Chandler Limited® Curve Bender Mastering EQ

Chandler Limited® Curve Bender Mastering EQ


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Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ


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M. Mainz

12. Juli 2016


This had replaced my goto Buss EQ ( Manley Massive Passive) at once.
Congatulations - the first EQ Plugin that gives you a real sweet analog Sound.

j. kim

11. Juli 2016

it's really nice master EQ

nice movement. and really warmth and sweet.
i always using by master bus.
really satisfy

UAD User

30. Juni 2016

chandler curve bender

The name is strange but this is a beautiful eq. I find that by using a subtle ammount it seems to give something to a track that perhaps otherwise would be missing. I love this eq.

S. Laurendeau

29. Juni 2016

Chandler Curve Bender EQ

The most musical EQ to put on my master buss. The emulation is stunning. I used the hardware for years. Bravo!

M. Diaz Velez

28. Juni 2016

Simply amazing

I bought this EQ because I knew the amazing sound of the hardware... I have to say that I was amazed with the sound quality of it and fits perfectly in my mixes leveraging them to a new level. Well done guys!

J. Maasbach

23. Juni 2016


This was one of the 3 pieces of hardware I wanted as a plugin format! Never heard the real thing, but every hit mixing engineer is using one. So it should be good, right?

Demoed it and the first thing I realized was the sweet and musical high frequenties. Even without any eq, only on the master bus, makes your mixes sound more analog, but not in a dramatic way! (it doesn't muddy or blur the sound at all)

I never write reviews, but this is the best master bus eq I've ever heard. In combination with the shadow hills mastering compressor (the discrete) makes my master bus a super sounding, final chain!

Try it and you will certainly buy it!

Also the filters are super sweetttttt.....

M. Troest

20. Juni 2016

Exceptional EQ!

With this plugin it is simply impossible to over EQ! can make anything sound better while still not sounding EQed at all.
Magic on vocals and the mix bus!

T. Hedden

10. Juni 2016


I really love what this does to guitars! Smooth, responsive and extremely natural sounding.

UAD User

8. Juni 2016

Superb mastering EQ

The Curve Bender is a superb mastering EQ (in my opinion). This EQ is giving my productions something extra, something special, something no other EQ has done before. I love the fact that you can push the frequenties really hard without making your song sound harsh. It's a real pleasure to work with. A++ for UAD!

N. Caldarulo

7. Juni 2016

Great plugin!

Tried the demo and immediately liked. It brings life to drum bus and master! buy and you will not regret! ;)

R. Hartley

6. Juni 2016

Who Needs Another EQ??

very skeptical on this one...I mean really...another EQ? I have the Massive Passive. BUT, then I demo'd the Curve Bender and it blew me away - unbelievably super smooth, open. Indiv tracks, drum buss, mix... it's just amazing the way it opens up the sound. So, I guess the answer is, 'ME'... because I bought it and I love it.

H. T.Kristoffersen

2. Juni 2016

Smooth and accurate

Had been thinking of getting the hardware version for a while. That thought is now on hold. The Curve Bender Plug-In sounds every bit like i would have been expecting the hardware version to sound like. Thumbs up!

N. Young

25. Mai 2016

Smooth and Sexy

WOW! I was blown away by the smoothness of the top end on this. It definitely thickens and colors, so not the most transparent of EQ's, but gives instant vibe. I LOVE this on the master buss - also tried on kick, drum "crotch" mic, vocals - sounds amazing every time.

N. Cappellino

24. Mai 2016

Curve Bender is an exceptional EQ!

Like so many of the hardware units they emulate, it's become a hallmark of UA that you hear the benefit of the plugin simply by assigning it to a track - before you even make any adjustments. The Chandler Curve Bender EQ is no different and I got it just in time to use on an album mix as I was doing revisions. The Curve Bender on the 2 Mix bus and occasionally on the vocal was magic. Smooth, responsive, gentle and clear with a lot of flexibility. The true test is does it make it better and is it worth the extra math that's going on in the digital domain? With so many great plugin emulations available I try to find the right voice or character for the task. Again and again I keep reaching for UA products no matter what the application.

S. Kirkland

23. Mai 2016

Simply Stunning

I've been hearing about the Curve Bender's "Magic Sauce" And I must say this does not disappoint. There's a warm coziness to its sound that draws you into the mix unlike anything I've heard before. Simply Stunning!

D. Webster

18. Mai 2016

Easy and Smooth

This plugin sounds great! On my master bus I can add just a little EQ to sweeten things up or I can make larger EQ cuts and boosts without sounding harsh or muddy. I definitely recommend this plugin!

J. Baron

18. Mai 2016

Curve eq

Well as an eq it is on the level of all the uad eq's it sounds very transparent and clean ,great for buss eq or on a main buss because it's not a over the top eq it is very subtle,but good enough to dial in any sound ,plus it's light on the CPU ,once again ,as always great job ua!!!!

p. larkin

17. Mai 2016

Woah vibe city

Instant warm and sweet vibe with this plugin. Demoed it and had to buy it. The "warmth" and "sweetness" of boosts and cuts reminded me of my Chandler Lil Devil EQ, which was a few times the price for a single channel. Quite a feat IMHO. Definitely check out this plugin, it's a winner. Good work Softube and UA.

A. Ice

11. Mai 2016

Soft and Warm

Love the sound of this EQ! Fixed alot of sampled material with it's gentle tone and also it made some magic on my master bus! So pity I can't afford it at the moment, so I need to work hard next 14 days until demo expires :)

T. Hoogland

4. Mai 2016

Vibey and Musical

I've wanted this in plugin form for YEARS. Having never been truly satisfied with the ITB Manley, MDW, Millenia and the like as a mix bus EQ finding them either boring, flat and uninspiring I honestly feel I can lay to rest the search. It's got an amazingly rich tone and musical EQ that you can boost for days and not feel like you're screwing anything up. Really happy with this, great job Softube!

141-160 von 160 Ergebnisse

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