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1. Februar 2019

Sounds amazing!

The best preamp plugin I’ve tried!! So good!

s. kgr

1. Februar 2019


The preference of my favorite among uad 2. The equalizer is also easy to use and changes to a good sound. Although I have never touched the real thing, I think that this is also an excellent item. I should have introduced it sooner.

s. kgr

1. Februar 2019

Nice Pre !

Texture It makes it a good sound so it is useful for mix. Personally it is a must item.

O. Morris

1. Februar 2019

Neve pre

Great sounding mic pre very versatile

Z. H

1. Februar 2019

I like it

I really like to use it as a guitar and bass overdrive. The overdrive characteristics is subtly different to the Neve 1073 with eq which does not sound quite as "thick" with a guitar or bass.

G. May

31. Januar 2019

A must have

Great emulation, it gives you that silky sound from neve, plus the character in every source you record, you really need to try it and you’ll want to use on everything you record.

A. Bretillard

31. Januar 2019

Neve 88RS, super musical

J'utilise ce plug sur tous mes bus lors du mixage de musique.
Ce plug est superbe, le son est bonifié, la compression est top.
J'ai le SSL 4000 aussi mais je suis plus à l'aise avec le Neve, je sculte le son plus rapidement, plus facilement.
Bravo à Neve et à UAD, superbe produit.

D. Walters

30. Januar 2019


everything i expected and more...

D. Walters

30. Januar 2019


everything i expected and more...

D. Baker

30. Januar 2019

Holy Sh*t!!!!!

OK, you guys did it again. Stop making cool ass plug-ins that we spend all of our money on. Nevermind - Please keep making the cool ass plug-ins so I can you all of my money. This pre is the best! So different and so "real" Use it in Unison and it will change your world........

a. tosi

30. Januar 2019


The NEVE sound on my Uad-2... Fantastic!!!

B. Sullivan

29. Januar 2019

Never too late to acknowledge this plugin!

So I got this plugin back in 2016, when I first purchased my Apollo 8. I knew if I was going to spend some money on a plugin, this Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ would be it! What can I say that hasn't already been said.....this is an amazing plugin. I love the rich sound it brings to my inputs on via Console. A very warm, ANALOG sounding plugin, it's my default unison plugin on Console! I can't live without it! Add this plugin to your collection, if you haven't already....it's a MUST HAVE!

A. Ferreira

29. Januar 2019

Good – that's all.

I'm hoping the paid version is better than this. It's still a good plug-in and works just fine but I expected more.

R. Esposito

29. Januar 2019

Nifty start to a signal chain

I tested this out in unison to start a signal chain for vocal and acoustic with a KM184. It just made good things with that mic even sweeter. I want to use it on everything and see what else it can do


28. Januar 2019


J'adore la sonorité de ce pré-ampli

B. Unis

28. Januar 2019

Love at first listen!

WOW. The 1073 used on a unison slot sounds simply awesome. crisp, present, tight. love it on vocals. My only complaint is the amount of processing it eats up when using it on a mix. I'd like to use it more often but find myself reaching for a legacy version or something else to save on processing. I have 14 cores but it still eats them up pretty quickly. Still a must have!

V. van Tiel

25. Januar 2019

I'm in love with the EQ!

Finally... after weeks of struggling with other EQ's I have found an EQ that can brighten up the Keyscape Yamaha piano without sounding wrong. All other EQ's failed. This one is amazing!

d. platipodis

22. Januar 2019

Sounds great

Love using this as an insert on my vocals

W. Christensen

21. Januar 2019

Great sounding plugin

Use this plugin/unison for my woiceover work, just adds a little extra "crispness" to the sound, and used in combination with compressor, de-esser and EQ you can really get som nice vokals with this plugin.


20. Januar 2019


Amazing sound, exactly what I wanted and needed!

1501-1520 von 3220 Ergebnisse