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UAD User

28. Februar 2018

The Best EQ

Granted I've never tried the real thing, but I've tried just about every single software EQ plug in for my guitars that exists and this is my favorite one, along with the Tube Tech Eq. The Tube Tech has an awesome sounding sustain, but the Neve has a nice growl to it.

L. Gabrielle

28. Februar 2018

Awesome EQ portion!

I use an Apollo quad, API a2d pre, and Great River pre. I through the Apollo using pro tools 10.3.9. Software for recording. This is run through an I-Mac with snow leopard 10.6.9 software. My U.A. Software to operate U.A. Plug ins is 7.3. Now the sound of the neve 1073 on vocals, acoustic guitar, bass Gtr. And drums is warm and is very helpful in helping the mix come alive. Only 1 problem with the software I am using the right side of the is not visible so I am basically just using the EQ section the pre, but the sound I am getting is warm and makes the mix come alive.

S. Parker

27. Februar 2018

Nice nice nice....

Everyone has their preference when it comes to channel strips, but I tell you , I love the Neve and use it sooo much for vocals, I got my money's worth in less than a month. Love the separate gain and threshold. Just demo it if you aren't a Neve geek like me and turn the knobs and see what you get. I'm betting you will not be disappointed.

L. Gabrielle

27. Februar 2018

Awesome plugin!

I am running 32 bit software on snow leopard 10.6.9 I Mac in pro tools 10.3.9. The neve
1073 software is warm and the EQ really brings the mix alive. Mostly used on vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. One problem is I do not want to change all my software
And I am not getting to used the right side of the neve 1073 and I cannot see the slider
Or the impedance switch on the right side. So I am probably just using the Eq.

M. Ruckels

24. Februar 2018

So. Good.

That Neve warmth.

M. Ruckels

24. Februar 2018


My new favourite eq.
Put it on whatever, and it will make it better. (repeat)

R. Marant

23. Februar 2018



V. Sanchez

22. Februar 2018

My new secret weapon

Holy Moly! This is now the first plugin I apply to a track when I'm mixing. Tracks like bass, acoustic guitar and certain vocals that used to be problems, particularly in the low mids are immediately smoothed out, not thinned out but smoothed out. Keeps the low end nice and solid and top end silky smooth. I call if a girdle for audio. Clients are noticing and loving the sounds I've been getting. I even gone back to mixes I was happy with and taken all the previous EQ processing off and just insert the 88Rs and heard an immediate improvement.

祥. 渡邊

13. Februar 2018

the best


J. von Matt

10. Februar 2018

Nice shot!

Neve 1073 with Unison abilities are amazing. every time when i use this plug-in in Preampstage i'm amazed. One of my favourite.

J. Cousins

6. Februar 2018


Great sound, one of my favorite are the Jimmy Douglass Masterbus!!!! That full boost sound it gives its amazing....still learning to use but enjoying everything about it

J. O'Brien

1. Februar 2018

Straight Up Mean!

I give this product 2 stars because of the UA’s customer service not the product.

I recently purchased an Apollo twin from a Reverb retailer. I got the unit a few months ago and was using it whilst saving up for the neve 1073. Over Xmas I saw it was on sale and went to buy it but found I couldn’t - literally couldn’t - put it in my cart to check out. I contacted UA to no avail and eventually got the problem sorted through the seller(she had to de-register thru UA and they switched ownership to me - UA never mentioned this as a possibility) but by the time that happened and I went back to buy the 1073 the sale had ended the day before! So I contacted UA and explained my situation and begged for some extension. No doing. So, under project pressure, I sold an old guitar I didn’t want to sell and bought it.
Anyway - while the product is awesome - UA seem pretty ruthless and dis-interested in working w their clients even when the mistake is out of their hands and arguably in theirs.

B. Aslaksen

31. Januar 2018

Fantastic preamp

I have tried it on acoustic guitar an vocal, ind it is fantastic.

A. Enger

28. Januar 2018

A «must have»

That sweet and warm sound we all like and love!!

c. jackson

28. Januar 2018

I Need Neve

I’ve had this eq for about a year. Until this latest hip hop mix I didn’t realize how good it is. After days of trying to get my final mix right I popped this bad boy on my master buss and it did exactly what i needed. Good separation, round low decreases the mud and crisp on the top end, with just a few clicks. It’s my favorite go to eq now. It sounds real not all digital like other itb eqs.

R. Marant

22. Januar 2018


Es un ecualizador Neve y no decepciona: brillo, claridad,presencia, aire... ...¡abre todos tus sonidos!. Es un paso más allá de Neve 1073.

A. Taccône

17. Januar 2018

Amazing Sound

This plugin is my favorite Mic Pre (with UNISON)!!!
Used with Neumann M149 or 170 is FANTASTIC!!!

N. Crouch

16. Januar 2018

Killer sounds!

I love the Unison preamp technology.
This thing sounds great on everything.
Makes my mic collection sound brand new.

M. Hailey

16. Januar 2018

Extremely pleased with the 88RS

As someone who works in a studio with a Neve VR its incredibly refreshing to go into our production suite and use something in the digital domain that functions the same way. I am really impressed with the way it sounds and behaves. Next test will be a shootout against the console! 5 stars for sure!

-. Trips

15. Januar 2018

1081 > 1073

Absolutely must have for me on vocals. Helps bring a vocal out front and has a nice color to it as well. I was between this and the 1073 for a while, but the 1081 definitely takes the cake. Great little plugins, sounds great, and very flexible.

1781-1800 von 3113 Ergebnisse