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Korg® SDD-3000 Digital Delay


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s. chestnut

6. Februar 2024

Please add to UAD Spark

Please add to UAD Spark

S. Rico Hernandez

10. Januar 2024


Sin duda el mejor Diley que tenemos en mi estudio

B. Gotch

6. Januar 2024

Korg SDD-3000

Very impressed with this delay creating unique sounds is very easy

A. Lewis

22. November 2023

Loving this for those U2 delay tones.

I love plugging my Strat directly into my Apollo using 2 channels. That way, I can have 2 instances of this plugin in parallel. Great tones!

L. Kagenaar

13. November 2023

Amazing delay

I often need a digital delay that delivers instant vibe and this one does just that, quick and easy !
Im hoping for a native version soon ! ;)

m. tery

18. Oktober 2023


i m very delighted about the preamp of this delay

F. Verjux

16. Oktober 2023


Sounds exactly as expected including the unisson preamplifier !

B. George

19. September 2023

Excellent delay for Lead guitar

Excellent delay for Lead guitar. Unique sounding different from Echoboy/Timeless

J. Moya

30. Juli 2023

Love it

Such a great digital delayer will use it over my pedals since it’s easier to program

V. German

18. Juni 2023

A great classic!

Great device! Unusual effects of delay
and overdrive effects. Very effective on guitar and unusual results on keyboards

D. Spano

6. April 2023

The best

Very, very cool!!!

E. Midzic

4. April 2023


Sehr gut

R. Brown

4. März 2023

Korg SDD-3000 Review

I have loads of delay plugins but nothing quite hits the spot like the UAD Korg SDD-3000 delay. I use it on almost everything now, and couldn’t be without it.

R. Reid

16. Januar 2023

Great Delay

I really love this delay. It is particularly wonderful for guitar, and it works great for synths and vocals as well.

J. Harris

10. Januar 2023

Korg SDD-3000

I like this plugin! I have used this in it's analog form and therefore know how to get around on it. Plus, I like its' sound. This is a good addition to my available UA plugins!


7. Januar 2023

Really good!

really good, especially appreciate the unison function of the preamp

K. Thura

9. Dezember 2022

Great For Vocal and GTR

Really nice delay unit!The sound very nice.

J. Neves

14. Oktober 2022


I never thought I’d be buying another delay until I demo’ed the Korg SDD3000…

A. Pasco

3. Oktober 2022

Great delay

Super happy with this delay. Does exactly what I need it to do. Great sound!

C. Zalapa

8. Juli 2022

Great For Sound Design

Use it on pads and synth lines!

1-20 von 191 Ergebnisse

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