Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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U. Schwab

17. Mai 2016

Pultec passive is massive!

Certainly a huge step forward from the Pultec Legacy Collection! I used to put the Pultec Pro Legacy on the drum channel in every track, now I exchanged it for the new Pultec Passive EQ Plug-Ins and you can really hear the difference! Simply put: It sounds more professional! Even if you leave it in neutral position it adds something to your sound! (just be careful to adjust the output-gain accordingly as the EQP-1A adds approx. 1db of gain to your signal!)

M. Bernardo

2. Mai 2016

Outstanding version

This upgrade it was what I was looking for for match even close the original. Using on various instruments, and is in every mix bus I use.

D. Scott

29. April 2016


I have used this on a couple mixes now and I love it! It just has that little extra something that even the legacy version doesn't, and I loved that version. Well done.

j. halvorson

28. April 2016

i would purchase again

the new version is much better than the "legacy" version. the new one is way clearer and seems to respond better to the turn of the dials. the high are not harsh and the lows are mud....I always felt the legacy was harsh and muddy. I dunno......seemed like no matter what I did with the old one, my recording were harsh and muddy. that's my 2 cents.

E. Sevmont

20. April 2016


Things is my first choice EQ for vocals, it just adds sweet musical character, I've even used it for voice over. Lately I've been using it in the mix buss, give it a try!

M. Matwiejczyk

20. April 2016

Znakomita rzecz

Miękki, plastyczny. Świetna emulacja, masakruje innych producentów. NIe dziwie się się, że nie używają oryginalnej nazwy Pultec tylko posługują się symbolami nawiązującymi do oryginalnego produktu. Najlepsze EQ. Może być używane do wszystkiego od stopki po smyczki. Universal Audio - gratulacje!

R. Vernetti

18. April 2016

Crank It Up!

In 1999, I was in Metroplis Studio A in London, and I saw a Pultec Eq for the first time. I asked the sound engineer: "how are you using this on guitars?" He answered: "very easy, just crank it up!", he did crank up the hig to 10, and it sounded awesome. Sometimes when your hear some beautiful piece of gear, it remains printed in your mind, you have a physical memory of it.
This is the Pultec Passive Eq Plugin Collection, real stuff, crank it up!

S. Dickie

15. April 2016

Easy to get great tone.

Can't say I've used the hardware, but having use the plug-in: I wish I could. There are some things only the pultec can do, and I love it for those things. I really enjoy the simplicity of getting a great sound out of this thing.


15. April 2016


A very nice emulation plugin, very happy with it..! Well done..!

A. Berkut

11. April 2016

Better than the legacy version

Excellent musical equalizers, with its typical characteristic coloration. With it you can highly increase the high frequencies without appearance the sharpness and rigidity in the sound. All sounds softly and musically.

B. McLean

10. April 2016

Great job again UA

Was skeptical that this Pultec PU would change my guitar sound that much. I was wrong. This really elevated my tone. Great job again UA!

J. Perez

8. April 2016

Amazing sound

I was looking for a tool to get a better sound on my guitars and this eq definetly does that.
Sounds so musical and I can't be more happier with it.

A. Mann

7. April 2016

Breath taking

this emulations sound absolutely fantastic. I have Not the possibility to compare with the originals, but anyway it is a great Sound.

S. Hermansen

7. April 2016

The High and Low cut filter

Funnily enough, as much as I enjoy the EQ's themselves, it's the high/low cut filter that I use the most.

It just sounds amazing, adding a bit of character, making things clearer in the mix, when taking away frequencies. Highly recommended, just for that!

The EQ's are amaxing too, of course.................

V. Gorbunov

7. April 2016

V. Gorbunov

The sound is really amazing

R. Woitowitsch

4. April 2016

Pultec delivers everytime

By adding the UAD Pultec HLF-3C has given my mixes a dimension they were lacking. I always had the conception of its delivery and now it's a reality! It is a gotta have piece of the puzzle.

U. Kim

30. März 2016


Used the legacy collection, It was Great!!!
But now I've gotta FULL HOUSE!!!
One of the Best EQ!!! (Next to API & Neve EQs)

J. Wright

26. März 2016

love this plug

I have had my issues with UA in the past but when the gear works there is nothing that compares in terms of software. others may be catching up and I think UA know they need to change certain aspects of their products and pricing but with the amount of sales available on the site and the quality of the product, we can have few complaints when they get it as right as this. One of my fave plugs. it's a great tool to sculpt sound and refine tracks.
Love this plug!
I didn't know whether to give this plug 4 or 5 stars. 5 is a tad too strong but is also a lot to do with the fact that this is still tech that will only get better. Loyal/existing customers should have a better discount tho, when it comes to revamped plugs!

b. martial

25. März 2016

trés bel EQ, multiples utilisations

il sonnent mieux que pas mal d'autres versions d'autres fabricants......!!! et que la version legacy ! normal !pas forcement simple a utiliser, enfin il faut connaitre l'architecture pultec! mais cela sonne, vraiment c'est tout simplement joli!

R. Loncaric

25. März 2016

Pultec Eq

Certainly the best sounding emulation of pultec on the planet!

241-260 von 581 Ergebnisse