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Capitol Chambers


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J. Coomes

31. Dezember 2023

Favorite reverb

I really like the warm, kind of dark vibe of this reverb. I’m using it on all my tracks.

S. Laporte

31. Dezember 2023


My new favorite vocal reverb.. And also works great with snares and acoustic guitar, has a nice round, luscious sound that just sits perfectly in a track, kudos :)

E. Zorgman

26. Dezember 2023

Wrap around and dark

Aside from the beautiful lush sounds and spaces this gives, the way it wraps around a sound is amazing. I've compared this to a number of other reverbs and this just ads that dark tone, or the right amount of space to a sound. Not too thin, not too bright. Even on pads in electric music that way it enhances a sound and creates more depth and space.

Y. Rotem

17. Dezember 2023

Lush detailed best chamber reverb

This thing is great, especially on vocals where you want a slightly dark and thick vintage chamber verb. Adds great drama and 3d elements to a sound and paces it perfectly in the mix. You can also run this really wet and it still sounds unbelievably good!

A. Larrabee

16. Dezember 2023

Iconic sound

Just so easy to get good sounds from this. Subtle changes in mic position or selection can make the reverb fit so easily in a mix. And great presets to save you some time. Must have for anybody working with vocals regularly.

S. Mashin

14. Dezember 2023

My Reverb #1

Since I tried this reverb, it has become my favorite choice. Absolutely extraordinary plugin.

E. Shipley

13. Dezember 2023

Beautiful reverb!!!!

The sounds of Capitol at home!!! Beautiful reverb!!!! Thank you!!!!


12. Dezember 2023


Nice touch on the vocals!

f. scolfaro

11. Dezember 2023

elegant and tweakable chamber

Does what it says in the box :) very elegant sounding chamber captures, with a distinct advantage of not just shortening times by changing the associated mic distances (which would be a normal case of use with traditional impulse responses).

Plus, you get several chambers, with several mics that all sound very different. Very useful, UAD knows reverb and dynamics as well as only a distinct few in the digital domain.

J. Oosthuizen

11. Dezember 2023

Great Chamber!

Very happy with this, super musical sounding reverb!

S. Lopez

9. Dezember 2023


Comparing it to the Valhalla , Pro-R, RAUM, Trueverb etc… this one stands out. There’s something about realism that’s just better. Most you peeps could care less but I believe reverb plays a big part in how your mix sounds. Yeah the others are dope I use them too, but they sound fake like a computer made them feel me. You want that real s*!t grab this straight up

J. Philippi

9. Dezember 2023

Rich and vibey

It's just fun to use and sits in every mix I make. Fantastic

M. Martinez

9. Dezember 2023


This reverb is unique. I love it.

L. Kagenaar

5. Dezember 2023

Reverb royalty

This reverb has an iconic character, wrapping a royal mantle around any signal…..conjuring majestic sounds once only available to a select few, with a mere mouse-click on your laptop.

T. Lockett

1. Dezember 2023

The Real Deal

Having worked at Capitol, I can say this plugin captures the Capitol vibe completely, it sounds great on anything you throw at it. I own a few other Camber IR reverbs, and this is my favorite, worth every penny

F. Hasan

30. November 2023

beautiful sounds!

easy to use, one of the best reverb i had!


30. November 2023

Irreplaceable for me now

I have all sorts of reverbs, and many of them very very good, but this is a sound unlike any other. The uniqueness of the way they cleverly created all these reverbs back in the day is so special, I can't live without it now.

D. Wylie

29. November 2023

It just works... and sounds great

Beautiful sounds, good presets as starting points, and very intuitive to use. I was concerned it might be a real drag on my computer but (at least, using it sensibly on a few aux/bus channels) it's fine. I use this all the time now

G. Gray

29. November 2023

Ease of use

Really holds up compared to our digital Outboard and OurLive chamber

F. Roberts

28. November 2023

It sounds good on default

This plug makes it easy to dial in pro sound. Awesome reverb.

41-60 von 643 Ergebnisse