, and can be used (if you have a Satellite) to create an entire recording console. Really glues vocals together nicely.

M. Peters

16. Dezember 2020

Very cool


L. Kishor

15. Dezember 2020

Only the Best For Me, Ty UAD

I love how clean the SSL is. Compared to other SSL's on the market and conducting months of sound tests between other SSL emulatIons, to my ears, nothing sounds better than UAD. That's why I invested in joining the UAD platform. They blow the competition away. In my experience, quality costs money and I personally want the best. UAD kicks butt!

61-80 von 569 Ergebnisse