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Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic


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M. Keilhauer

18. März 2019

Great Redults

Easy to use Plugin in the Masterbus. Setup is a breeze with the help of the dynamic range meter. Good to dial in a powerful sound real quick.

UAD User

14. März 2019




13. März 2019

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic

i'm actually glad i made this purchase it does wonders to the mix

K. Babic

13. März 2019

Fast Mastering Plugin

Fast and easy tweaks for a master without big knowledge.

I. Cazzanello

13. März 2019

Simple and perfect

I'm not a pro, but I wanna to give a little push to my pre production or my home recording. This is perfect. So far the best plugin I ever tried.

E. Bellerose

9. März 2019

Super great tool from Brainworx

Really enjoy the quick way to use it and the result it cool. Have to try and I buy.

J. Rodriguez

3. März 2019

It is ridiculous how well this works, amazing

I just can't believe how well this works. As long as your mix is good, this plugins is the glue of everything. Just a few knowb and you can dial in the right sound

i. becerril

28. Februar 2019


Me encanto la calidad que tiene el plugin !

i. becerril

28. Februar 2019


Me encanto la calidad que tiene el plugin !

i. becerril

28. Februar 2019


Me encanto la calidad que tiene el plugin !

N. Kazakov

23. Februar 2019

Best simplest mastering plugin

I still don’t believe how this tiny plugin can handle such powerful mastering! The knobs are easy and intuitive. You get the most out of this plugin. One of my favorite now!

A. Abromavicius

23. Februar 2019

Masterdesk clasic real good, fast tool

Iam realy like this tool. Thanks

a. kamal

21. Februar 2019

A fab tool

I work as producer, guitarist and composer for commercials, records in the jazz field, theatre.......This plug in works very well when I am shooting of layouts to clients without having there tracks mastered by my Mastering Engineer which is obviously cost intensive but very much necessary. With this plug I can also "soup up" layouts making them sound more like "finished product" since very often the client´s imagination is not very far reaching. An inevitable musical tool which offers a good easy master experience.

J. Muths

17. Februar 2019

Straight forward

I’ve used this plugin in two different mastering sessions now and I’m impressed with the ease of use and the glue it provides so transparently. I like the madterdesk best when applied gently. It brings Musial details forward without sounding squashed. The meter appears to steer the user towards -8 to -6dB - don’t let that fool you, each song has its own loudness sweet spot.
Now that I have the masterdesk, I don’t think I’ll be using my Slate FX-G anymore... Keep the good work up, UA and braiworx!

J. Romatowski

16. Februar 2019

Fast and easy

Quick way to master for demos.

M. Fletcher

15. Februar 2019

Quick and dirty mastering

Though not a fully fledged mastering tool, the masterdesk can get round of the problem of delivering rough mixes to clients with minimal fuss. It's fun to use and you can get a result in a minute or two. The metering is useful and I think the stereo enhancement is really great. Great plug, would reccomend to anyone.

c. henry

15. Februar 2019

Masterdesk classic

Outstandingly well put together, I always wanted a plug in thats very easy and straight forward for pre finished touch. Working with lots of tracks after cleaning tracks making adjustments to tracks to preserve the tracks original sound. I needed plug in that's going to allow me to work faster. Well dun plugin makers, as a musician I am counting on good uad plugins. Thanks

A. Zaparoli

15. Februar 2019

Fast and efficient!

Great! Solve everything in Mix and your MesterDesk will make a perfect ending!

J. Casillas

14. Februar 2019


the plugin is nice but the waves emi plugin costs les and does more , if the full master desk qould of been sold at the price of the classic it would be good., this one is limited

G. Nadeau

14. Februar 2019

La simplicité

C’est comme 1-2-3 et voila! Ça sonne Pro!

41-60 von 126 Ergebnisse