Manley® Complete Plug‑In Bundle

Manley® Complete Plug‑In Bundle

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Regulärer Preis: $499.00


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Manley Complete Bundle


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G. Noteris

28. März 2014

Massive tool

What could i say that haven't been already written about the MP ?

For me it's just the best soft EQ to treat med frequencies.
Vocals and piano would be the best sources to try it on.

Sometimes this EQ might not "work" on a track.
But when it works, no other EQ i've tried with can do the same.

There is a learning curve to this EQ and i'm not sure i've worked enough so far to fully appreciate it.

But whatever, it's just brilliant !

5 stars

L. Antinori

27. März 2014


Amazing EQ. It imparts beautiful color to your sound but remains a great tool. Now it is fixed on my master bus and often used for lead vocals.

M. Gustafson

20. März 2014

Mix buss anyone?

I found whats living on my mix buss. This thing sounds great. To anyone who has used the hardware like me you will be shocked that this captures all the vibe and functionality of the original. Unless you are a UAD user already. Then you will have a killer plugin that is the quality you have come to expect and rely on.

J. Murphy

2. März 2014

Texture like the analog unit

I am a 2 time billboard number 1 engineer. I love UAD plugins and they definitely are quality levels higher than waves plugins they sound real close to the analog unit, but all the hype about the manley massive I really thought it would be much more than it is, I do use it on my mastering but you cannot use it on mixing because of the lag. it is a good plugin I was not blown away with it but it is still well worth it has the texture of the analog unit

Jimmy Starr

S. Tib

20. Februar 2014

Amazingly Warm on Synth and vocal !!!!

I have been interested by the Manley since I heard that Todd Terje wanted one.
UAD offered a great emulation, I tried the demo on a PAD synth patch and after boosting the high and the mid in different mode I couldn't believe how much it was sounding good, it's so musical, warm. And if you are looking for some extra colour to bring more life to your sound, it's one way to go.
The Manley strength is amazing and powerful EQ for high, mid or low frequency, I used it on synth to add more clarity warmth and depth.
Unfortunately this plugins is very heavy in DSP, there is no SE version, it's the reason to rate 4/5.
I used it recently on a male vocal recording to add more body, it helped to get a fat voice recorded in inappropriate conditon

F. Scarpa

6. Februar 2014


Anche le frequenze più ostiche nel dominio digitale, con il Massive Passive risultano avvolte da un calore valvolare reale. Uno strumento meraviglioso anche per l'aggiunta di armoniche nelle proprie tracce e nel proprio master.
Uad con questo plug-in ha emulato realmente la valvola.

R. Priest

30. Januar 2014

A thing of beauty

This sounds fantastic on any source, but i particularly love it on acoustic guitar, and as a mix bus sweetener, it gives kick drums that lovely warm thump without distortion within a mix thanks UA.

Y. Koutsouflakis

23. Januar 2014


One of the best and most useful UAD plug-ins. I use it mostly for mastering. It gives clarity and warmth to any song regardless the genre. Also has great presets to get started with. And a fair price for this quality. I recommend it.

J. Piccione

13. Januar 2014

Excellent EQ - Smooth and Powerful!

I demo'd this eq twice over the last year and always loved what it sounded like, held off on the purchase unable to justify the cost. Well, thank you UA for your Holiday Sale again this year, now I own it.
Having opportunity to use it on my Final Mixes on the last few mixes and really get the change to explore its capabilities on known material. This EQ is worth evey penny and more. Nothing in my tool box sounds anything like it, this Eq has a place in every studio for a good reason.
Boosting the Top on my mixes with smooth sweet and clean sounding frequency is now possible. The Hardware must be a dream.

Love it.

Oh - Don't demo it unless you have the money to buy it, because once you do you'll have to buy it.

A. Pir

12. Januar 2014

Soft and beautiful

I can say I've never heard a filter like this.The tone is very warm and soft,specially with cutting high frequency.It is absolutely unique tone I have never heard before.

D. Tartar

4. Januar 2014

Ferrari of EQ's

Combine the sound of glowing tubes with one of the tightest sculpting eq's you'll ever hear. Both the standard and the mastering versions of the Manley Massive Passive are monsters and perform like sports cars. Warm, aggressive and thorough.

M. Dellandrea

4. Januar 2014

Simply... GREAT!

Never harsh, colorful and unique want miss this Plugin! Thanks UA

A. Tovishazi

2. Januar 2014

Just can't get enough

Why is this the perfect eq? I keep asking myself.

1. maybe because its the faithful reproduction of the original, but i dont know anything about that as I have not had the luck trying the origial gear. (i only had chance to work with a manley harware compressor and it looks feels about the same)

2. the buttons. look at the buttons! arent they just sexy

3. unpredictable behaviour of slopes. just like a woman!

4. lets you dial in mid highs without the feeling that you have too much high in the end. i used to switch the third dial and boost around 1khz in shelving mode and it does it sooo nice

5. i only wont give 5 stars because i know uad will sooner or later come up with an upgraded version

S. Yakimovich

30. Dezember 2013

super equalizer

This is the best mastering EQ plug-in and not only. Just a cool plugin.

J. Bowman

27. Dezember 2013

Massive Passive!

This has become my Go-To EQ on the buss. It's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it it can really sweeten your mix. Great for cuts or boosts! But of a DSP hog though.

M. Zouhar

27. Dezember 2013


Class Sound.
DSP Hungry.

Not much else to say! Mazoulew.

L. Wilson-wolfe

20. Dezember 2013

What can I say that's not already been said . . . .

This is a weird plug in, I use it on a final mix, at the mastering stage, simply put it makes things sound better (I normally choose a preset and work from there) but I can't really say why, it's not like I've suddenly got a bigger bass, shimmering highs or more clarity, I can't really put my finger on it, but it's nothing stunning or immediately impressive, it's just that after you've got it on your track, the track sounds a little less 'quality' when you switch it off . . . . I'd love to say it does something specific like 'tighten' bass, make mids more punchy or adds 'air' to the high end, but you can do that stuff with basic (DAW built in) EQs, the Manley just seems to add a little bit of goodness I can't put my finger on.

R. Small

18. Dezember 2013

UAD Manley EQ

Possibly one of the nicest EQ's I've ever worked with. I master a lot of dance music and this is now my go-to tool for enhancing punch and bass. It's particularly good at enhancing 44hz, 2khz and 5khz and does this very subtly without adding nasty artefacts to the source material. It's also VERY close to the real hardware. I'm not so bothered about this being so processor hungry as I only use it for mastering, but if you're looking to use more than one instance of this then be sure to get a bigger UAD card.

K. Cheung

18. Dezember 2013

oh!it is nice nice nice and nice!!!!

passive EQ is very useful ,and sound's a perfect plug-in

H. Anti

18. Dezember 2013

just can't do without

I love the Manley EQ for mastering, especially the low end but I like to read DBs added or subtracted. It'll be great to have that on the UAD version. For smooth but heavy low end and mid rage Manley EQ tops them all.

1421-1440 von 1594 Ergebnisse