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Neve Complete Bundle


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R. Comerford

6. April 2018

Sounds Great

Sounds great

R. Comerford

6. April 2018

Sounds Great

Sounds great

R. Bürger

6. April 2018

Neve Preamp

Absoluter dicker und warmer sound

M. Hernandez

5. April 2018

Just so useable

Love it. Adds a little extra dimension to most sources.

M. Clark.

5. April 2018


A beautiful sounding plug in.
Just turn it on and listen to the sound

M. Eliot

5. April 2018

UAD doing what UAD do well

This is a great more traditional emulation in UAD's comfort zone. The Neve emulations are my favourite, with SSL coming a close second. Of course I have never had the money or the opportunity to ever try out any Neve hardware as this world is very good at depriving, probably better than it does anything else. For that reason it is a good thing that UAD are around so all us mass paupers get to at least have some tools of our trade. UAD gave me this for £15 because I am a loyal long standing customer. I am very thankful to them. They have done me some great deals over the years and my music is much improved because of their software genius. They are the pigments. There are no other plug ins that colour so well with such unique and individual character.

This Neve Pre is very different to the 73. The 73 of course is perhaps the best software emulation of a Neve on the market. It knocks socks of Steinberg's Portico and all the others. This new Pre is a real tool. It works on everything and it has a very nice sound. The shape of the output sounds like better quality with slight gain and even a little pseudo Neve colour. All frequencies benefit and respond very well. It works with everything; the synths sound good, even deep real bass sounds good, drums sound great, keyscape LA Custom sounds BEAUTIFUL through this Pre.

Keep the useful plug ins coming. It is mighty hard work warming the digital waves up, lol, more like steps not waves. I still wish I had the best analoueg studio on the planet, with the best mixing desk and reel to reels. Yet that also comes with the need for a jolly reliable maintenance crew and regular expensive bills to buy their skills. All that is getting so rare now, may be even soon to become extinct.

I ask any developers out there: Keep helping all us poor people who have the passion for music to warm up our digital steps. Thanks.

G. Jennings

4. April 2018

Definitely Worth It

I wasn't sure, since I already own the 1073. But the price was right so I went for it. I'm now in a habit of visiting each track I don't love, add the preamp to it turn it up til I hear the amount of clipping I like, and then I like the track. I've even found it to be a great addition on my mix buss.

D. McCoy

4. April 2018

Decent plugin

Should have been free to folks who had the unison version of the 1073.

R. Diekmann

4. April 2018

Top alternative zum großen Bruder

Wenn man nicht so eine große Menge Dsp hat ist dieser Preamp eine gute Alternative zum großen Bruder.
Liegt bei mir auf Sub Gruppen, dem 2Bus oder wird gezielt zum anzerren einzelner Quellen benutzt. Feiern wir sehr!!

P. Christian

4. April 2018

Neve Quick n EZ

Its nice to have that Neve Pre sound at your ready without burning through all your DSP. click and go.

G. Mantovani

4. April 2018


This Plugin finds a place in each and every track I record. From the sublime to a more pronounced setting. Thanks UA, Another great job.


3. April 2018

Very Nice Preamp..!!

What a great touch to bring out individualism in a track..!! Low on resource needs, yet love the character...!! Great Job..!!

h. Shin

3. April 2018

neve's preamp!

Good sound quility ~~~ And Shareing is very good friendly ~~~ ^^

D. Taylor

3. April 2018

Same Great Sound, Less Demand on DSP !

I already own the Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection and thought this would be a great low DSP alternative when I'm tracking on all channels of my 8p. This allows me to have 8 Neve Preamps along with compression & or EQ on every channel if needed.

K. Thompson

3. April 2018

Incredible Little Thing

i Knew it was gonna be good but not this good!! Really love it. on almost everything. Ironically on mix Bus as well!!!

d. simpson

3. April 2018

Been using for over two years now...

This is the first thing I reach for to set up on my DAW tracks. Easy to use and sounds great!

N. Hopkins

3. April 2018

Wow, What a fantastic Pre amp

I have two 1073 pre amps and I love loading the input level to push the pre's to distort the signal. Fab on drums. With the UA Neve Pre amp, I can load the input level, and it sounds identical to my hardware. The tough decision now, is do I sell my pre's and buy more UA plugins, or do I sell them and buy a Satellite to add to my system, so that I can use the Neve Pre's on everything. It's almost a no brainer...really!

T. Fasano

3. April 2018

Amazingly Generic

I feel this plugin should come with the hardware. It’s such a clean preamp and is so versatile.

H. Zwarts

3. April 2018

we need better user interfaces for channelstrips

It sounds great but I don't like the GUI, I understand it is a emulation but why not use the benefits of a computer. So emulate the sound and make the best user interface possible. Now it sounds great but you still have to tweak some knobs with a mouse...

M. Buracchi

2. April 2018


excellent preamplifier I can not say anything. the product respects the physical product

1761-1780 von 3152 Ergebnisse