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Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2


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D. Lynch

13. Dezember 2018

Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2 Godsend

This plug is the missing piece for me. I now get great airplay levels without destroying the sound. Also the enhance feature it a real bonus. Great work guys!!!

D. Lynch

13. Dezember 2018

Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2 Godsend

This plug is the missing piece for me. I now get great airplay levels without destroying the sound. Also the enhance feature it a real bonus. Great work guys!!!

B. Zdravkovic

11. Dezember 2018

Standard at the end on each of my project!

He has become a standard at the end on each my project from now.
A very usable plugin and certainly makes smart choice when shopping.

E. Andras

4. Dezember 2018

"Beyond" Voxengo Elephant

Previously I used Voxengo Elephant because it is the best native limiter plug-in.
I tried out Oxford Limiter v2 and compared them. Both of them has got the same sound but this is +2dB louder.

M. Vliegen

30. November 2018

The best

Making loudness without pumping, smooth

UAD User

21. November 2018

great limiter

great sound

D. Wilson

14. November 2018

Oxford Limiter

It's a lot more than a limiter. Just get it. You won't be disappointed.

Y. Usachev

10. November 2018

The quest is over!

Fantastic limiter!
I have been looking for the opportunity to preserve transparency and dynamics in the mix.
The quest is over!
Very easy to use and always an excellent result.
100 % modern sound.
Absolutely what is needed today and now!

Thanks for a great job!

A. Riyanto

4. Oktober 2018

The beast

Been using this for my top hits w/ Steve Aoki also Diplo as my go-to weapon!

g. denham

22. August 2018


So, I managed to produce a master that was easily a perceived 5db louder than the Halestorm record I was emulating for mastering tone. I began with a Neve MBP out of my Neve console, routed back into my UAD through a Manley Massive Passive, ran that through UAD's Ampeg Tape plugin, put that into Isotope Ozone for some stereo sculpting (yes, I use the NEVE SFE as well, but it only allows widening over one band or all bands. I generally narrow the stereo field to zero on everything under 180Hz and then widen the LM and the HM bands and then leave the High band alone for sparkling clarity on the top without going crazy wide). I also use the eq to surgically remove any unwanted frequency.

Finally, it all goes to ..... you guessed it... Sonnox Limiter V2.


If the track has been sculpted correctly, I can jack this thing UP UP AND AWAAAAYYYYYY and not experience any artifacts. The "enhance" portion...GENIUS! So warm and cuddly. I tend to carve out the 2KH range in a mix to make it silky. This brings that silky finish back to flat and really shines a mix!

If you are using the Neve outboard setup, don't forget to silk your highs and your lows!


H. Trackz

27. Juli 2018

Nothing Like It

I was very skeptical at first about making this purchase. Then the magic happened.

UAD User

12. Juli 2018

Professional quality

I use to use waves plugin L1, L2 or L3 maximizer to do the job, when I demoed this one, to give it a try, I wasn't in a need for change but I have been amazingly surprised by the quality and the impact it can have on the track, it is exactly what I was missing for more professionnal results and I can't now do without. I brought it after the demo ends, when I realised I couldn't get the same thing without. I totally love this product !

A. Müller

8. Juli 2018

Great mastering limiter

Love this one, clear and loud. Works great on different styles of music. I hope the v3 version will be availaible soon...

I. Boom

5. Juli 2018


Magic it is! Incredibly smooth and powerful. Just some playing with the enhance slider will blow you away . .

A. de Buin

30. Juni 2018

Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2

This is a great product plugin for mastering your song.
He makes it the way you want it.

S. Pedneault

27. Juni 2018

The last but bot the least

This si always the last plugin in my Master Bus chain.... Like the Inflator circuit!

R. Marant

17. Juni 2018


Es un gran Limitador!!
Pruebalo y saldrás de dudas.

S. Makarov

14. April 2018

Супер Плагин! Очень качественный и удобный ... Большое Спасибо

Супер Плагин! Очень качественный и удобный ... Большое Спасибо

E. Maccoppi

10. April 2018


I've never seen anything like it.

E. Buckley

29. März 2018

Transparent and Powerful Limiting

Yes, like most limiters, the Sonnox Oxford makes mixes louder but it also makes mixes fuller while retain dynamics and space without sounding grainy or squashed. The Oxford now sits on the master buss full time.

121-140 von 238 Ergebnisse