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Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


481-500 von 502 Ergebnisse

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a. kouar

4. Dezember 2018

Super reverbe

La meilleur reverbe Plugin

H. Varvoglis

3. Dezember 2018

Best reverb plugin ever!

I’ve been using the original 480 for long time and is something I’ve been waiting to see as a plugin from UA. I don’t own the hardware to see how accurate it is, but I’m taking the same feeling using it. This is the best reverb plugin you can buy.

M. Vliegen

30. November 2018


Whooooow WTF Hell is this. Love it.

i. babayoff

30. November 2018

Thanks uad!

Waited for this one a long time. Very good.

R. Villafane

29. November 2018

Lexicon 480L

First of all i love UAD products. No pain connectivity and everything just works, so sincere thanks for that. On to the 480L, i so wish i could say it's a perfect clone of the original but i can't. Soloed, the hardware sounded warmer, more present and wider, which surprised me. In the mix it does fulfill the same function and is of course, useful to achieve the same effect. Do i regret purchasing the plugin? Absolutely not and would buy it again, but the hardware stays in the rack.


29. November 2018


I just bought it and still do not know how good it is.
The reason for 5 star is because lexicon 224 is so good. So it should be more nice which is top one

G. Hassenrück

28. November 2018

The best Emulation ever...

I know some other Emulation Trials - UAD is the 3D 480 L - it is the 480L - Endpoint.

Very thanks

P. Hager

24. November 2018

One of my favorite reverbs

Now one of my favorite reverbs is easy to take with me. I love the 480L and always have one on tour but now I have have many channels of it. All my fav factory settings are right there to start. Great job UA and thank you!!

J. Poole

23. November 2018

Check It Out

This reverb is the one to get. I just stacked two instances of it on the master bus, one with a delay spread and the other gloss. All I can say is WOW.

w. triyawong

22. November 2018

Great !

I have touched it and the lexicon 480L uad do the best.

w. triyawong

22. November 2018

Great !

I have touched it and the lexicon 480L uad do the best.

O. Glans

22. November 2018

I've been waiting for this!!

It is the most versatile FX-plug in my tool box!!


22. November 2018

Love this!

Love this!


22. November 2018

Love this!

Love this!

C. Fuchs

21. November 2018


Bought this one yesterday after a short demo period. I don't have an original Lexicon 480L at hand to compare , but this plugin reminded me instantly of the 80's, when several studios had the original and i always loved the sound of the 480L on drums, guitars and vocals. The UA plugin version was good enough for me to pull the trigger. Great job, UA!


20. November 2018

Wow! This is amazing!

My usual 'go to' reverb, in studios I visit, is the Lexicon 480L. UA got this one down. I'd have to A/B this one to the hardware version to tell whether there is any obvious differences. I'm gonna have some fun checking this one out. I generally reach for the UA-140 plate for some realistic reverb sounds. Now I've got an alternative. Nice goin' guys.

R. Weissauer

16. November 2018


Ich kenne das Original nicht, liebe und besitze aber immer noch meine alten Hardware Lexicon PCM 70, 80 und 90 von früher. Von diesem Plugin bin ich aber einfach überwältigt. Wie gut muss dann das Original eigentlich sein ? Zumindestens ist das beste UAD Plug-in, das ich bisher gekauft habe (von ziemlich vielen). Es klingt einfach phantastisch . . . :-)

R. Gun

12. November 2018

The Hit Maker

Compared to the original there seems to lack the sweetness of the AD-DA converter, but remember that the plugin is totally digital path versus the hardware runs trough my interface twice too.
The programs are stunning. Instant 480 feel, the parameter do exactly the same, set all values of the Hardware to the same amount and you have the same impression of sound.
So in this regard UAD is the best emulation so far. Price wise as usual way to expensive, because you have to calculate a 60% DSP into account. The usage of so much power of one DSP is not a problem because in comparison to the SSL strip you only need one in send / return paths.
The hardest competor is Lexicons PCM native plugins it selves.

p. tashdjian

9. November 2018


is the biest till now but it is not the same as the hardware i think it's 80 % only (sorry guys)

F. Abel

7. November 2018

Dream come true!

I've been waiting for a long time for this release! I'm fascinated by the Lexicon 480L and I intend to have a real hardware, maybe a day :) I recently bought the Relab LX480 and was using in my mixes until now, of course! Thanks for this fantastic reverb friends! First comment deserves a gift says the legend hehe! I'm here using this toy, I can't sleep. Thanks UAD

481-500 von 502 Ergebnisse