Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe


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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe


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R. Hegdahl

3. Januar 2017

I build tube amps and this sounds Amazing!

I didn't want to like this...truly! I've built many hand wired fender tweed copies... I've recorded all of them. This plugin nails the tone. The only thing that's missing is the interaction a guitar and an amp have together. If you don't think this is a great plugin then you either don't like or know tweed tone. Thanks UA!

B. Schultz

3. Januar 2017

One of the hippest great sounding..

I'm floored. One of the best sounding amp plugins I'm running... I use the uad family for both tracking and re-amping. This one far and away does exactly what I need... even re-amping a Marshall or a Friedman to make it sit in the track with not too much other processing... well maybe a bit of 33609 lol ...

J. Benathan

1. Januar 2017

Nice but ...

Compared to "industry standard" amp modelers (hardware or plug in), the visuals are certainly great but UAD '55 clearly lacks flexibility when it comes to amp settings (not mentioning mics selection/positioning etc.). For instance, getting a warm clean usable sound is quite challenging. Volume has to be set with a standard Strat at less than 1. Furthermore, I would have appreciated a possibility to set the bias of the amp and hear the natural "sag" of vintage amp tubes. Maybe this will be fixed with a forthcoming update of this plugin.

A. Crowley

28. Dezember 2016

Go to for clean tones

I prefer this to the Marshall simulations as I generally want a cleaner tone, this has a lovely warmth to it

T. Urban

21. Dezember 2016

Excellent Job! People, read the manual and learn to use it!

I teach online Skype music tech classes. I was surprised to have so many students come to me and say they do not like this amp modeling. The distortion characteristics are really amazing! Everything about the plugin is great. But, you must first understand how to use it. I cannot plug and play with my guitars and get the sound I want. I must gain stage properly and then I can start to tweak to get the sounds I need. 5 Stars, but learn to use it, otherwise, you may not hear what this plugin is capable of.

J. White

18. Dezember 2016

Country music all day

This thing sounds incredible for country electric guitars. I was worried that there was absolutely no way of getting a clean tone but to my own amazement that is achievable too! It definitely isn't whisper clean, but it responds like you would expect from the real thing.

R. Bowling

14. Dezember 2016


As an old school relic I prefer a MIX in my Electric Guitar Amps...This is as close to my own Fender Amp as you can get....Works with my Tele & my Pedal Steel

C. X

9. Dezember 2016

iAm SO Annoyed ✖

iOwn many amp simulations that if iHad saved all the cash spent on them iCould have bought an original Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe and still had change left over. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration there but still. Most soft amp sims have a common denominator - they sound slightly, to very muddy & lack the life that electricity brings to anologue components - this is where the UAD Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe differs - plug your guitar in and you actually feel you could be close to electrifying yourself - it certainly sounds that way.

For choice of tone, harmonic distortion, playability and convincing simulation of a real guitar amplifier - nothing comes close to the UAD Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe - the best soft amp ever - NO exaggeration. iAm so annoyed with myself that iDidn't take the time to try and buy it sooner - iWould have saved a ton of cash and been a much happier guitarist ✖

G. Hout

4. Dezember 2016

Most beloved amp sim for Unison direct tracking

I have been using the Tweed for a few months now and it does a very convincing job. I use it in Unison mode so I track the guitar and the amp. This works especially good rhythm guitar (I put a Fairchild and a Pultec behind it for dynamic and tonal balance). Still tracking dry for solo though, and still relying on Amplitube 4 for that. But the nasty rhythm sound of my Tele through the Tweed is definitely worth 5 stars.

J. Banfield

3. Dezember 2016

Stunning, but power hungry

I've never been able to own a real tube Fender amp. This has made it very easy to dial in the tone and get classic rock sounds without spending thousands of dollars. I can't compare to the real thing, but the sounds are recognizable and the response is amazing. Very happy with this amp and it is my go-to for jamming. My only complaint is that it is very DSP hungry. Don't expect to run much more on one of the less powerful Apollos. Totally worth it though!

G. Cooperman

2. Dezember 2016

too much DSP too brittle for harp

I've owned both a Fender and Victoria Harvard..This plug -in is way more brittle than the real thing. I have only used it for harmonica after the recording and not for guitar..It does have a similar dynamic adjustment as the real thing. It would be just ok if it didn't use so much DSP... It cuts off the other plug ins even with the 6 processors of the Apollo Twin and Satellite Quad.. using it for 2 tracks...I'm happy with my other UAD plug ins. wish I had not bought this one.

C. Ryan

1. Dezember 2016

Really Versatile and sounds great

Between the Mic combinations and the speaker selection can really craft some nice tones. I've used it with strats and tele's and been super happy with the results

C. Ryan

1. Dezember 2016

Lots of Variety and sounds great!

Ive really like the variety of tones that are available between the mic combinations and the speaker selection really useful for tracking and getting different guitar sounds to fit together

A. Pollien

28. November 2016

Great simulation

Fractal axe fx user here. I fall in love with this simulation! Simple, efficient, dynamic, look nice. I particularly like the fact that the simulation has a very realistic behavior in term of dynamic and saturation. Not really a plug and play thing: but raw true! sound nice with stompbox. Like the real thing!

A. Pollien

28. November 2016

Very cool!

Fractal axe fx user here. I fall in love with this simulation! Simple, efficient, dynamic, look nice. I particularly like the fact that the simulation has a very realistic behavior in term of dynamic and saturation. Not really a plug and play thing: but raw true! sound nice with stompbox. Like the real thing!

B. Autry

18. November 2016

Makes want a real tweed amp...

No joke.. This plugin is so inspiring to play. Don't hesitate to buy this one!

M. Meyer

18. November 2016

you wanna have that!

Well... just try the demo... you gonna buy it anyways because it will not sound less good by the time. It sounds really authentic from the beginning and I never got a satisfying sound already with presets from other amp emulations. I've read you cannot get a bad sound out of it and I think I'll have to agree. Sweet!

S. Elmblad

17. November 2016

Good cleans, bad overdrive

I think this plugin sounds absolutely marvelous wehn it comes to clean, and absolutely dreadful when it comes to overdriven sounds. Something went wrong.

S. Sinclair

17. November 2016

Great Amp Feel and Tone

I'm a mix engineer by day and a session guitarist by night. I purchased this amp along with the Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 a few months ago. I tend to run these amps with the UAD 88RS. I've almost quit the need for booking studios to record with real amps. The feel of these two plugs are amazing. Majority of amp plugins out there don't have that believable high end and amp touch. Clients, artists and the labels get married to their sound as well.

T. Huge

13. November 2016

This should have 5 stars across the board

The few low reviews of this plugin are from people who just aren't into this kind of amp and do not reflect the quality of the plugin, which is bar none. I own a high-end, NOS everything clone of a '58 tweed deluxe and I'll still be using this plugin for recording as much as the real thing. It's SUPPOSED to have an early, creamy-yet-dirty breakup....that's what is amp is legendary for. It's my favorite amp series of any amp ever, so I felt validated that it was the one amp sim plugin that UA took the time to make themselves. SO much respect for this brand and it's continued commitment to excellence.

501-520 von 610 Ergebnisse