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Ocean Way Studios


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L. White

28. November 2023

Great plugin, worth checking out.

This is a great plugin.

For the price / application I think you're better off getting the new UAD Sound City plugin. It's the same concept (IR verb of a famous studio that's highly customizable) but the UI of the Sound City plugin is superior to this -- it's also native. I also prefer the sound of the Sound City room to this, but that's subjective.

Ocean Way Studios is still a great plugin and I suggestion trying the demo to see if you like it.

H. Mues

21. November 2023

Native please

I used it and loved it. Now make it availabe for native please

M. Borgatta

16. November 2023

Perfect Room Reverb

This is a fantastic reverb and perfect for when you want a great sounding room on any instrument.

R. Smith

27. September 2023

Excellent Room Sim

Diggin it for drums and guitar. Opens them up.

L. Rølvåg

26. Juli 2023


Finally a reverb software that helps me get a realistic room sound. Just mind blowing to use after years of using "regular" reverb plugins.

I. Finney

15. Juli 2023

Stunning Room Sounds

The best ambience plugin I've heard. I bought UAD hardware on the recommendation of a friend who told me to get it for this plugin alone. It transforms any sampled virtual instrument sound source into something organic and natural. Insanely useful if you record in a less-than perfect studio situation. This plugin is transformative for your sounds.

W. Manke

5. Juli 2023

Schrödinger’s plug-in

You are now simultaneously inside and outside of the box.
I pair this with my Ruby pedal, and it sounds like I’m micing an amp in the next room. Except the next room is the best recording studio in the world. Filled with microphones, I could never afford.
This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks UA!!

D. Parker

29. Juni 2023

My New Vocal Secret Sauce

Adds that extra dimension to vocals. A new must have in every mix ✨

A. Hartsook

24. Mai 2023

One of a kind sound with insane DSP load

I bought this because I demoed it in an empty project. That was a mistake. The sound is remarkable and I honestly have never heard a plugin resemble this one- not even the other UAD reverbs. However, when I finally started using it, it started overloading my cores, even when my DSP was not near capacity. I wrote UA and they were extremely informative and helpful. But, ultimately, they described to me that the reverb needs to exist on a single core. So, if you're already working with multiple plugins that are spread across different cores, the OWS plugin won't have any room on any one core and overload everything. That's a pain. I wish I had demoed it in a real life session before buying it. To not end on a negative note- it really is incredible sounding. Just be aware that you need to put this into your session as early as possible or else you might be locked out of using it.

k. gun

20. Mai 2023



l. Renk

7. Mai 2023


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, good Plugin


24. April 2023

Depth of room effects without exaggerated resonances.

I have achieved good results in the Drums Room (even simulating a "fake Room" through the overheads, when necessary). In effect, this makes the effects less plastic, making the reverberations more natural. Also, I imagine the tool is very useful on Strings in general.

N. Thompson

15. März 2023

Great plugin but REALLY needs an update!

The GUI of this plugin reminds me of early 2000s Waves products. The plugin is very slow to respond and uses WAY TOO much DSP. A great plugin that we all love in great need of an update PLEASE.

D. Ho

14. März 2023

If you record at home like I do...

...you're probably sitting at a desk close-micing instruments to get the best signal-to-noise ratio. This plug-in is the best way to move tracks back into a beautiful acoustic space. Awesome on percussion, background vocals, strings.

D. Gastaldi

23. Februar 2023

Room molto realistica

Lo uso quasi esclusivamente in re-mic, sono finalmente riuscito a non rimpiangere altiverb per le room di batteria, ma è molto bello anche per le chitarre elettriche, difficilmente sono riuscito a creare un ambiente realistico come con questo plug!

j. seiterle

29. Januar 2023

Cool for guitars voice and synths

Love to set my guitarrecordings apart from the rest of the mix. Beautiful.

E. Morgan

20. Januar 2023

Secret sauce!

Now THIS is a great plugin. More of a space creator than a reverb, although it does add 'Verb in a real world sense.
I just used this on a pair of drum room mics and (Room B) in re-mic mode and it gave an amazing sense of space.
Then I smashed it with an 1176 in all-buttons-in "British Mode" and raised the fader to taste. Added a lot of energy and excitement to the drum track.
Really looking forward to using this more on other instruments really soon!

I. Salazar

19. Januar 2023

Just try it...

I place my value in plugins strictly on a need them or not basis. I ran the demo and after using it on just one record I purchased. There is not a single plug-in out there can do what Ocean Way does. Get that plush ambiance from any source in a zip. These type of plug-ins really stand the test of time. Money well spent.

J. Forest

14. Januar 2023

Perfect for drums

Best for sounding my drums huge in my home studio !

g. weidner

14. Januar 2023


Adds depth and a realness i couldn't get from reverbs. puts my tracks in a great sounding room , with a great engineer setting everything up perfectly. U can also switch back and forth between several expensive microphone emulations. great plug in.

1-20 von 810 Ergebnisse

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