Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip

Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip


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D. Hankla

16. Juni 2018

Voxbox ROCKS !

Still checking out all its nuances and capabilities, but it’s an amazing plugin. Manley is a whole different level of quality... This plugin is also in the same league. Good as it gets. Right on UA.

UAD User

15. Juni 2018

Un top pour les chanteurs

Une super tranche de console vintage, véritable couteau suisse. Préamp, EQ, déesseur, compresseur. Un must have pour les prises de voix!

C. Bryant

11. Juni 2018

Very nice.

I've been using this for a voiceover setup. To me it does what I hoped: it makes the voice sound great - without sounding like it's being processed at all. There's a lot that can be said about the comp/eq. They're beautiful sounding (as is the pre-section). But funnily enough - I'm most thrilled to have a killer de-esser! lol. Would recommend this plugin, no problem.

C. Scelso

9. Juni 2018

Otra genialidad.

Nunca usé el posta. Pero este es TREMENDO!!! SIRVE. Sirve muchísimo. Se siente el sonido caro.

C. Pihl

1. Juni 2018


If you can't get awesome professional sounding vocal tracks with this legend of a channel strip, you must be doing something wrong. Great for clean bass guitar as well!
Expensive and DSP hungry but oh so worth it! Got mine free with my Apollo Twin. Thanks UA!

F. Nunez

31. Mai 2018


Permite por medio de unison conectarlo a mi placa de sonido y emular un clásico

L. Xun

31. Mai 2018


Full and musical sound, I like it

T. Ellis

24. Mai 2018

Great on vocals and more!

So many good sounds come of this box is hard to just call it it "Vox". It's made some of the best tracks I've ever heard from my old Deluxe Reverb. Also liking on a bass di. Made the purchase of my Apollo Twin (my second Apollo after an Apollo 8) a no brainer.

UAD User

21. Mai 2018

Steve Hardday

I must say I am surprised how good the VOX BOX is and it works on everything great :)

G. Funes

16. Mai 2018


My vocals never sound so good, really

A. McGuire

7. Mai 2018

Ultra Fat / Rivals My Hardware Avalon 737

Very impressed with the Voxbox plugin. Sounds super fat and rivals my hardware Avalon 737 channel strip. This is mobile recording at its finest with an Apollo interface.

l. yunpeng

3. Mai 2018

很好 ,很不错 很喜欢她的暖

M. Ziach

29. April 2018

Très bon pour les voix

J'utilisé auparavant plusieurs plugins de chez Waves Audio, je peux vous dire que ce plugin vous n'allez plus le quitter il est vraiment incroyable sur les voix.

J. Sehlin

29. April 2018

At first no, but then...

First time i tried it we didn't seem to get along that well but after really giving it a try and taking time to learn it i just love it!

A. Hernandez Rossi

25. April 2018

Sound indentical to the hardware!!!

When i A and B Manley voxbox hardware unit vs the uad plugin emulation i couldn’t belive my ears!! It the same!! Best of all i can use it in multiple instances!

A. Fizzotti

25. April 2018

4 plugin in 1

Preamp, eq, comp and de-esser at once: MVB is a very powerful tool..i can’t tell you how is similar to the analog model, since i’ve never had the hardware, but i was stunned by the sound of the plugin: very good color of eq, nice trick in combo with de-esser boosting and cutting the same frequency zone, comp does his job pretty well with no pumping and without changing the tone at hard setup, preamp has a very good it!!

M. Lian

20. April 2018

Do it all with this one plugin

Pretty much all I need for laying down amazing vocals. This does what 4-5 plugins combined do, I love that everything is contained within one place and is so simple to tweak.

x. zuniga

15. April 2018


Same as the hardware!

g. tarnassi

9. April 2018

Amazing !!

really excellent, the vocal parts are positioned in the mix with great simplicity and warmth.. unmissable !!

G. Piazza

29. März 2018

Crazy good!

I demo'd the Voxbox for a few days and now I have to find some ready cash!
Manley knew what they were doing when they put the EQ before the DeEsser - crank up 3kHz and then smooth it out with the DeEsser for a wonderfully pleasant yet controlled sound. And the 3:1 compressor is just right for vocals & bass. I originally had a mix using the Massive Passive on Vox, but replaced it with the VoxBox, which gave me an extra fatness.
I'm almost mad at UA for releasing this, the API2500 & Distressor all around the same time. 3 fantastic posts from the masters!

301-320 von 482 Ergebnisse