Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle


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Classic FX Bundle


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R. Metelkin

31. August 2020


Wherever I use it, it always turns out atmospheric and voluminous, I especially liked to work with it on guitars. Very ambient and shimmer, top in my Delay collection

A. Williams

31. August 2020

A cracking little plug in!

I love this chorus plug in. Adds beautiful width and a warmth to loads of different sources.

D. Pece

30. August 2020

Just wow!

Universal Audio raised the plug-in Bar. Every UA plugin that I own sounds truly brilliant and real to the actual hardware.

L. Gonzalez

30. August 2020


L. Gonzalez

29. August 2020


Gran coro

l. min

28. August 2020

so good

so good !!!!!!!!!


27. August 2020

Has done wonders...

for vocals at times! Can get pretty wide, and sounds great in a mix.

M. Malinski

24. August 2020

Must have

Very natural sounding
I use every time I need natural sounding chorus

M. Pribble

24. August 2020

Sounds exactly like I remember!

I owned one of these bad boys back in the day and this sounds just like it!! brings back so many wonderful memories just using the plug in!!

E. Koch

20. August 2020

not complaining..

it's not the roland i don't have,
but yeah; this is one super sweet tape saturation muti delay for sure...
i have nothing to compare it to, but that's the same reason i certainly appreciate having it :)

T. Fleet

19. August 2020


Great sounding chorus, simple controls.

T. Williams

16. August 2020

Easy to Use

Great on any track, easy to use and sounds nice. Definitely nice to have and different than the studio D chorus.

T. Williams

16. August 2020

Widen Just about any sound

Super cool plug in, most of my tracks touch it in some sort of way. Really Widens the sounds.

J. Gerlofs

16. August 2020

Simple & Great!

love the sound and the options off this plugin. Great layout.

J. Zapata

14. August 2020

execelente producto me encanto

execelente producto me encanto

P. Gallegos

11. August 2020


Very unique chorus fx with lots of creativity to squeeze out of it!

c. Alarcon

9. August 2020

Excelent !

Great chorus plugin

C. Bruce

9. August 2020


Try putting this on your bass tracks. It brings them alive.

C. Bruce

9. August 2020

My Favorite

My favorite plugin. When you have a Radiohead preset you know I’m gonna love it.

J. Asalde Vidaurre

2. August 2020


es un plugin maravilloso. me gusta el brillo que le da la voz y la imponencia de los efectos. 100% recomendado

21-40 von 934 Ergebnisse