Brigade Chorus Pedal

Brigade Chorus Pedal


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Brigade Chorus Pedal


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H. Kim

4. Juli 2020


Good Quality!

A. Al Raisi

2. Juli 2020



M. Strodtmann

27. Juni 2020

Nice tool!

Brings a nice color into your tone!

N. Degtyarev

27. Juni 2020


Thanks great plugins. Perfect!!!

J. Gawlik

25. Juni 2020

it's not only a beautifully-sounding chorus but much more ...

it's not only a beautifully-sounding chorus but much more ...

R. Weldam

24. Juni 2020

Brigade Chorus Pedal Parade

I got this plugin for free after registration of my Apollo Twin Quad. I love it. I liked gear and plugins that are simple and only have a few knobs but do exactly what they need to do and do that very good. I really recommend this one. And of course. I have no problems with more free goodies haha.

J. Lee

21. Juni 2020


good quality!

D. Torres

19. Juni 2020

Nice chorus

Great sound

D. Torres

19. Juni 2020

Nice chorus

Works fine

I. Inkilä

18. Juni 2020

Great sounding

Compared to other chorus plugins I have, this is clearly the winner. Easy to use and lush sounding. Plugin graphics are pleasing as always.

B. Ford

15. Juni 2020

Cool Little Chorus

Nice effect. Easy to use!!!


UAD User

15. Juni 2020

Sounds just like the pedal!

Not only is it a great warm analog sounding chorus with good features, put it on your guitar channel and it has that 70's-80's vibe immediately.

M. Rahali

13. Juni 2020

fidele à l'original

Très important comme effet pour les instruments. vraiment très difficile à trouver un défaut.

J. Martorell Pastor

9. Juni 2020

Organic Vintage Sound

I got this Chorus Pedal when I registered my Apollo Twin X and it sounds great! I've been using it with my guitar amps and it gives you that vintage organic sound of a chorus. It sounds very close to the pedal. The great thing is that you can use it for vocals and other instruments. Great job!

M. Hughen

5. Juni 2020

New To UAD Plug-ins

Have got to say this plug-in pedal sound great,managed to get that David Gilmour tone so smooth & lush Chorus!

V. Balovnev

4. Juni 2020

I like it!

I use this pedal with program synth and I like how it works!
Great sound and flexibility!

C. Banet

2. Juni 2020

Realistic Analog Chorus

This one was offered free for signing up for the UA mailing list. But its worth paying for it for sure its so good. I own a ton of guitar pedals. This outdoes plenty of chorus pedals out there. Chorus usually isn't my favorite effect but once I obtained this I've been putting in on almost every track in some way.

j. aren

31. Mai 2020


Wish the rate could be much, much slower for some more subtle modulation.

A. Forcione

29. Mai 2020

Great Plug In

I received this for free. And now I use it on all my mixes to give my backing vocals a chorus effect. Works just as intended.

A. Gallab

28. Mai 2020

Just great

I love this plug-in. I have a chain of this, mxr flanger & galaxy tape echo as a send that I put on vocals and drums as a dubbing effect. It sounds so lush and wide.

241-260 von 712 Ergebnisse