Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ

Neve® 1084 Preamp & EQ


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ


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I. Duke

14. April 2021

Clean !!

Easy to get a good tone from . I have no real experience with a Neve console so I can’t compare how real it sounds. It sounds really good in the unison slot instantly sounds better and when I eq the signal I can get a very nice recording.

M. Fitzhenry

11. April 2021


It sounds great on the Unison pre for tracking my Moog, and today I used it in a troublesome mix to sculpt a synth bass. Totally saved the day! Glad I picked it up and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

J. Davis

10. April 2021


This channel strip adds clarity , depth and vibe to whatever source is put through it. I was on the fence for awhile but I finally demoed and it was an immediate purchase.

J. Samuels

2. April 2021

Amazing sound!

This is the perfect mic pre + eq for home recording

a. ribeiro

24. März 2021


maravilhoso sem palavras para descrever, só sei dizer que tudo que passa dentro disso fica magnifico

L. Elstob

9. März 2021


The control this offers compared to the 1073 is amazing, with even more precision on the famous hi-end sheen at 12 and 16Khz and the warmth, power and musicality from the other bands is amazing - I love clicking through the frequencies closing my eyes and really using my ears to feel which setting is working - this is so easy by clicking the Hz or Khz area - I have been digitizing vinyl and this a a pre-amp is incredible on the way in to the computer before I start my remix, remaster, re-edit processes. 10/10 LEO ZERO ( official remixer for Madonna / Lana Del Rey / Bryan Ferry / Paul Weller / Dua Lipa / Lou Reed & David Bowie )

D. Dembek

12. Februar 2021


If you need to hear the instrument or the voice instead of recording of it than this preamp plugin can do this magic for you. It brings everything closer and gives more life to the mix. If you push enough hard it will color it with the classic 1084-vibe which also sounds great!

T. Demarest

27. Januar 2021

Neve best preamps

Awesome pre amp for keyboard guitars or vocals.

J. Luckett

25. Januar 2021

This is why I bought an Apollo

Honestly, I'm just starting out with UAD Plugins and hardware. But the ability to get this sound and accurate reproductions of vintage gear with no latency before going into my DAW makes me feel like I'm recording again, rather than guessing. For every album I've done prior, I've borrowed Neve channel strips from a friend and felt precious about it because it cost more than my old interface and computer together. I don't miss the analog gear at all and this gives me the same feeling and sound. And so much more. I'm super happy!


24. Januar 2021

Brings life to everything

Give weight and life to anything. I use on mixbus but also a lot on vocals

J. Coker

23. Januar 2021

Best Unison Preamp

This is the best unison mic preamp in my opinion. I have so many other unison preamps but this one is the best of them all.

Z. Rivera

23. Januar 2021

Love it

Love the color and tone of the 1084 and the eq is amazing!!

J. Moors

22. Januar 2021

Simply sweet

I’m using a miktek cv4 on vocals and a 451eb on acoustic instruments for demos. I set the gain on the 1084 and go to work. I’m sure I’ll start using the eq eventually but everything sounds so good already I haven’t bothered.

h. hyakkoku

5. Januar 2021

Overtones are added to the tone

Especially when adding EQ to the high frequency band, the feeling of air increases and the sound becomes glossy.
The luster of the mid range is also wonderful!!

H. Martinez

2. Januar 2021

Great for synths

Very cool sound, it works great for synths adding richness and character instantly. I love this plugin

G. Balistreri

1. Januar 2021


i love this preamp & eq

J. Markunas

22. Dezember 2020

Hard To Use/Native Logic Plugin Sounds Better

I never thought I'd ever actually say that out loud about a UAD. plugin, but this one was hard to use, and didn't sound that good. LPX has a Neve 1073/84 plugin that's easier to use and sounds better. Sorry, UAD.

R. Westmoreland

21. Dezember 2020

Spot on emulation!

Very impressed with the Neve 1084 emulation with unison technology. The main studio I’ve used in the past for recordings has a Neve Genesys with the 1084 preamp/eq option so I am very familiar with the preamps and eq’s. UA really nailed it! I’m so happy having this addition along with the Apollo rack I’ve purchased this year for my home studio! Thanks Universal Audio!

R. Dourado

14. Dezember 2020

Great Pre Amp

5 stars Choice

p. kuen

14. Dezember 2020


i love this preamp

21-40 von 178 Ergebnisse