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M. Mercado

6. Juli 2018

Simply Amazing!

This plugin is amazing. Its great on everything but I particularly like it on guitars and vocals. On lead vocals this gives you a 3D imagery similar to when I run the lead vocals out of pro tools into great 500 series EQ an compression. You vocals will pop out of the mix no worries. Only draw back is the high CPU, but that's understandable.
As far as sound, Neve 1073 is tops, add it to your tool box.

D. Perini

6. Juli 2018

Neve 88RS Channel Strip is fantastic!!!

Neve 88RS Channel Strip is fantastic!!!

T. Buhr

5. Juli 2018

Great sound

I'm new to the world of sound production but I've gathered this is a great tool to have. So far my experience has only been great, and I find myself trying the 1073 on anything and everything. I've really enjoyed it's effects on the overall mix, it seems to bring life and character I didn't know was there.

G. Venkataraman

3. Juli 2018


This preamp gives the legendary sound and character of neve. Makes any instrument or vocal instantly like-able! It adds punch to the track and unison integration works like a charm in your recordings. My go to plugin when everything else fails! Loving it!!

C. van Dijk

1. Juli 2018

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection Rocks!

The Neve 88RS Channel Strip comes with a great and comprehensive set of presets that will get you well on your way to achieving the sound that you want! Only minor tweaks are needed to get to the exact sound I want. I love that it can handle both the subtle and more extreme settings, without compromising the sound quality. I also love the unison function, but also using it in combination with the UAD 610 in Unison and the 88RS as an insert. It worked a little less well in combination with my UAD twin finity hardware unit (but that may just require a little more experimentation) - but I love the new settings I mentioned so much, that I just plugged my mics straight into the apollo. Pretty sure it won’t render my 710 useless but for now I’ll be using the 88RS and the 610 as my go to plugins for vocals ... and ... when needed for a specific vocalist maybe blend in a little fairchild in parallel - just to give it that high end tweak ;-)

D. Stevens

30. Juni 2018

Quintessential element

It's all about the warmth. I run my bass thru this with unison. I'm always happy

C. M

30. Juni 2018

Neve Preamp!

Yes UAD do it again. Sounds good and clear, with high output levels.


29. Juni 2018

Sounds Incredible!

I'm no incredible mix artist, but this thing sounds awesome when placed in line with the Unison Preamp. Love it!


29. Juni 2018

The real preamp

The sound I was looking for. I have a Neumann TLM 102. Perfect combination. Amazing!


28. Juni 2018

Neve nice

Alls I can say is equalizith Wickedith

R. Gagl

27. Juni 2018

Five stars are not enough!

I am working as a composer and sounddesigner for decades and can truly say, that this is one of the best sounding hardware emulated character EQs I´ve ever used. A must have!


27. Juni 2018



P. Degen

27. Juni 2018

Great pre-amp!

For some time I was checking out the Neve 1073 channel strip, but I could honestly do without the EQ. This 1290 is a godsend. It’s exactly what I wanted, have a light Neve kinda sound over everything I record. I’m happy!

A. Evtimov

26. Juni 2018

Neve Preamp is a treasure!

The best spent money this month. Really vitalised some old tracks!
Amazing on vocals!

B. McDade

26. Juni 2018

THE Neve preamp sound... don't settle for 2nd best, you have to try this plug!

With UAD2 and Unison technology allowing a perfect impedance match , the source, whatever it is, just comes alive... There is a three dimensional quality that somehow isn't apparent in the original, its warm but present with an edge if you push it. Seriously , you have to demo this and like me, you will probably purchase!

L. Xun

25. Juni 2018

The color of Neve

I love the harmonics produced by neve. It has become the necessary unison plug-in for recording.

C. Wandzilak

25. Juni 2018

Google it, then buy

Here’s how its gonna go down. You’re gonna Google it, then you're going to listen to samples, then you’re going to demo it, and yes…you will donate (insert JEDI mind trick here) to the “keep UAD in business forever so my plugins don’t become useless one day fund.” There’s just too much info about this pre-amp to rehash here but could be the one reason to get sucked into the UAD ecosystem. Let’s put it in perspective-1073 standalone hardware pre-amp, >$1,000. UAD Apollo Solo hardware (with infinite possibilities)+1073 Plug-in, <$1,000. Gear heads have dissenting opinions about hardware but 95% can agree that Neve is the godfather of pre-amps-It’s just the way it is. You probably don’t need the complete channel strip for tracking since the pre-amp comes with a rumble roll-off unless you like to EQ on the way in but I prefer modifying the mic/instrument for tonal adjustments so this is perfect for me! Although the EQ may come in handy for mixing-I prefer SSL but that’s another opinion/review. The 1073 completes the tracking trifecta. Mic of choice+1073+LA2A=Billboard records for decades. Oh, and the UAD hardware…you’ll need that too.

J. Barraque

25. Juni 2018

Indispensable Preamp

This preamp is musical. I used always when i want to color my sound .A legend !

B. Waligoske

25. Juni 2018

Neve Preamp - awesome vibe, low DSP, great plugin!

Really been digging the Neve Preamp after picking it up recently. Used it immediately as a Unison preamp on some mobile pedal steel guitar tracking with a Royer Ribbon and a 57 - awesome results. Then used it in Line mode to put the finishing touches on some mixes for a project, both on individual tracks and on the mix buss... adds a nice punch and finished quality to most everything it touches! Recommended!

Р. Ильёнок

23. Juni 2018

plugin is beautiful, consumes little resource

plugin is wonderful, the vocals are saturated and transparent))) 5*****

1581-1600 von 3152 Ergebnisse