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Hitsville Reverb Chambers


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J. Reed

18. November 2022


This reverb is amazing, nothing else like it. I also love the info it gives you about the different chambers, mics, speakers and history.

E. Kruse

13. November 2022

Dieser Reverb ist etwas ganz Besonderes

Unglaublich gut klingender ,mit zig Möglichkeiten zur Klangformung gestalteter Reverb, der seinesgleichen sucht.

D. Marais

8. November 2022

Sound is just phenomenal

This is just the old-school, funky, spacious reverb I was looking for. It's truly beautiful, with stunning reflections and a tail that is smooth and dreamy. Congrats to the UA wizards! Stunning emulation.

UAD User

8. November 2022

Used on a mix

It's dope, you think you've heard all that ITB revebrs have to offer? Get this and expect your expectations to be blown out of the water!

4 Artikel