Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle


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Classic FX Bundle


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N. Sharif

29. September 2018

Another great UAD plug in

Very Vintage style and sounds great.
Thank you UAD for this great plug in

K. Gleason

27. September 2018

Good Chorus but lots of competition

This pedal does the trick but at this point there are so many good choruses with more functionality you'd have to be really loyal to the Boss original. I think this is a good contender for a Unison upgrade with new component modeling. I think that would take it to the next level for guitarists and synth folks.

H. Barretto

27. September 2018


excellent chorus!

C. Lesca

24. September 2018

Nice Sound

It's a nice chours sound to bass and guitarr. I like this.

J. Payne

19. September 2018

So fun

This the best sounding RE-201 style delay I've had the pleasure of playing with. But where's MIDI CC control??? My one frustration is not being able to control the settings with my MIDI controllers.

M. Sidaway

19. September 2018

Great emulation from 70’s / 80’s

I am enjoying this pedal plugin. I think it is an excellent emulation of 70’s / 80’s chorus pedal which I also own but without all of the inherent noise of the original. Great sounds achieved on Telecaster and Gretsch. As a bonus I added subtle effect to backing harmonies - really interesting effect.

E. Pensa

18. September 2018


Awesome and easy to use! Minimal sounds tho, but still killer !

G. Lepca

17. September 2018


Sounds really good. Thanks UA.

B. Tamko

17. September 2018

Made me surprised

I was needed to get a warm sound from electric guitar that was recorded directly to "line in". I tried different amps and cabinet but nothing helped until I got this plugin. Surprisingly the send effect to Brigade Chorus gave me exactly THAT warm sound I wanted to get.

UAD User

16. September 2018

Subtle or Bold

Have been using this plugin for about a week and been really happy with it. There's a lot of control of nuance. I enjoy how it feels "real"... like an old chorus pedal.

V. Cardinale

15. September 2018

Simply The Best!

Is the best Chorus that I tried.... precision and quality! Magic on bass! Wow... Amazing!

j. graham

15. September 2018

brigade chorus

best sounding chorus plugin I've heard

UAD User

11. September 2018

Great Plugin

Many years ago I used the Roland. This plugin sound great and I use it on my guitar tracks.

P. Daly

6. September 2018

Alternative to you know what..

Nice on bass and vocal fx chain. It has some of that thickening 3D vibe the original Ensemble is famous for (which are €300-400 2nd hand last time I checked)

C. Shatswell

2. September 2018


This product is absolutely amazing and sounds fantastic!!!

C. Ehler

31. August 2018

More than you think

This thing works on more than you think. Vocals , drums , keys , Gtr’s and bass . A little goes a long way. Some dummies might criticize the chorus sound but that’s just because they don’t know what they’re doing . Rock on

v. courtin

30. August 2018

Spaceship .

Bring your guitar and synth to another galaxy .

A. Sheh

25. August 2018

Seems a good chorus

Emm...nothing strange. Sounds good

G. Hardman

23. August 2018

REAL Chorus....

Sounds great on bass and Vox effects bus. Really shines on guitar also Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and Rush riffs come to life with this.

g. denham

22. August 2018


I have, for YEARS, been trying to get a full 3 dimensional chorus that doesn't sound like I'm singing through a toy. Waves Mondo Mod was ok but did in a pinch. I couldn't find one. Like anywhere. Everywhere I looked for what I thought Chorus should sound like and there just wasn't one.

If I'd have known about this hardware unit, I would have had one already. Now I don't need one. I tried this once and was in love within 5 seconds. I don't care about a million parameters if they all sound thin and mechanical. This takes the mechanical sound out of it and somehow magically transforms vocals into a musical spread across the stereo field. There is no other chorus that matters. This will be used on 98% of my tracks.

221-240 von 622 Ergebnisse