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K. Ankit

10. Juli 2021

The Universe in your Hand

Well as the name suggests, “Universal Audio” comes with sounds from famous and legendary hardwares all around the globe. With its single core DSP processing, it is equipped with integrated BRAIN to process the signals converted from an analogue format and converting it to a beautifully processed digital signal tracked in our workstation. I really loved the look and finish it inside of which resides a beast waiting to be unleashed at your command! Truly, you can conquer the universe with this!

M. Bilderbach

5. Juli 2021

Great tone in easy small convenient package.

I love this little thing, gets me exactly what I want in a convenient package. I can run unison pre’s and send out my signal to FOH for live performances without bringing a whole “rig” in.

M. Tikopoulos

4. Juli 2021

Just perfect!

Couldn’t expect anything less from UAD! Just perfect!

S. Brudnicki

16. Juni 2021

I would rate this lower if I could.

I am already on my second arrow after I had to send the first one back because of issues. That didn’t really matter because I am having the same issues. The interface has a mind of its own. It shuts off out of the blue, which is really annoying when I am working on projects with deadlines. I am also constantly having to hard reset my computer hoping that the arrow will connect. It usually doesn’t. I’ve reached out to the company and they seem to believe it’s my fault, but everything is connected and I have the right pieces to the puzzle. The arrow is just junk. I will never be buying from universal audio again.

F. Lagacé

31. Mai 2021


Amazing pièce of gear, I love unison preamp.

S. Roth

17. Mai 2021

Perfect for travel with my campervan

Especially with the recent development of Luna being able to process the Api console natively - it’s perfect! 1 cable only :-)

M. Comas

13. Mai 2021


If you starting with UA this is it, I got the ApolloX8P and this is still very useful for small gigs streaming etc. Same quality ,awesomeness plug-ins!!! Just the best.

M. Imhof

7. Mai 2021

Sehr schlechter Support

Using the arrow with macOS has occasionally shown me strange behaviors. For example, when my MBP is asleep, the Arrow turns on and off every now and then for no apparent reason. Why?

M. Imhof

7. Mai 2021

Na ja

Das Gerät an und für sich ist nicht schlecht. Das Zusammenspiel mit einem MacBook dagegen nicht. Jedesmal wenn ich den Mac in den Schlafmodus versetze läuft das ARROW weiter. Schaltet also nicht aus. Der Support reagiert schon gar nicht. Der ist bei dieser Firma extrem schlecht.
The device in and of itself is not bad. The interaction with a MacBook, on the other hand, is not. Every time I put the Mac into sleep mode, the ARROW continues. So don't turn it off. The support certainly does not respond. It's extremely bad at this company.

A. Best

18. April 2021

Great mobile interface

Arrow is a great mobile portable interface. I was just waiting for the UA to make an audio card without additional power, and I got it. Now I always take it with me, it is very convenient, and the quality of universal audio is always on top. I would like to see a similar interface with two DSPs, but apparently there is not enough power for this via thunderbolt. I recommend buying it, but in order to avoid problems and conflicts with software and hardware, read the documentation carefully.

M. Imhof

14. April 2021

Pfeil with Macbook Pro

Using the arrow with macOS has occasionally shown me strange behaviors. For example, when my MBP is asleep, the Arrow turns on and off every now and then for no apparent reason. Why?

I. Kamenskikh

27. März 2021

poratically, qualitatively

I got it for domestic use! i play guitar, sing, write! Very pleased

J. Bilodeau

22. März 2021

Great Interface... but software could be tones better!

TLDR; great hardware, but software could be much better...

Been using the Arrow for the past 2 years now - all in all the interface is great but. UAD really needs to upgrade its game on the software side. Using the Arrow with macOS for 24 months has shown me strange behaviours on occasion. For example, when my MBP is sleeping, the Arrow powers up and down once in a while for no apparent reason. Maybe it's an Apple driver thing, maybe it's a UAD thing, but this should be detailed as to why it happens and how to stop it. Sitting around the studio and hearing the Arrow continuously power up and down is really really annoying. Also. If you plan on using more than 2 or 3 plugins, forget about it. Looks like UAD planned this to rapidly force us into a bigger model. So if you plan on playing around modules bump up. Another thing that's really annoying is how UAD makes all plugins ALWAYS viewable in the DAW and in the console software. Instead, they force us to manually for through hundreds of plugins to hide the ones we don't want - and never will. Such a simple option should be added → show ONLY purchased plugins. Boom done. So many users have complained about this, its ridiculous. UAD... If I want a plugin and see it, I will buy it, don't worry : ) A final thought on the thunderbolt interface side of things... Yeah, but ultimately no. The second you think of moving the interface around to another computer, if it lacks a TB port you're done. It would've great if the original Arrow came with a USB "backup" port with a power adapter, so we could choose how we will connect the card to any machine (PC or mac). Finally, there is latency with the Arrow and DAW's (even with my monster MBP). So you have to make sure your setup is sweet to minimize latency. Not per se at the interface level, that's cool, but once you push to your DAW; yep. Hope this helped readers. Again, great hardware, but software could be much much better.

P. Burke

15. März 2021

It’s good!

This interface is incredible. Awesome quality. Gives you full studio quality in a portable package. Yes the DSP is limited, but it’s still awesome.

w. fideles

13. März 2021

the sound is beautiful

I am loving the sound and really amazing.

M. Gundogdu

10. März 2021


I have owned scarlett's but the Arrow is no where near, the sound quality is on point for the price. Sounds Professional because it is professional.

K. Dobbelsteyn

6. März 2021

Great for singer songwriter

Wonderful interface for creating sounds and recording them to reduce dsp usage in the mixing phase. Love the plugins

J. Shippey

17. Februar 2021

So great wish it had more!

This thing is awesome. it sounds phenomenal. the included plug ins are more than enough to get your hotel/bedroom setup goin. its bus powered! so super portable. the ONLY bad thing....I max out the DSP pretty quickly. Using stock and lower DSP-hungry plugins help, but i think i max at around 6 instances, and thats when i remove all plug ins from the console. im usually around 81-99%. still im not complaining i just wish it had a bit more. other than that. its a sturdy, solid, world class sounding desktop device! I just shouldve gotten the TWIN X

G. Bozzi

15. Februar 2021

Totally satisfied with ARROW macOS Big Sur on a M1 Mac Mini

The perfect companion for home recordings! Performant silent reliable

M. Franzen

11. Februar 2021


Great stuff

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