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Capitol Chambers


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B. Joseph

29. Februar 2020

Best Reverb At An Expense.

By far the best reverb I’ve ever heard for vocals but uses an unrealistic amount of dsp. Sounds so good but can’t use it in a real life mixing scenarios

C. Davies

27. Februar 2020

The Cap

Best reverb I own
This is just magnificent
Thanks for all the effort that went into this

R. Gun

27. Februar 2020


I can not understand how this is possible, most people seems to like it much.
It was a part of a promotion, so i got it with new hardware, but i would never pay (indirectly i did pay for it though) for that - i will not use it ever.
it sounds nasty, it sounds quite colored, not much difference in the 4 Chambers, partially not centered pan weight, no motion in the reverb tail, the Mics do not give bolt sound, not even a true stereo in and it consumes so absurd much DSP.
Let alone the built in EQ. Destroyed.
I would say a simple Impulse Response loaded in a convolver (like most DAW come with) does the job much better.
So clarly a NO GO.

P. Lallis

26. Februar 2020

Not Happy

I am not a fan of Capitol Chambers .
If i could change it for another plugin i would gladly do it.

C. Doerschlag

23. Februar 2020

Best reverb

Hands down the best room reverb I’ve ever used


21. Februar 2020

My studio has a new reverb chamber

I love it. It just is amazing. Detailed, complex, smooth and easy to use, it suits basically any sources you could think of. Really. I’m amazed by the flexibility of this reverb. And the more I work with it, the more it proves versatile.
I highly recommend it.
It’s a no brainer and, in the end, a must have for any producer.

P. McLaughlin

19. Februar 2020

Very picky...

New to mixing professionally, but I've been listening to music and using reverb for a long time. I'm very picky and do not use the majority of reverb pedals for my guitar rig. Prefer spring or for a really deep atmosphere a Mr black is stellar. I demoed this as an aux in an old school country tune. I sent it everywhere at 100%. I'm not sure there is a bad setting on it at all, though 100% wet and no blend is pretty rough for most (could probably get that mr black sound though). Definitely, an obvious difference. Alot of plugins I find myself listening critically for the changes and to see how vintage or analog they sound. This is like piping your mix into a chamber. It's so natural. Listen to old capital label records and that's it.

Long story short I bought the octo satellite as this and the new compressors were on my list. At 150 a piece on sale, it's like paying 600 for more dsp.

j. campos

15. Februar 2020

Technological Marvel

To my ears the most natural reverb that I've heard in plug in form. Best if used as an bus send/retrun as it does require some DSP to operate, The sound though, is worth the processing requirement. I've been able to tailor the settings to suit just about any and all of my reverb/dimensional needs. very transparent and fully variable. UA is my go to for quality audio products both analog and digital. Thanks for all of the hard work !!!

M. Seitz

15. Februar 2020

Oh yeah!

Amazing rooms - amazing modeled...
Nearly on all my tracks since I got it...

J. Westra

11. Februar 2020

Really wanted this

It provides more than enough on any setting almost too much. DSP eater. Couldn't run four of these in a mix with other plug-ins on 24 tracks for me.

S. McFadyen

7. Februar 2020

Yes, yes, yes.

I've cast a bit of shade on some UAD plugs. To my ear, there are a number of emus that could really use an update, or never really lived up to their promises. It's kind of sad when you know the tool you're instantiating is not up to the current standard. It kind of tarnishes the collection as a whole.
This one however, is a jewel in the UAD crown. For me this one is setting the pace for the rest. With this one the others will be catching up for a while.

S. Pomeroy

5. Februar 2020

Beautiful Reverb

A great sounding and versatile Reverb. Well chuffed.

y. perroux

2. Februar 2020


Great work !

y. perroux

2. Februar 2020


Great work !

s. yang

31. Januar 2020

I fell in love with you

I am so happy to meet you legendary.

I am very excited to work with you in the future.

Thank you for always Universal Audio.

If you sell a little more often, I don't want anything more. :)

J. Chase

20. Januar 2020

A Capitol Investment!

Liked demoing this enough to make a purchase.

Tried the Capitol Chambers plugin on 12 tracks of strings, sax, vocals, acoustic guitar, and fell in love with the richness and pleasing tails.

Good set of simple controls makes tweaking to taste very easy.

Thanks again U.A.

D. Yudin

19. Januar 2020


How much reverb do you need? it has everything!

s. watanabe

16. Januar 2020



A. Bingham

15. Januar 2020


This thing is just so great sounding. Endless tweaks, but just so easy to dial in.

O. Dramaretskiy

14. Januar 2020


Sound like a magic!!!!! Great work UA!!!

381-400 von 590 Ergebnisse