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Manley Complete Bundle


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H. Barnard

1. August 2016


The Manley VOXBOX plug-in is as wonderful as many fans testify to the original hardware... great sounding emulation!

T. Ruiz

23. Juli 2016

Works wonder on my Master Bus

This is what I always searched for and haven't found anywhere else, this amazing plug gives that extra tone and air on the Master Bus... loved it!

F. Sonnauer

21. Juli 2016

crystal clear

This EQ is an amazing crystal clear sounding tool. I love it, I mastered with the original and I can say to have it as a plugin is so great in my workflow, cause there`s only a bit of mojo missing to the analog gear. And also to use it in mixing is an advantage. The only negativ point is the DSP Power, it need`s a bit to much for using it on solo tracks. On the Bus it`s perfect.
love it

M. D'Andrea

18. Juli 2016

analog EQ to your mixes buss

great EQ to create valvular and analog feeling for their group tracks or to mix buss

E. Smallwood

15. Juli 2016

I don't know how I did'nt notice the difference!

The most amazing transformation of my mixes to date. Everything is clearer, more present and fat. It's on every mix from now on!

J. Perez

14. Juli 2016

Extremely Useful and Great Sounding EQ

I don't know anything about the hardware unit other than things I've read so I can't speak on the similarities between the two. I can say that this is one of the best EQs that I own now. I have been using it on all busses and the master bus as well. I love how the EQ can tighten up the bottom and open up the top end beautifully. I don't have a problem with DSP because I usually set it where I want it and print the tracks to save power. Since I've been using UAD plugins this has become part of my process and I find that committing is helpful in saving time. I own a handful of the other UAD plugs and I can honestly say that they are all excellent!! The best in my arsenal.

UAD User

12. Juli 2016

Just perfect

A Must have !! No need to speak about it. Juste one of the best eq on earth

F. Lundberg

12. Juli 2016

Manley EQ

Fantastic EQ that is really musically. I love it!

a. akkerman

6. Juli 2016

Another Great plug in from UA!!!!

Another Great plug in from UA!!!! Really like the pin point control!

K. Salter

5. Juli 2016

pleasantly surprised

I have only used this for a few weeks now but am glad I bought the plugin. Great in the mastering process for just adding a hair or removing a hair from certain freq's in the mix. I think this is going to be a very usefull tool going forward.


L. Salazar

4. Juli 2016

Great Plugin

Love this plugin on Master Bus, I use this plugin to add some clarity on the highs which is really good at without exaggerating. Love it!

S. Kim

30. Juni 2016

its my first Manley

its my first Manley ~!

I didn't use real one but I think this is enough for me

UAD User

30. Juni 2016


This eq does something even when bypassed! It adds a sense of sitting and slight color to an overall mix. Then if you choose to engage the eq,,it sounds wonderful. I often go between this eq and the Chandler for an overall mix color or clarity. I really dig what UAD has done,,no hype just great emulations and products!!

C. Soto

30. Juni 2016

Like nothing else

This plugin simply sounds amazing. It is a must have. It's not for every source, but when it fits, it sounds incredible.

J. Johnson II

27. Juni 2016

Quality Is Wonderful

If I was going to tell anyone to buy one UAD plugin, this would be the one I say you must buy. I love to use this on the mix buss. I also love using it for mastering. Those mix buss and mastering is what you will hear most with this plugin, but I prefer using the regular model for vocals as well. You can really sculpt the sound you want on vocals with the Massive Passive in my opinion. Demo it you will love it!

w. wan

25. Juni 2016

The sound quality is very good.

Sound is very clear, it is worth having

N. Christie

21. Juni 2016

You will not regret this purchase !

After I tried the demo I was hooked !
I've never been lucky enough to use the HW version so I was unsure what Inwoukd think of the Massive Passive.
Now I wonder how mixed without it ! It's always on my 2 bus !

F. Bartolone

19. Juni 2016

Quite impressed!

Very musical. Clean with that high end sparkle. Beautiful plug-in.

J. Barrios Requena

19. Juni 2016

Essential tool! Amazing sound

I got this plugin after seeing a tutorial video from Mick Guzausky. He was using it on the mix bus and I was amazed at the results. Now I have it as a standard on my mix bus and the result is astounding, it polishes the mix on a magical way. Highly recommended to balance the bottom end, clean up around 180Hz and give shine to the high end.

C. Mayr

16. Juni 2016

Massive Passive

especially for Mastering my absolutely favorit. One of the smoothest EQ's I ever heard. No Mixing-or Masteringsessions without the Massive Passive !

1301-1320 von 1750 Ergebnisse