Precision De-Esser

Precision De-Esser


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Precision De-Esser


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S. Jacobs

14. Dezember 2018


This thing de-esses so transparently. One of the every few that Ive come across that actually captures the sibilance and attenuates it without sounding like a hi shelf when it de-esses

j. juumlaa

29. November 2018



UAD User

1. November 2018

Wonderfully Transparent

This is a great de-esser! It's very easy to dial in the settings to simply remove some of those annoying transient smears. It's what you don't hear that matters with a de-esser, and this one is very unobtrusive and transparent. A must have for your toolbox!

C. Lafrenière

19. September 2018

Wow !!

Totalement malade !! Totalement magique!!

K. Smith

19. September 2018



C. Ehler

17. September 2018

Very handy

Smooths out the top end beautifully . Use it on more than vocals . It rocks


17. September 2018

Très bon de-esser

Très facile à utiliser pour un résultat efficace. Un must.

B. Boiron

6. September 2018

Surpris !

Vraiment surpris par le rendu, même en forçant sur les réglages la voix reste naturelle.

M. Repin

18. August 2018

Good old De-Esser

Yeh, there are many useful devices for work with vocal in now-days. Particular this one made by UAD can fight its corner on the market. Easy to use and "hear" what you get!
Solid 4 stars

G. Sámson

7. August 2018

it does nicely its job

I felt it was a must have plug in, now I'm glad I bought it. It does its job in a very sublte, nice way. Still discovering its possibilities.

G. Sámson

7. August 2018

it does nicely its job

I felt it was a must have plug in, now I'm glad I bought it. It does its job in a very sublte, nice way. Still discovering its possibilities.

D. Booker

3. August 2018

What’s better than UAD? Nothing

Hands down user friendly and gets the job done no need to look anywhere else but UAD plugin! works every damn time

G. Petel

28. Juli 2018


Sounds so smooth.

A. Fischer

8. Juli 2018

Spot-on product with minimum DSP footprint

I record metal guitars and bass in my home studio and the only UA interface I own so far is the apollo twin mkII DUO. Therefore, I was looking for something to match the following two things:
a. Get a tiny bit of the annoying frequencies / harshness out of my guitar sound (7-string -> Engl 530 -> Mashall 20/20 -> Framus 4x12 w. 16 Ohm 25W Greenbacks, 2 x SM7 mics) and
b. Have a small DSP footprint on my two chips to save some juice for everything I run beside it.
By the time of writing this review (2018-07) I am not aware of any other UAD plug-in that would match the requirements mentioned above better than the Precission De-Esser. Don't judge the product on the slightly outdated looks (which probably saves even more DSP power ?) ... everythig is perfectly visible and tuneable an tonally, it does exacly what you would expect from a de-esser.

E. Ananda

29. Juni 2018

Better than others

For some reason sounds better than others I've tried. Definitely worth it!

D. Morgan

30. Mai 2018

Better Than Most

I voice and produce spots for radio, Tv and the Net. I have now placed this De-Esser on my master instead of just the vocal fader. It takes care of other sounds that may impact the vocal in the final mix. Sometimes an explosion or sound effect can have an impact on the vocal at a certain point in the production and make it stand out with more sibilance. This plugin assures smooth sailing when placed in the chain on the master.
With music it is probably a different situation, with spots, well, I just find it works for me.

E. Andreoli

12. Mai 2018

one of the first few plugins you should buy

I think its a must have, when you are buying your first plugins. Its a milestone in your studio, a basic tool you need. And it works better than other I have works but doesn't make the voice artificial.

E. Irarrázabal

7. Mai 2018

Más útil de lo que esperaba

Mejora considerablemente la comodidad en el monitoreo de grabaciones vocales. Sutil y efectivo en mezcla.

K. Babic

5. Mai 2018

one of the best

its not the best, but its one of the accurate ones.

f. salvadeo

6. April 2018


I really love it! Extremely accurate and natural it become my favorite deesser

61-80 von 339 Ergebnisse