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Apollo Twin X


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K. Tomaszewski

21. März 2020

Wspaniały sprzęt!

Najwyższa jakość jaką słyszałem !!

W. Silva

20. März 2020


Qualidade incomparável!

J. Elma

20. März 2020

Best of Best

Its a very good dsp and i am still happy to use it für my Productions


14. März 2020

Simply awesome. Great little beast

Opened up a whole new world for my projects. Simply top-notch.

H. King

12. März 2020

Love it

Worth the investment, my music sounds incredible. -Handsome king

M. Pratte

10. März 2020


Une tonne de brique!!!

R. Whitney

10. März 2020

Loving the Twin X

I sold my Apollo Twin MKII Solo to get the Twin X Duo for the better converters and the increased processing power. It does seem to sound a little smoother and I use the extra chips for more plugins during recording. Five stars for sound-quality-for-price; brilliant DSP for recording; and compact; very good AD for playback (including headphones); and well-designed big-knob desktop form factor for my minamalist home project "studio".

P. Fey

9. März 2020

Easy, Effective, and (Now) Essential

I'm easily intimidated by a lot of technology. What I love about my Apollo Twin X is that, after about ten minutes of using it, all my fears evaporated. It's got a common sense design and the leap forward from my previous device was evident the first time I did a vocal. No longer had to get THISCLOSETOTHEMIC. Now, I could stand back and still capture a strong signal. I'm learning the plug-ins and looking forward to picking up a few more. Well worth the investment.

L. Banks

7. März 2020

My new mix setup

So far so good. The combo of a quality headphone amp and the on-board DSP have given me the ability to split my work between a large commercial facility and home.

L. Martella

7. März 2020

Ottimo prodotto!

Eccellente scheda audio e i plug in UAD sono veramente eccezionali!
Ottimo prodotto.
Lo consiglio vivamente!

N. Herrera

7. März 2020

I’m happy

My new Apollo Twin X is simply great!


6. März 2020


Always wanted an Apollo twin and the X is perfect.

B. Senter

4. März 2020


Finally made the leap to the Apollo, best decision ever! Sounds amazing!

T. Miller

4. März 2020

Known Noise Issues With Apollo Twin Quad

I couldn't get it to accept my very clean audio signal without significant noise. Worked with 2 people from customer support to no resolution. Returned the unit. My Duet2 is much warmer and more volume. No way I could justify the price. Found some FabFilter plugs that did all I need for about 1/3 the price.

V. Hrodzytskyi

2. März 2020

R.I.P. my RME addiction...

Just bought this gamechanger interface (especially in case of preamps and unison tech) after almost 5 years of RME ucx, Babyface and firefaces...
DAC is a bit more darker then Rme but actually in some cases it’s more honest and clear. I can mix/master with it without a problem)) Thunderbolt 3 on Mac is a mega stable thing. Can run my old orchestral projects with 70+ tracks of NI Kontakt on twin x like a boss. And one of the most epic feature for me now is that I Don’t need to pay extra money to buy those fabulous rack compressors/amps/eq”s, UAD plug-ins is much more effective in my home studio. Even this classic analog bundle is usable and you can record an album with it))) My Shure SM7B starts to live his new life! Need to buy voxbox thou.

This interface is a must have for home musicians who want to save money on rack and other equipment stuff!

P.S. Goodbye RME! I hate your preamps!)) And after x series you are not most stable interface on the market.

D. Uznik

1. März 2020

All this for just the price of a moderate HiFi solution and I love it

I bought this instead of Hifi components and I love it every day. Using the plugins with virtual outputs on my Mac OS system(s) I do have a new hobby collecting HiRes Audio Files and its amazing. Not want to miss it again, safely recommended. Plug-Ins so well done, presets on point & when required many, many options for painting the color of your mix or listening experience.

J. Menendez

27. Februar 2020

Very good product

Working with this since Months and ir Work amazing.

R. Adams

27. Februar 2020

Hardware issue

I was excited to get my hands on my first Apollo Twin X interface because it is highly recommended. Mine didn't work out of the box, contacted customer support which is why I rate 3 stars for now and not 1. Conclusion I have a hardware issue without even using it. I invited people over to record, some from out of town, and it didn't work rite out of the box. Very embarrassing and unfortunate. Now I have to go "thru my retailer" since my purchase is so new to go about getting a replacement which is thru Amazon so now I'm going to have to wait even longer and deal with a separate entities customer support. Just one big headache for $1,000 so far. Looking forward to hopefully getting a working unit.

L. Moreno

27. Februar 2020


Im extremely happy with my purchase, the sound and performance of this thing is phenomenal for the price, Its PERFECT for what i do and im sure youll fall in love with it too.

L. Rok

26. Februar 2020

Wow, just wow

AD/DA is just perfect.
And nothing to talk about plugins, it’s goat

521-540 von 628 Ergebnisse