Precision De-Esser

Precision De-Esser

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Precision De-Esser


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10. November 2016

Il de-esse, mais aussi...

J'ai opté pour ce plug grace à un code de reduc d'UA. A l'utilisation, je ne regrette pas un instant mon choix. Il est efficace et sa fonction filtre qui permet de n'entendre que ce sur quoi travaille le de-esser est vraiment cool. Mais ca, d'autres l'ont aussi. Par contre, au niveau du son, il est efficace, sans impacter radicalement la tonalité ou la couleur de la voix. Je l'ai testée principalement sur des voix féminines, mais je commence à l'utiliser sur des voix masculines. Associé au boitier sattelite qui permet un bon nombre d'occurrences, il deviendra essentiel à mes mix. Le compression donne aussi beaucoup de "souplesse" aux voix tout en gardant un aspect très naturel à la sonorité de ces dernieres. On ne peut que recommander ce produit !


10. November 2016

Plug pas cher et essentiel

J'ai longtemps hésité et je ne suis aps encore totalement familiarisé avec ce plug, mais il montre un vrai efficacité déjà sur toutes les piste de voix. Facile à mettre en œuvre et doté de preset déjà intéressants, c'est un outil qui v

R. Gallogly

7. November 2016

Great De-Esser

Digital De-Essers often take away too much, you sacrifice some range you want in vocals. The precision De-esser is great at getting the job done, while leaving your vocals in a range you want them. This easily become my go to de-esser

L. Mehta

22. September 2016

Very smooth desser

Very smooth, transparent and natural sounding desser plugin. Do not feel that you have used a desser which is the key for me. I think apart from all the good qualities of this plugin the best one is that it sounds extremely natural. Its great sounding on vocal tracks which do not need much dessing too. The controls are very simple and doesn't take much to get the desired result. Great product!

I. de la Rosa

12. August 2016

Precision De-Esser Plug-In

Great sounding de-esser. I am amazed with the quick response and flexibility of frequency that this plug-in gives me.
Smoothnes response on vocals and it has become my favorite de-esser since the first time I used. Do not let the graphics fool you!

E. Sevmont

7. August 2016

Excellent de-esser

It's one of the best I've used, simple but effective controls to get the job done, looking forward to get it soon :)

D. Kane

30. Juli 2016

Not the sexiest plug, but it's awesome!

Though it's often overlooked for it's myriad applications, a good de-esser is really worth its (virtual) weight in gold! This one is pretty great.

A. Sulok

8. Juli 2016

De-Esser fascinating and realistic

This De-Esser I had the opportunity to try first as a demo and it was a fascinating and realistic. Then I buy the full version. It's really natural. thanks UAD

M. Clay

5. Juli 2016

Best software de-esser I have ever heard.

Within 5 mintues of the demo on a vocal track I was purchasing it. It is by far the best software de-esser I have ever heard. Using this and some of the other UAD plug ins on the vocal I am not even having to use a hardware mic pre amp with a tlm 102 Neumann mic other than the RME Fireface interface pre amps. I am getting a lovely sheen so quickly. This plug in deals very nicely with the top end that can be a real problem. One is able to equalize the top end post de-esser. It just means there is no more problem, That is exactly what a de-esser should do. It has made a big difference. Other de-essers were messing too much, sounding too amateur, thin, losing so much from the top end of the vocal and causing heaps of post equalization hassles.

A. Sadat

15. Juni 2016

Best De-Esser

This is the best De-Esser that I have ever used on vocals. It's very easy to use and sounds very natural. You wont be disappointed.

V. Azevedo

3. Juni 2016

Fix the Mix and Master in few seconds.

I really need to use De Esser at my mixes and I tried a lot of native plugins of my DAWs, but no one is so smooth like this.
UA De Esser have the controls to find the exact frequency and is too versatile.
Good to use on Drums OverHeads, Cymbals and, of course, Vocals, on a Mix or even on a Master.
Don't loose your time anymore fixing the vocals.
Try this plugin before finish your mix.

J. Ivarsson Björklund

30. Mai 2016


... does it's job very well without destroying the top end.

A. Chopra

28. Mai 2016

Fantastic !!

Without a doubt , this is the best De-Esser ever !!!! Get it now !!! You will love it !!

D. Wilson

9. April 2016

Very useful De-Esser

This just cleans up the high end without turning it to mud. I have used it from my very first track.

UAD User

26. März 2016


This is an outstanding De-Esser. It's intuitive and incredibly simple to operate. It also sounds very natural. I'm a podcaster and work for a studio that records and masters a lot of podcast/voiceover work, and my more sibilant clients always remark on how great the de-essing sounds.

A. Taccône

26. März 2016


UAD2 Precisson De-esser is great tools!!!
Thanks UAD!

C. Perez Iserte

22. März 2016

Natural De-esser

the most natural de-esser i have every worked with.

UAD User

21. März 2016

VO Artist and Podcaster Used on Every Track

Hi I'm a VO artist who reads audio-stories. I also do a podcast. I use this on every single track I produce. I also make digital music as a hobby and I've found uses for it there as well. This is a wonderful tool to have. I've tried other de-essers and none have the accuracy and invisible nature that this de-esser has. Truly a wonderful tool for any occasion. I can't recommend it enough! GET THIS!

A. Anders Grimstad

14. Februar 2016

Sweet and natural

This just works! It is a go to plug when the sh and ss are in front. Suddenlu the blend sweet and natural in to the voice again:-)

E. Burnett

11. Februar 2016

I have this on every track!

It has a low DSP hit and basically makes everything you put it on sound smoother. I thought it was crazy to try this on electric and acoustic guitars but I'm so glad I did, I can't mix without it now. Great job UAD!

181-200 von 362 Ergebnisse