Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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S. Connor

19. März 2016

Smooth EQ

Possibly the most famous EQ ever made and for good reason- most EQ's are great at cutting but very few are great for boosting frequencies without imparting undesirable characteristics on to the sound. The exception is this and the Manley Massive Passive- this is not for surgical eq but it does the job of adjusting the frequency response without changing the sound....... if that makes sense, the Manley Massive Passive is just a surgical version of this plugin- you need both, trust me!

R. Rubio

18. März 2016

The best sounding EQ I own

The Pultec EQ's do much more that just filter frequencies. They add a pleasant color and warmth to all sounds. Plus in the top end it adds some nice air. Overall this is now my go-to and favorite EQ. Great on vocals, great on drum machines, great on everything.

S. Jensen

18. März 2016


I love this eq! I could never own a real Pultec. But I love this easy to use eq. Like the people say, just put it in the mix and you have some magic! I have to say this is my 1st pick on a lot of recordings! I love this plugin!

F. Martino

18. März 2016


Splendido plugin, dal suono caldo e pastoso. Ottimi filtri LP e HP, ma quello che mi piace molto è la morbidezza degli interventi. Esalta o attenua le "giuste" frequenze in modo delicato ma molto utile. Ottimo per aggiungere calore anche solo mettendolo in insert senza interventi. Da avere!

M. Ulis

15. März 2016

Love it

I use this thing mostly as a sweetener, a little boost in the highs and lows on the EQP-1A and suddenly your sound goes from dull to gorgeous. This is a must have plug in for me now.

P. Nørgaard

8. März 2016

Great EQ

So musical, and a great tool for sounddesign. The closed I have been to plug in like this is Native Instruments Eq's - Great stuff

J. Schmitz

1. März 2016

Best and favorite plugin of all time

To me, a great sounding EQ is the most valuable tool a mix engineer has. And to have this kind of sound at your fingertips in a plugin form is really unbelievable. The same air and magic that you get from the real box, is right here. And that same excitement you get when using the real thing, is exactly what I feel every time I turn these knobs. UA is the greatest set of plugins, and this one wins in my book.

И. Мазаев

1. März 2016

A perfect Plugin to fall in love with the UAD

it doesn't only remind me the 'sound' of the Pultec. But the sounds remind like going through a Pultec. That's what a great emulation is all about! There are some plugins that just recreate the sonics of the unit. This one recreates what the unit does to the source. It has some pultec 'flavor' if you like, but not too much.

And what I personally love is that It's also very easy to know when you don't need it on an instrument (like with the analogue one), one second and you're like.. 'no, this sound needs something else in this mix!" so you're not over-using it. Very important.

M. Ballenger

26. Februar 2016

I can't mix without it

The Pulteq v2 lives on my 2buss. This plugin is one of the reasons I find it totally practical to mix ITB. This is one of the best models on the UAD platform by far.

D. DeWitt

16. Februar 2016

It Just Works

It's really hard to make this plugin sound bad. I've used another company's Pultec emulation for years and never knew what I was missing until I pulled up this demo. There's just so much more life and smoothness to what it's doing. Between the sale and my coupon, I couldn't resist!

T. Couton

15. Februar 2016

Always good

My go to EQ when I need something beautiful.

H. Morales

14. Februar 2016

BAD F****** ASS

An absolutely remarkable emulation of the original hardware units. It's really hard to tell them apart.

J. Barry

11. Februar 2016

There's a reason this plugin is iconic...

That reason is it boost and reduces bass at the same time. You have to hear it to believe it. It has it's own tone, but once you know how to use it you can boost those lows without getting mud. Here's how to do it: CPS at 30. Bandwidth to 7. ATTN to 10. Start boost at 0 and slowly turn it up. Bass will be epic. Wanna do vocals? MEQ-5. EQP-1A. Your voice is now gold. This is a must have plugin.

g. grini

2. Februar 2016

I love it!

This is one of my favorites! I have used it on the master fader for mixing ever since i purchased it. BUT a one rack version
would make this perfect!

c. sampayo

20. Januar 2016

Upgrading from an extensive use of the legacy Pultec plugin

As title states, I'm usual user of the old Pultec plugin. Sometimes just with all set to reset. Love the sound it provoques just passing through.
New one is obviously much better. Every control gives much more accuracy and sound is intense.
But still keeping the flavor.
Very happy with the purchase!

S. Gough

16. Januar 2016


This is a super smooth set of EQs. You set the EQ and almost don't realize how much work it is doing until you bypass it for comparison. Warms up your low end very nicely and can control how much bite the high end has in the mix. The boost in the lows sounds amazing on cello specifically. It is my go-to plugin to add a little spice/warmth to a dead-sounding track.

T. Camp

28. Dezember 2015


I am extremely upset with UAD for this plugin. Since I purchased it, my relationship is ruined. My girlfriend is upset that I don't spend time with her anymore. But who could blame me when you put this on a vocal?! Boost 8k a bit and bring le that vocal cut through the mix. God damn, this thing is sweet!

M. Reid

23. Dezember 2015


Thought I would win by trying a less expensive Pultec emulation from another plugin supplier...wrong. Even though the "other brand" claimed to be "an exact emulation" it was so much easier and realistic with the UAD plugin. And, what I think is the strongest selling point, I was able to choose from a large number of pro pre-sets to "get me in the ball park" of where I wanted to be. The rest was a snap. Thanks UA for another great plugin!!

A. Davies

16. Dezember 2015

A very nice emulation

A very nice emulation that does exactly what it says.

H. Petersson

6. Dezember 2015

Best sounding Pultec plugin

After spending a year with this one I have to say that it is one of UAs best creations to date. Such a sweet, fat, smooth sounding EQ that works on pretty much anything, from the kick drum to the master bus.
It is quite different sounding from the legacy version which is much more forward and edgy sounding where this is much smoother and gentle. There is also an output gain knob which is a very useful addition.
I have not found much use for the HP/LP filter however, always ended up using another one. But the other two plugins are pure gold. I wish they would make a Pultec Pro with those two combined, like with the legacy version. That is probably my only wish. Otherwise it is perfect.

261-280 von 579 Ergebnisse