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R. Brown

15. Juli 2013

The DSP Project video review

I tested this against the hardware and it did very well, full video review here:


W. Santos

9. Juli 2013

Perfect Plugin!!!

I am a musician and audio engineer.
I always liked sounds more real and true, I depended on my masters from a studio that had a complete master, it was bad because I needed to adjust something and spent much more $ $, going up to the studio to resolve a detail. For a long time the hardware was indispensable for a good mix and master, with the UAD plugins solve everything in my home studio with the same quality and mainly Manley that for me there is no difference between hardware and plugin
it is perfect!!

C. O'neal

28. Juni 2013

Now I understand

I've only been engineering my own music (well) for about 2 years now. Yet in still... I never understood what people meant by "mastering plugin". It just didn't make sense to me. Doesn't every EQ do the same thing??? Why on Earth would I spend extra money to have a "mastering" grade EQ when I have plenty of EQ's already.

Then I demo'd Manley Massive Passive.

I get it now lol. Slap it on my master bus... and I can pretty much dictate the exact sound that I want to give my mix. I don't know what's under the hood... but there's something about this EQ that just sounds amazing on the master bus. It's the perfect weapon... and it's taking me from good music to great music, Thanks UA. Job well done.

F. Kullack

27. Juni 2013

a fantastic eq

now I know, where the professional mastering sound is coming from...especially a eq like this one! Comaperde to the NI-version of this eq: UA...You did a fantastic job...sorry NI!

T. Cochrane

20. Juni 2013

Massive Passive

This EQ is quite simply the best eq plug in out there and it alone is worth the price of admission to the UAD world!
I put it on the mix bus when I first got it and it was like a blanket had been lifted off that song .... amazing eq!!

B. Lochschmidt

19. Juni 2013

Best EQ for Acoustic Guitar!

Is you search for an EQ (not an Exiter or Enhancer) to make an Acoustic Guitar Brilliant. Take this EQ. His upper shelf band at 27k is so clear and sounding so sweet. Great!

J. Weber

17. Juni 2013

Awesome EQ!

This Manley plug in is tops! Great EQ. Easy to adjust and sounds great!

H. Hulshof

7. Juni 2013

UA's masterpiece

One of my favourite plugins on the UAD platform. One of the reasons I had to buy UAD is this EQ. Very good on vocals and synth leads. Add some clarity and transparency to the sound. It can lift the entire sound a bit up. The only con is maybe the usage of DSP power. This EQ needs one DSP each plug. Great job UA!

J. Dang

5. Juni 2013

More Massive than Passive

I was reading lots of reviews of the Manley Massive online. It's not a cheap plugin so I really wanted to be sure before I bought it. I also enabled the trial and used it again and again on lots of tracks. What I realised was twofold: one, you can push this so hard and it still sounds good. And secondly, the reviews were right; once you start using it you want to keep it. So I bought it and I love it! Awesome plugin.

E. Segarra

4. Juni 2013

highly recommended

I own the real one and must say its prety damn close!

K. Flowers

24. Mai 2013

Life Changing!

This Mastering Eq tops any and every eq I have ever used in my 15 years of experince!!

F. Marheineke

22. Mai 2013

Superp emulation of a classic

I use it within a mastering chain along with analog gear, works great for rockmusic and a wide range of music styles - well, the original is known for it, but the UA emulation works just as great for me. given that this emulation is of a golden unit (probably THE golden unit) might even make it preferable over a standard hardware unit. Thumbs up!

D. Cihan

20. Mai 2013


The first time I used Manley Passive Hardware, I fell in love. After a while UA came with the plug in version. Well, same story. It's probably the best emulation so far hardware to software. Gratz. Keep it up.

Dogus Cihan

Y. Schurwanz

20. Mai 2013

best software eq

this is just the best software eq i ever heard really amazing! big ups for UA

C. Sammarco

12. Mai 2013

Manley EQ

This a super sweet eq. Very suttle, but perfect for mastering. The top end adds sizzle without being harsh. Highly recommended!

W. Wei

8. Mai 2013

Magic equalizer

When I insert it into the bus, and adjust his makes me joyful thing happened, I compared my hardware, and his voice,
Almost no difference! Do I have to spend several times the price to buy the hardware? ?

C. Delaney

7. Mai 2013


I use the Massive Passive on all of my masters now and it's great!! Nice and smooth, even with aggressive boosting.

D. Hamilton-leid

3. Mai 2013


Heard about this for a couple of years now and just bought it. Wish I bought this when I was told about the uad version. Used on every mix I've been doing every since.

J. Scheldt

28. April 2013

A "can't do without" plugin

A can't do without plugin. Really nice on the master channel.
Sounds awesome but takes alot of cpu as well.

J. Heil

28. April 2013

warning, if you are ableton live user, don't buy this!

since uad o.s. 6.2 the massive passvie will not run within ableton live correctly,
it produces very loud crackles and pops, nearly taking your internal cpu to collapse.

i am very pissed off that this issue is not soved since three o.s. updates....


1621-1640 von 1700 Ergebnisse