Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay


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Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay


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D. Lacroix

29. Dezember 2019

Needed in The Arsenal

Self explanatory make your drums, melodies, and vocals come alive with more spices and flavor.

S. Alekseev

16. Dezember 2019

One of the best plugins delay

Beautiful analog delay perfectly suitable for any material and in any genre. Very little load on the DSP, but it still sounds fantastic! 5 points!


16. Dezember 2019

Must have

Sounds so great for electric guitars, Wurlitzer, Rhodes and some lead vocals !

A. Keuter

6. Dezember 2019

Must have

Must have fot lead guitars,

G. Livingston

28. November 2019

My favorite garden hose

It's really unique. Great as a stereo widener. Also very enjoyable at more extreme settings.


23. November 2019


A top delay.

M. Bramley

11. November 2019

This a Bill Putman masterpiece! and Universal Audio is a 'work of art!'

..the Cooper Time Cube Mk2 is totally original have created a dream out of a plug-in that is so full of life......the garden hose lives forever...use your ears and create some magic! Brilliant!

s. santoni

15. Oktober 2019



I. Batista

14. Oktober 2019

Wider and stronger

Not only the Cooper Time Cube makes distorted guitars wider, but also more beautiful and agressive. The combination with LA-3 is unbeatable.

D. Perini

19. September 2019

Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay


T. Funklord

6. August 2019

Not like the others

Great for atmospheric layering, when you just want a touch of something different. A versatile sidekick for sound design sessions.

C. Jaeggi

3. Juli 2019


Instant new sound for your song, maybe the whole album. So expressive : )

C. Jaeggi

3. Juli 2019


Instant new sound for your song, maybe the whole album. So expressive : )

G. Livingston

30. Juni 2019

default preset widens

So beautifully. I really enjoy this plugin. It's very unique and is a great vocal Widener in the default

UAD User

27. Juni 2019

Cooper time cube

Increíble la funcionalidad de este plugin

V. Imre

15. Juni 2019

Cooper Time Cube Mk II Delay

Great for vocals and guitar. Plugin "oldies but goldies" :)

N. Jeremic

1. Juni 2019

Must have for keyboards!

The default setting of Cooper Time Cube can really make you keyboards wide and thick.
Pianos, mallet keys instruments, you name it. Very nice on guitars too, but where it shines the most is on analogue synths doing sequences and big leads.

E. Chapo

30. Mai 2019

Very unique delay sound

I really like the way it behaves!

A. Bertók

14. Mai 2019

My Favorite Delay Plugin

This is my favorite delay plugin. Great sound. Super vocal doubler.

F. Rainville Côté

14. Mai 2019

Must have!

This one is a must have and it’s VERY versatile!

21-40 von 314 Ergebnisse