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Apollo Twin X


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M. Wehlings

8. Dezember 2021

Ein super Gerät…100% Empfehlung!

Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Apollo Twin X. Die Verarbeitung, das Handling und die Soundqualität sind spitze. Fürs Tracking reichen mir die beiden Sharc Chips mehr als aus, fürs Mixing hab ich noch einen Satelliten, das reicht mir dann für meine Zwecke.
Von meiner Seite her, 100% Empfehlung für das Gerät!

T. Gol

6. Dezember 2021

Quad Core is killer

Great interface

Y. Ohya

2. Dezember 2021




1. Dezember 2021


I use my Apollo Twin X for 2 months now, and I'm glad...everything works perfectly on my Mac mini M1. the UA Console is great and very easy to understand.
professional gear for professionals

S. Walker

30. November 2021

I don't care what it cost if it works!

I have been spending my hard earned $$$ on musical gear for almost 50 years and loving it!. I got the Apollo Twin just over a year ago and what a wonderful experience its been, and the Satellite Octo just arrived in the mail so things are about to explode yeah!. The Twin alone has inspired me, and lifted my game to a top level. My engineering course begins next year.
I don't think UAD's gear and plugins are at all expensive for what they do, and I could never afford all the real hardware anyway but I'm now gonna try!. Luna is amazing with all the upgrades and everything pretty much works seamlessly and that's where the gold is for me. Mismatched Software and Audio interfaces make recording too hard. Having this integrated system means "Workflow" but I don't do it for work I do it for fun!

r. rodriguez martinez

29. November 2021

excelente equipo

la mejor opción fue obtener apollo twin

Y. de Bruijn

25. November 2021

Not Apple M1 compatible

Still can't use it. After more than a year of waiting. Customer support tells me they don't even have a date by when they expect it updqte the software. Can't use any of the plugins withou crashing after a while even with the "workaround".

D. Bouresli

23. November 2021

Best interface I owned

Great quality
Sound magnificent
Perfect memory for plugins
Looks nice

J. garcha

23. November 2021

Best Interface For My Studio G56 Productions Surrey BC

I have been using Universal Audio Interface from over 10 years now in my professional studio G56 Production Surrey, I will say UAD have best preamps and A TO D conversion and best in line DSP processing.

I have used this Interface with multiple different mics from from Condenser, to Tube Condenser, to Fet Mic, it always have me surprised with the clarity of it pre amp, even when using Uad interface Interface mic preamp (which means no external preamp connected), I also wanted to mentioned I am big fan of UAD hardwares as well, they are best in class and above from there competitors. I have used and collectiong UAD plugins from quite a white now and they sound amazingly well for my Production and Mastering work.

Just a FYI I am not paid by UAD to write am Amazing Review

There are 5 out of 5 start in every manner.

Best regards

G56 Production Studio Surrey

Thank you,
By: Jass Garcha Records

M. Abell

22. November 2021


The Apollo Twin X interface seems to have everything going for it: good looks, great sound, convenient form factor, easy-to-use software, and lots of processing power. Unfortunately, if you're using a Windows 10 PC like me to power your ProTools rig, this interface is a bottomless hole of frustration. Every session had multiple snaps, crackles, and pops; I would have to restart the computer every time I turned the interface off and back on; and virtual instrument plug-ins would cause the tempo to inexplicably speed up and slow down. It took me nearly a month of reading forums, reinstalling software, and tweaking drivers and system properties until I read that the Thunderbolt version of the Apollo interface does NOT play nicely with Windows computers. The only solution? Downgrade to the USB version of the interface, which isn't available in a quad processor. No thanks. I ended up switching to an RME interface and have had ZERO problems ever since. Now I just need to buy a Thunderbolt PCI enclosure to power my old Octo card. The Twin X should really be marketed as a MAC ONLY device. So disappointing!

A. Etienne

15. November 2021

The Best

This is my second Apollo Twin. And what can I say. It's so good I bought it twice. Only if UA can fit six shark chips in the next model. Life will be golden. The unit sound great and the plug in family that it comes with is all you really need to start making a name for yourself in the audio industry.

D. Chevalier

13. November 2021

My number choice for an interface

The Twin X Thunderbolt unit is my go to interface. It runs off mains power, so there are no issues if the computer port is not truly Thunderbolt III, the display is large and easy to read and the Unison preamps work brilliantly with Unison capable UA plugins for the sound I want with no latency. It's also quite portable and with two excellent inputs covers the lion's share of the recording projects that I need to do. If I needed more ports, there are other Apollo offerings of course, but this one delivers in my opinion the optimal price performance. If and when I need more CPU, I use the UA Satellite Thunderbolt III unit and everything scales appropriately.

M. Diaz

10. November 2021

The Best Interface 100%

This is the best Interface, you can take everywhere and do you can do whatever.

E. Jordan

8. November 2021

The Best

Love the sound quality.

E. Jordan

8. November 2021

Good Quality Product

Love this device. Does everything advertised and more. Highly recommend.

E. Jordan

8. November 2021


Top notch quality, worth every penny.
Very satisfied.

A. Mendoza

7. November 2021

Good quality

It looks good

L. Drinkall

4. November 2021


I picked up this Apollo twin x to augment the x8 I am running with adat , giving us 18 channels of inputs for tracking , plus an extra headphone mix without compromising outputs
Very easy to use ! and seamless integration

N. Natanael

29. Oktober 2021

Best sound and high quality


C. Jeong

28. Oktober 2021



141-160 von 739 Ergebnisse