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Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ


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M. Reizer

14. Juni 2020

Worth it

If you want a Neve with more options than the 1073 and tweakability like I did, this is the best bet.

L. Covington

13. Juni 2020

Better than good

This is an incredible channel strip that gives any track instant oomph! From Kicks to Bass right on up to Vocals, this gives them all the bump you could ever want.

R. Marant

13. Juni 2020


Estoy gratamente sorprendido.!!. Decidí probar y reemplazar por el 1073 . Y lo mejoró. Increíble!!
Bravo UAD!!

R. Diaz

12. Juni 2020

Amazement at your finger tips

Analog all the way! my drums sound warm, cutting smooth like butter really just by throwing it on!!!! its great to have options its never a bad day going though your 1073 to this you always sound like your actually in Sunset Sound or Sound City and I've cut drums at both!!! now just in my own home studio without the worries about going over budget!
Thank you UA!!!


12. Juni 2020

So cool


J. Pursian

12. Juni 2020

One of my best plugins for drums

What a great sounding plugin...I have the I have the Unison 1073 but upgrade to the 1084....Huge difference with the EQing and tone on drums. I usually print with SSL to get my drums pretty much where want to go, then this 1084 in the DAW to tweak it further made a huge impact. Demo it.

S. Rowe

12. Juni 2020

This thing is amazing...

Can’t fault it at all!!


12. Juni 2020

Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ Ouahhh.......

Tres précis,, une sensibilité. dans l'aigu a tomber le pre-amp fait très bien son travail,
a teste r absolument

S. Tumert

10. Juni 2020

Great analog sound

Very happy to hear the sound, just what I hoped for!

P. Keppler

8. Juni 2020

Total winner

I loved the non-legacy version of the 1073, but the game has been upped. The switchable high freqency is a great addition. Same gritty, colored, aggressive goodness of the 1073, but with the ability to be a little more airy if needed.

T. Adams

8. Juni 2020

Extra air.

Impressive air on the top end of the 1084 for vocals. True what is said about silky smooth.

M. Truzman

3. Juni 2020


I love the 1073 but this thing is just super smooth… Especially on vocals

D. Katsikas

2. Juni 2020

Adds that sheen/magic sparkle and bottom

I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this but after hearing the demo I knew right off that those ultra highs that really make a vocal pop or guitar cut through are very present with this strip. The bottom end really adds some meat as well.

Very analog sounding and a definite recommend for anyone with a halfway decent microphone.

R. Henry

2. Juni 2020

Great product.

Very nice indeed. Love this
Pre-amp. Sounds great. Thank you UAD for this plugin. Well done.

W. Munnerlyn

31. Mai 2020

Thank You

This is one of the best plugins you guys have made. I loved the 1073 but this is a game changer. Wow

J. V P

30. Mai 2020

Thank you!

It’s about time someone modeled the superior 1084. I was getting tired of explaining to people that they are a notch up from the 1073. I have 8 well maintained units. I can testify that this UAD model really nails the tone. Thanks UA!!

P. Flassig

30. Mai 2020

Great Sound!!!

The Neve 1084 easily helps you finding the sweet spot of every instrument recorded or mixed with it!
I totally recommend this beast!

M. Tamba

30. Mai 2020

Michael Tamba


M. Tamba

30. Mai 2020

Michael Tamba


Q. Griecken

29. Mai 2020

Its better than plugging in without a unison preamp

I bought this my first day with my apollo, needless to say I was impressed at the change it made between off and on. I was also disappointed with how crappy my SM7B + Cloudlifter sounded going into this though, my focusrite sounded fine with those two and it sounded pretty dead on this set up, I did a trade in at my local shop and got a WA-87 Condenser mic and now I can see the power this plugin brings. It reacted a lot better with my condenser mic's because even an AT2020 sounded better than my SM7B. UAD stuff is amazing but try the demo before you buy anything and compare it with other brands versions as well. Most of the time UAD will have superior plugins but can also be 3x the price even with a 60% off sale.

181-200 von 221 Ergebnisse