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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System (Mac only)


Spitfire Symphonic Brass


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s. gilliver

26. November 2023

very roomy

While the samples are good, they are all very roomy. Not one dry instrument and no way of making them so. The editing possibilities are limited. The review below that says that there are several microphones that you can mix at will, is very misleading...because it's not true. Maybe Spitfires versions have more editing possibilities ? This Luna version is pretty basic and disappointing . I also bought the Luna/Spitfire strings...the same review applies to that too...

J. Keen

6. November 2023

Amazing brass samples!

Best brass samples I've ever heard, bar none. The controller dynamics are amazing and very useful as well.

B. Webworks

12. Juli 2023

Have several Spitfire sample libs. Pristine quality

These sound amazing. By proper layering and positioning it is indistuinguishable from a real brass section. I combine this with their one of their string libraries. It's not only great for film scoring but also sound great in music production. The several microphone recordings which you can mix at will allow for a very huge sound. Imo Spitfire are among the best on the market.

N. Ayere

25. Mai 2023

Deep Samples

It sounds great, head over to Spitfire for more.


24. Mai 2023




24. Mai 2023



6 Artikel