Pure Plate Reverb

Pure Plate Reverb

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Pure Plate Reverb


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E. Waters

31. März 2019


Just finishing my first track using the PP Reverb. I used it on Acoustic Guitars, Dobros, & Mandolin. I like it. I often use Reverbs for their harmonic color. Sometimes, I don't want a lot of color. The Pure Plate is transparent & non-intrusive in the mix. Very pretty. With a UAD sale & UAD coupon, the price was very reasonable. Glad I took advantage of the offer.

R. Holl

30. März 2019

must have!

easy, easy, easy and also a great sound !

J. Barry

28. März 2019

Lush plate tone at a fraction of the price

Owning the EMT-140 and EMT-250 I was reluctant to get into this, thinking it was a lite version of the EMT-140, but it has it's own tonal qualities that give it a sweet appeal. It works especially well with vocals. It uses the same amount of DSP as the EMT-140 but it colors the tone more than the EMT-140, in a good way. It's simply beautiful, vintage and lush. I highly recommend it, if that's the tone you're in need of... and for most of us, it is.

M. Webner

28. März 2019


I have tried Pure Plate Reverb on voice and acoustic guitar and it responds very well. Definitively "go" for a buy....

G. Loretti

27. März 2019

A must have!

Sweet, easy and very versatile

D. Morgan

27. März 2019

It's one of the better reverbs-

Easy to dial in just what you want, you can have present so its heard in your mix or
you can really back it off nicely, so it still there adding just a hint of verb depending on your project. A nice plugin to have in your stable to go to.

J. Fritsch

27. März 2019

Snarereverb of very high class

The header says it all. A good snaresounds just gets a lot better in rock, blues, ppo and probably a lot of other music. You cant go wrong, easy peasy.

K. Harancher

27. März 2019

Classic sound simple interface

I love the sound and ease of dialing it in. What I would like to see improved it the pre-delay have a time readout popup so that I could know the exact pre-delay time. I would like it to scale up with my ultra-wide monitor it's a little small for old eyes.

j. houser

27. März 2019

pure plate reverb

a must for everyone to have in their tool box ! keep doing what you are doing UAD

K. Hakuli

27. März 2019

Pure Plate Reverb

Good reverb!

P. Calabria

24. März 2019


One of the most simple and functional plugins ever seen !! One of the best reverbs ever used. Few parameters but very effective, in no time you will get fantastic results !!

P. Haire

21. März 2019

Sounds pretty damn good

Sounds good and is easy to use.

D. Perini

16. März 2019

Un buon riverbero

Non l'ho utilizzato ancora moltissimo, però finora è stato molto utile.

S. Isaac

15. März 2019


It takes a REAL Mixing Engineer to give you the TRUE Accountability of this Fantastic Plate Reverb!!! Unmatched by any Digital Plate Verbs. Plate Verb Gives Me That Fantastic Classic Plate Reverb sound of The 80’s & 90’s We all Loved & Still Do!!! Whether I’m using it on Vocals

M. Ptak

13. März 2019

Got enough reverbs already...

Don't really need another reverb. You guys wanna work on something really awesome? Give us a plug-in of the classic Mu-Tron Bi-Phase. A thousand Rhodes & Clav players alone will thank you.

P. Edwards

13. März 2019

Decent little plate verb emulation

What's great about this is how simple and easy it is to use and the sound is smooth and authentic. It's a great thing to put on a send bus to create cohesive sounds in a mix. What's not so great is the limited range of the pre-hi and lo-pass and that in the end it's very expensive for what seems to be quite a limited and primitive reverb plugin in all other respects.

M. Gentry

2. März 2019

Classic reverb with minimal fuss

This is a great reverb that allows you to quickly get a sound and move on. It allows you to avoid the tyranny of choice that can leave you auditioning nuances for hours and forgetting what you were even doing in the first place... Oh, and it sounds perfect.

p. albert

18. Februar 2019

Réverbe Pure Plate

Tout a fait conforme a mes attentes

A. Bouillot

13. Februar 2019

Sounds great!

My new best plate reverb

T. Mäkelä

12. Februar 2019

A bit too neutral to my taste

In all honesty I must say that one little and simple plate from one of the competitors works better to me. I’ve tried liking this but it doesn’t stick whenever I try it. Inspired by one of the reviews will try it as subtle glue for vocs.

141-160 von 259 Ergebnisse