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Moog Minimoog


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K. Jackson

30. Januar 2023

The best bass

The best moog vst

c. maskell

15. Januar 2023


Realistic, full miss and lows, pkeasu g highs. Very groovy.

c. maskell

15. Januar 2023


Realistic, full miss and lows, pkeasu g highs. Very groovy.

K. Haritatos

9. Januar 2023


The best analog sound!

K. Haritatos

9. Januar 2023

My love!

What a sound!! Wonderfull analog sound!

V. József

7. Januar 2023

Currently closest to the legend

Currently the best Minimoog modelling. It is one category more advanced than the various models.

К. Данилов

6. Januar 2023

amazing Moog , but strange demo mode

A wonderful tool , appeared after the upgrade to version 11 . but for some reason, along with the ravel plugin, It switched to demo mode. Please help with it

A. Bertók

4. Januar 2023

Great stuff!

Raw, rich, beautiful sound. Thank you.

L. Spilger

24. Dezember 2022

Great emulation

My goto Synth for basses and sweep sounds! Always inspiring!

A. Rouffineau

14. Dezember 2022

Very good

The sound is amazing, thank you.

L. Lively

9. Dezember 2022


I was looking for some crisp low synth bass sounds for my production and voila this mini moog to the rescue. I was hesitant when i could only use it in Luna but now its UADx compatible. I've tried other emulations and was left unimpressed. But this was a go after finding multiple low synths that fit what i was looking for to the point i couldn't make a decision which sounded best.

G. Strecker

9. Dezember 2022


Gorgeous sounding synth!


27. November 2022

Please improve automation

Second review.

While standing by all the good things I've said (in a previous 5star review) about this instrument's sound, feel and playability, this gripe deserves a mention.
There's no function to LEARN midi hardware commands. These days that's a real downer.

This massively limits the real time interactivity of the plugin. Yes there is an implementation chart, if you own a compatible MIDI controller, and can be bothered with the configuration headaches, but IMHO the inclusion of a LEARN function would make this Minimoog emulation the king of them all.

So far, and only because of this oversight, Softube's Model 72 - also a great sounding emulation - has the edge. Please sort it out UAD. Thanks.


26. November 2022

Moog d

Have tried many minimoog emulators. Won’t bother with any others now. My dog is very picky about the sounds that inspire him to sing. My guitar playing can do that, and so too can this UAD emulation. It sounds and feels like a musical instrument. It has genuine depth and harmonic complexity. It encourages play and invention. Search over.

J. Moin

15. November 2022


Thanks to UA Connect you can now use this baby on any DAW and PC System!! Love the sound!

h. josemans

14. November 2022

The Minimoog is live and back!

Beautiful clear and deep sounds but also disturbed or clean.
An amazing and big fun to play plugin with the most crazy sounds
Thank you UA!

A. Elias

22. Oktober 2022

INCREDIBLE PLUGIN (and runs just fine with Ableton Live)

I’m seeing a lot of comments saying that this plugin runs exclusively with LUNA. I have had no problem at all running it with LIVE, and the sound is amazing. Definitely best moog emulation to date.

V. German

13. Oktober 2022

A legend in native incarnation!

The great synthesizer of all time! Thanks to UAD and Moog for letting us touch this legendary instrument and use it in our arrangements!

J. Parejo

11. Oktober 2022


Después de haber comprado el software instrument Minimoog, no me aparece como si lo hubiera comprado y lo tengo en versión demo. Todo un desastre, el soporte no me soluciona nada, y acabo de ver por el compañero Leadley que solo funciona para el soporte de Luna.

J. Leadley

24. September 2022

Only works in luna

After looking to see which DAW UaD sells this software plugin……. They seem to be hiding the fact that people cannot use it on other daws. Shady business practice. Unfortunately I paid for something I cannot use. Not impressed.

1-20 von 68 Ergebnisse

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