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10. Mai 2018

Neve mic pre 1073

Superb! Gear I could never afford in its physical form
Fattens everything up drums and guitars, vocals can’t live without it

P. Perfetto

10. Mai 2018

nice color

adds great color, great on the 1st insert on a chain. very simple and clean.

K. Michaud

9. Mai 2018

I'll NEVEr need another mic pre!

Sorry guys, it just hit me as the right thing to say! I popped my Arrow on the desk, plugged in my mics and MacBook Pro and presto: I was sounding like what I actually sound like in MINUTES, not hours of trial and error. Using the Neve pre with a Rode K2 and I've never been happier with a vocal sound... and I've tried a LOT of expensive gear! Great job guys!!

T. Ellis

9. Mai 2018

Perfect Color

This pre adds a great color and saturation and is very light on CPU. It's also nice to add after recording as a track insert to get some harmonic content and saturation. I use it just about everywhere. Very nice!

W. Slaughter

9. Mai 2018

Efficient and precise !

Another winner from UAD ! Added this to my collection... And with its warmth and character you can not go wrong! And for those who don’t have a lot of available horsepower.... get it!! You can achieve what your looking for and use ALOT of instances!!


8. Mai 2018

Une tuerie!

Simple,efficace, facile à mettre en œuvre. Il est adopté...

S. Simmons

6. Mai 2018


The Neve Preamp is amazing sounding, and has a use on virtually anything you record. I use this preamp to replace my input faders in my audio app, so I can give every track in the project the Neve Preamp sound. When I heard the final master (w/ the Neve Preamp) I could not be more impressed with the quality of sound. WOW!

A. Lopes dos Santos

4. Mai 2018


Simplicity. Sound. Satisfaction. Seventy-3. This plugin should be nicknamed S3. For those who use to work alone, like me, that’s simply perfect. 2 buttons to set and your way to a joyful recording is open. I couldn’t be more satisfied than I am with this partner!

D. Tindill

2. Mai 2018

possibly the best pre amp plug in!

the Mic pre amp on this is lovely

D. Sokolov

1. Mai 2018

good stuff

Works fine with my Neman U87, I have hard preamps and unison perfectly complements them. I also like to use NEVE plug-ins with a hi-gain for guitars. Thank you UAD ...

J. Chase

1. Mai 2018

Very Good, And Less Maintenance Than The Real Thing

The 1081 is a very good sounding EQ!

So useful for just about anything non surgical.

Drums, guitars, vocals, piano, adding a bit of air, strings.

The 15k shelf has always been one of my favorite things, and the 56Hz bell on a kick is meaty.

Doesn't seem to quite have the balls of the hardware, although the switches don't crackle or drop out as you move them.

B. Simms

1. Mai 2018

Maybe the best for your money UAD has!

Super versatile, easy on CPU and great sounding.

J. Dabat

1. Mai 2018


Good to use in more subtle to moderate amounts with right input level fed into it. Warms up the signal well with some smooth coloring. Starts sounding a little harsh when pushed. Overall, good plug in.

F. Rainville Côté

30. April 2018


Perfect :)

M. Ziach

29. April 2018

Très bon preamp!

Très bon préamp, prend très peu de ressource et le son est vraiment chaud!!

J. Sehlin

29. April 2018

The Holy Grail


A. Snow

28. April 2018

Simply great

I use this on just about everything. Its easy to use and you can get a lot of different tones.


28. April 2018


I use this not only for ajust a gain level but to add some colores of this fantastic preamp.I love it.

m. khaleel

27. April 2018

Neve Preamp

The UA website states: 'Developed by UA’s world-renowned team of DSP engineers, UAD plug-ins set the standard by which all other audio plug-ins are judged.'
This is the only plugin developer I am aware of that also posts revealing shootouts.
I think that's pretty good. What do you think?

B. Delaunay

27. April 2018

Excellent emulation

Really impressive, as usual with UAD.

1661-1680 von 3152 Ergebnisse