Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe


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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe


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R. Kirk

14. März 2019

Roll off your guitar volume a bit for best tone!

Having owned several vintage Fender amps.. the clean and semi-clean tones are really why I bought this - along with the more mid-forward Tweed tone - and it certainly doesn't disappoint! Roll off your guitar volume a bit (if needed) to help dial in a super usable clean-to-breaking up tone. I'll sometimes get happily lost just playing the Fender '55 as if it was the real deal.

If you casually start spinning knobs you can end up with a bit of fizz when in overdrive territory, but this *is* an authentic sound of certain Fender amps - and - is easy enough to overcome. So if you're struggling with the Fender gain structure and want to see how to dial in some incredible tone.. be sure and check out Pete Thorn's video demo of this plugin.

R. Peters

5. März 2019

Best amp simulation I've ever used.

I absolutely love the response and feel. Although I have never used the real amp, I'm very impressed with this. To me it's simply the best feeling and sounding simulation out there. Use it every day.

R. Goins

2. März 2019


Amazing sound from this one. Use it with a Les Paul or Tele. You won't be disappointed.

R. Trevor

2. März 2019

A Good and Nasty Amp !

For old school Funk, low fi Garage Rock and Country this amp just shines !
It's a must have amp.
I wish I got it sooner.

E. Clinton

26. Februar 2019

Solid Sound

Ich bin so begeistert.. Meine Gitarre klingt so wie mir es vorgestellt habe. Keep it going !!

N. Bryce

28. Januar 2019


I actually use this plug-in to sing through it gives me that old vintage sound I’ve always been looking for I love this plug-in !

d. platipodis

22. Januar 2019

Sounds great

Most digital amps sound cheesy in my opinion but this thing sounds spot on

J. Rubio

19. Januar 2019

Fender 55’ Tweed

Lo mejor , el sonido saturado . No tiene unos limpios muy utilizables . Sabor a Fender . Si no tienes el original , este ampli te da lo más aproximado a un precio interesante .

d. danieli

18. Januar 2019

Fender '55 Tweed

I`m not a guitarist but some settings are usefull , it works , awesome plugin

N. Bryce

17. Januar 2019


Singing through this is amazing! I have always wanted that old vintage sound and this nailed it! Thank you so much for creating the Fender 55 tweed delux! Now one of my songs on my albums will be how I have always wanted...

E. Buckley

15. Januar 2019

Disappointing Sound

I purchased this plug w/o auditioning it first so I`m a bit annoyed at myself. Having said that, this plug does not come close to anything in the analog domain. Not sure what I`m doing wrong because a lot of users apparently like this plug but for me, its a no go. I honestly get better tones with the stock plug ins in Digital Performer and Logic.

T. Davine

15. Januar 2019

Fender Tweed

Great amp, sounds warm and velvety with my es335

b. gabrielli

13. Januar 2019


je ne suis pas guitariste mais je suis resté étonner de la qualité

M. Korovenko

13. Januar 2019

Fender '55

It's a lot better than I expected, actually, it's better than everything I tried.

M. You

13. Januar 2019

love it~~~

정말 좋은 앰프입니다. 클린톤과 크런치톤이 아주 마음에 들고
다른 회사의 플러그인 앰프들과는 두께 차이가 많이 나네요

M. Keilhauer

10. Januar 2019

Cool Vintage

Unfortunatly I don't own a real piece of that beauty but this plugin is a lot of fun and played over my Apollo Twin it sounds cool.

P. Dudzikowski

9. Januar 2019

i like it

It works, i`m not loosing my mind but some settings are usefull

g. jerald

28. Dezember 2018


If you want power from your guitar this is the plug-in for you. The fender 55 tweed amp plug-in is just what I was looking for.
Unless you are filthy rich you won’t be affording every amp that you desire. But this will take care of it at least for now.

j. Hudes

27. Dezember 2018

Most upfront sound of any ampsim

Before buying this plug-in I demoed every ampsim plugin available. I’ve been recording guitars for 20 years and I was not looking for a realistic simulation. That’s not the point. The very idea of that is not relevant to me. The difference between a good tone and messy, un-usable tone is often comes down to one centimeter of mic positioning or angle so I don’t need that kind of headache! This plugin sounds the most upfront and « in your face » which is exactly what I want when I think of using Fender amps. So it really is perfect! With an overdrive pedal infront of it, it can sound massive and works as you’d expect it to. It’s frankly as great for extremely distorted sounds (with other plugins before it) as it is for clean sounds.

R. Visbal

21. Dezember 2018

Real Fender Tone!!!

I bought the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe to add a different color to my guitars and it's just great. It's easy to use and it works like the real thing. Another awesome plugin from UA indeed.

221-240 von 580 Ergebnisse